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Its biggest change was the wings at its back. When they first emerged, its pair of wings could only produce a minor effect when it was performing actions such as jumping due to its massive size.

By this point, its wings were at least five times larger than their original size. They were attached to its back like an enormous cape, making the Overlord Dragon appear even more overbearing and ferocious.

Tang Wulin cracked a smile at the Overlord Dragon and called out a single word, “Demolish!”

Judging by sheer destructive power, even the Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear of the Ten Great Beasts could not compare to the Overlord Dragon. It had almost reached a one-hundred-thousand-year cultivation base even before finding Tang Wulin.

The Overlord Dragon let out a roar into the sky excitedly. Its enormous tail swept across the ground and flattened a large patch of vegetation instantly like a bulldozer. There were also three weaker soul beasts that were turned into sparkles of light before dispersing.

Once again, there was a flash of light as another silhouette glided out from Tang Wulin’s body. This one had a golden hue.

It flapped its wings. It was over thirty meters in length, and its entire body was covered in golden scales. There was a glimmer of gold in its eye that made it exude spirituality.

Anyone that saw Goldsong’s current form could not possibly have imagined that it was defective in the past.

There were not many changes to Goldsong’s body size, but it did not look like a snake anymore. It had become a true dragon that was quite similar to the golden dragon that manifested from Tang Wulin’s martial soul avatar.

Compared to the Light Holy Dragon, the golden dragon that Goldsong became appeared to be even more magnificent, with terrifying energy stored in its body. When it spread the wings behind its back, its aura was, at the very least, equal to the Overlord Dragon’s.

It lowered its head in front of Tang Wulin, and he rubbed it while smiling. “You should go to the left side.”

“Roar!” Goldsong raised its head and let out a dragon’s roar. Its wings flapped and swiftly carried its body into the air toward the left path.

The Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu advancing on the other side suddenly stopped walking. He frowned ever so slightly and said to the God Sword Douluo Su Mengjun by his side, “Mengjun, did you hear that? Is that the call of the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King or the Darkness Demon Dragon? Why did it sound slightly different from before?”

Su Mengjun shook her head and said. “I don’t know. It came from rather far away and it didn’t sound like either of those creatures. What should we do? Should we continue to hinder them?”

“Hmm, continue going according to the plan. The group from Shrek have discovered that killing the soul beasts in the War God Battlefield can amplify themselves for sure. Our goal is to keep them from doing so. We are going to kill the few most important ten-thousand-year soul beasts on their side first to amplify ourselves. Then, we should connect with the others and win the battle quickly.”


The two War Gods moved rapidly. Soon, they arrived at the spot in front of the river located in the center of the War God Battlefield.

The river was about one hundred meters in width. One would be gravely mistaken if one were to assume that this was just an ordinary river. There were aquatic soul beasts that lived within it, and they could attack if one was not careful.

The location of the two great one-hundred-thousand-year soul beasts was near the river in the War God Battlefield. They guarded both sides of the river. One of the soul beasts was positioned on the left flank nearer to the opposite side while the other was at the right nearer to their side.

One could imagine how powerful a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast was. Going by their previous experiences, they would never provoke such a fearsome creature without having a significant advantage. If they did have an upper hand and enough time to finish it off, they would need to do so quickly. That way they would have an edge that would lead them to victory.

The War God Hall was completely confident that they would win the five-on-five match. This was because they were quite familiar with this place, whereas Tang Wulin’s team was only given an hour to familiarize themselves. This was the highest ranking sparring arena in the entire War God Hall. Usually, the War Gods would frequent this world to spar and cultivate while they were in the War God Hall.

It was a dense and serene forest when looked at from the opposite side of the river in the distance. It was different from the rest of this world. The forest of this region was actually black in color, making it appear extremely ghastly and even a little terrifying.

Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun were well aware that it was the spot where a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast was in a deep slumber. It was the Darkness Demon Dragon on this side, while the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King was on the other side of their river.

With their Title Douluo-ranked abilities, it was not an issue for them to fight against a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast, especially for Long Tianwu who was approaching the Limit Douluo-rank. However, dragon-type soul beasts were different from others. Both the Darkness Demon Dragon and the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King were supreme among the soul beasts. Moreover, they had cultivated to the rank of one hundred thousand years. Their terrifying abilities were very close to the Limit Douluos of mankind. Even a Limit Douluo not clad in battle armor was not a match for these creatures.

In the ancient times, mankind had always been struggling to live under the dominance of soul beasts. Humans were incapable of truly equaling soul beasts even after the situation for soul masters stabilized afterward. Ordinary humans only had sufficient fighting strength after soul devices were created. This resulted in the reversal of roles between humanity and soul beasts. The habitats of soul beasts were gradually overtaken, to the point where the soul beasts became endangered.

One-hundred-thousand-year soul beasts like the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King and the Darkness Demon Dragon belonged to the Beast King-rank even during the height of the soul beasts’ reign. It would not be that easy to finish off these creatures.

Just as the Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu and the God Sword Douluo Su Mengjun were preparing to cross the river and carried out their mission, all of a sudden, a deafening dragon’s roar echoed from the opposite side of the river.

The roar was filled with rage. However, it was disturbing that the dragon’s roar was extremely resonant in the beginning, and then it suddenly turned from fury into something peculiar in the latter half. In fact, the roar even sounded like it was sobbing sorrowfully.

What was happening here?

Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun stood gazing at one another. They could not help stopping despite being prepared to cross the river.

Earlier, they had seen Tang Wulin and his team within the place through the widescreen projection. They watched when Tang Wulin and his companions killed the soul beasts before exploring the entire area.

Nevertheless, Tang Wulin and his team had intentionally avoided the spots where the two great one-hundred-thousand-year soul beasts were deep asleep.

They realized that Shrek’s team was attacking the Darkness Demon Dragon when they heard its roar. ‘Are they really going to do that? Do they have a deathwish?’

Even for them, it was impossible to kill the Darkness Demon Dragon without having to make a sacrifice. It would be highly physically exhausting as well.

The competition had just begun at this point. According to the default settings, the two great one-hundred-thousand-year soul beasts inside the War God Battlefield were deep asleep at the moment. Each of them would awaken in about half an hour before walking around the forest. It was apparent that Tang Wulin’s team was unaware of this situation. The War God Hall had the home-field advantage, so they chose to withhold certain information.

If the Darkness Demon Dragon had awakened so unexpectedly early, there could only be one possibility. It was disturbed because someone entered its sleeping spot.

“Have they lost their minds?” said Su Mengjun to her husband by her side in slight disbelief.

Long Tianwu frowned deeply. “That Tang Wulin is not someone that can be dealt with easily. He was capable of becoming the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy at such a young age, so he is no simpleton. He would not be making such a mistake so easily!”

Su Mengjun said, “So, what should we do then? Should we head over to take a look?”

Long Tianwu waved his hand. “We should wait for a moment. It’s possible that this is a trick. They provoke the Darkness Demon Dragon intentionally then retreat to a nearby corner to ambush us. It could be that they’ll attack us as soon as we head over there. We are well aware of the Darkness Demon Dragon’s might. It will take them some time to finish it off even if they really are attacking it. We should wait for a little while to observe the situation over there. If it’s quiet, then that’s proof that they’re planning an ambush. If there’s a continuous noise and they really are fighting against the Darkness Demon Dragon, then we can also benefit from their victory without doing anything.”

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