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A Marvellous Small World

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Meanwhile, the remaining people including A Ruheng immediately saw the silhouettes being projected onto a large screen.

It was a marvellous small world as expected!

All these elite forces and organizations including the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, and the War God Hall possessed their respective profound inner secrets.

Some were opened to the public for profit-making such as the Spirit Pagoda’s Ten Thousand Beast Platform, while some were for self-support like the War God Hall’s secret small world. In any case, they were owned by the peak forces as the maintenance costs were beyond one’s imagination.

The most important factor in a small world was to maintain the spatial stability. The small world would collapse if there was a problem with its stability. In fact, it might even affect the main plane.

A radiance flashed once. Tang Wulin’s team of five felt they were in another world as the space became distorted for a moment.

It was a circular platform similar to a worship altar. They could not see anything at all when it was projected on the map. Anyhow, they discovered that everything in the War God Battlefield, in which they had arrived, was mysterious and profound.

The altar underneath their feet was a massive soul circuit which was carved in all kinds of patterns.

Ling Zichen had the most profound experience. As the current director of Tang Sect’s technology research center, her knowledge in soul technology was definitely first-rate in today’s world. On the other hand, it was apparent that the War God Hall had neglected her presence. It could be said that the War God Hall had no idea of her existence at all. Otherwise, they would certainly have given due consideration in allowing the people from the Tang Sect to come and pick up on everything which was available over here.

Ling Zichen stood frozen when she saw the soul circuit underneath her feet. She could not help saying, “This is a soul transfer circuit which is lost to the world. I assume it’s just a legend, and I don’t expect the War God Hall to have preserved it. It’s capable of transferring across space. All of you should go explore. I’m staying here to memorize this circuit. Hahaha, it’s War God Hall’s loss. This item is worth a lot of money. In fact, I think it’s no less than the Eternal Heaven! They must have thought that all of you won’t understand it, and so they allowed you to enter. I can understand it though!”

Tang Wulin immediately realized that Ling Zichen had become her lunatic self once again after noticing her gaze. Director Ling would not tolerate any provocation when she was in such a state.

“Alright. You should stay here. We’re going to take a stroll around this place. We’ll be back for you later. You should try to conceal yourself a little. They’re able to see what we’re doing from the outside.”

“Chill, chill. We’re already here. What can they do to us? Don’t worry, alright. They won’t be thinking that I can understand this. The complexity of this item is beyond that of the Eternal Heaven. However, there’s an important area of my research which is related to this. Hence, I’ll need to memorize the crucial points, so I can conduct an in-depth research afterward. If my research is successful, it’ll advance mankind’s soul technology by a few decades. In fact, it’s possible for us to develop the energy core for spaceships to be used in space exploration.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed with enthusiasm upon hearing her narration. For a normal person, the cosmos is an unfamiliar place which the person may not even be interested in. In his case, however, he would certainly be exploring the cosmos in the future because he was going to look for his parents.

Tang Wulin’s gaze changed a little as he looked at Ling Zichen. He did not speak anymore but led his comrades to walk outside.

They left the altar. A lofty tower came into view.

The tower was forged with metal. It had an antique style and shared a similarity with the War God Hall which they had seen before. The tower was covered in all kinds of complicated soul circuit striations.

“Why must the War God Hall reveal their soul circuits to the outside? Can’t they hide it inside? Are they trying to show off or something?” asked Xu Xiaoyan curiously.

Tang Wulin shook his head and said, “It’s not to show off but because of its content. This place is filled with all kinds of soul circuits for sure. It’s because the internal load is inadequate, so the circuits are set on the outside as well. This type of top grade soul device is different from our battle armor. The surface of a battle armor needs a sufficiently powerful defense. If the soul circuit is engraved on the outside, it’ll be easily damaged. For a soul device which is placed in a fixed location, it’ll not have this issue. I think this should be the starting point which they mentioned.”

The top of the tower is most peculiar. It’s different from the lower structure which had red striations set into a silver-white surface. There was a large golden crystal on top. The crystal itself was over two meters tall, and it unleashed an intense soul power fluctuation on the surface.

Yuanen Yehui squinted her eyes and said, “There was a lesson specifically on soul devices which included this type of powerful defense soul devices. According to legend, the power of the most lethal defense soul device surpasses even the rank-9 fixed soul ammunition. Moreover, it lasts for a long time and can be used repeatedly. However, the manufacturing cost is extremely high. Ever since the unionization of the Federation, there have been restrictions on developing this type of soul device. It’s because they’re almost impossible to move and can only be used as a fixed defense system.”

Tang Wulin nodded and said, “I’ve seen similar soul devices at the entrance of the abyssal passage in the Blood God Army. However, they’re much smaller than this. Seems like The War God Hall spent quite a large amount of money on this small place, huh!”

Xu Xiaoyan pursed her lips. “It’s the Federation’s money, isn’t it? Captain, what should we do now?”

Tang Wulin said, “Everyone, follow me. Based on the map, the three paths connect the other region. The three paths are important, so we must defend it first. We’ll part ways for this. I think the rest of the region would most likely be a forest or a valley. We must first assess how powerful the soul beasts in the forest and valley regions are. We’ll then determine if we can cut through the forest to reach the opponent’s region.”

Sima Jinchi’s lips hummed as he executed a vocal transmission to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin cracked into a faint smile. “I’ve the same thought as well. However, there’s no need to rush. We still need to conceal our objective. Let’s go.”

They circled around the enormous starting point defense tower. Later, they realized the scale of the entire starting point.

The starting point was about a thousand square meters in size. The three exits were each twenty meters wide. From the exit, a straight road ran toward the distance. The view became misty farther down the road. Beyond that, one could hardly see into the distance.

Tang Wulin figured that this would be the case. If they could see everything clearly, then they would be able to see the opponent’s starting point base camp according to the map’s display.

Tang Wulin had discovered that the middle path was the shortest and most convenient path to the opponent’s region based on his study of the map earlier. Hence, the defense of the middle path should be given priority without a doubt. If their opponent could break through the middle path to enter their region, then they would be put on the defensive.

They walked out from the middle path’s intersection. Large sections of the forest came into view on both sides. The trees were dense and some weird noises could be heard faintly.

All the soul masters seemed to be having a strange feeling of nostalgia for the Great Star Dou Forest. In particular, Tang Wulin noticed that everything over here was quite similar to the Great Star Dou Forest, in particular its aura.

Tang Wulin walked in front, while Sima Jinchi and Yuanen Yehui walked behind on each side of him. The three of them formed a triangle with Xu Xiaoyan right in the center of the triangle.

They stepped into the forest and immediately felt a gush of refreshing scent blow against their faces. They stepped on the soft ground and found that their vision was completely blocked by the vegetation. However, they felt completely refreshed and relaxed in a place which was filled with nature’s aura.

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