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Emperor God Double Swords

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In turn, the five people from the opposite side were the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue, War God Two, War God Five, War God Eight and also War God Thirteen.

It could be said that the team from Shrek were almost a match for the most formidable lineup from the War God Hall. Other than the current War God Hall’s Hall Master, the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie, the rest of the members on the scene were all the elite powerhouses of the War God Hall.

These four War Gods each had their own specialties. Every single one of them was exceedingly powerful. Tang Wulin had a rough idea as to these people’s identities judging by their numbers and recalling the descriptions he had been given by the Tang Sect’s Heartless Douluo.

For example, there was the woman that stood at the back. She was ranked lowest after the Gluttony Douluo was taken away for treatment. She was thirteenth of the War Gods.

This female War God had an exquisite appearance. Time had left behind traces of its presence on her face, but one could still see that she was certainly magnificent back in her day.

The Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi had told him that only one person would be called a beautiful woman in the War God Hall. It was the God Sword Douluo Su Mengjun. Tang Wulin figured that this had to be her.

Tang Wulin suspected that she was not a Hyper Douluo, but one should not assume that she was weak just because of that. On the contrary, her presence increased the difficulty of the group battle.

This was because where there was the God Sword Douluo, there would certainly be the Emperor Sword Douluo.

Over the previous two decades, the Emperor Sword Douluo had never fallen out of the first three ranks. The first and third War Gods had already announced their titles since earlier. Tang Wulin surmised that the remaining second War God could only be the Emperor Sword Douluo. He was the Emperor Sword Douluo Long Tianwu, the definitive backbone of the War God Hall.

Most terrifying was that the Emperor Sword Douluo and the God Sword Douluo were a married couple. They were a pair with a martial soul fusion skill. The two swords combined harmoniously and could even rival a Limit Douluo.

In other words, the remaining five War Gods on the opposing team had the fighting capacity of two Limit Douluos!

Tang Wulin had also figured out the identity of the fifth War God with long, slim fingers, a clear complexion and a tinge of dark coldness. He must have been the Demon Guqin Douluo Mo Zihong who was reputed to be the most accomplished control-type soul master in the War God Hall. His martial soul was the Demon Guqin Mantra that was equipped with an incredible control ability. For a long time, he was said to be one of the most difficult challenges to pass in the War God Hall.

The last one remaining was the eighth War God. This person would not be that easily dealt with regardless of who he or she was. The team on their side could only be described as being comprehensive. Other than the absence of Chen Xinjie, the War God Hall had definitely sent out the most powerful lineup for the five-on-five match.

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before he said, “I’m afraid that this arena is not big enough for us to carry out the five-on-five battle.”

This level of hell was rather spacious but it may not be enough when both sides were engaging in a battle of five-on-five. Everything else aside, the protective shield was certainly unable to withstand the forces generated. No shield in the entire world that was capable of containing the collision between so many powerhouses in such a small confined space.

The Skycrosser Douluo smiled. “There’s no need to worry about that, Tang Sect Master. Our War God Hall still has some inner secrets of our own. We have a piece of a miniature world that we can use for the battle. The rules are very simple and fair. The world will not give our side any advantage. Furthermore, we can give you an hour’s time to adapt to the environment.”

It was quite apparent that Guan Yue was attempting to flip the score in one stroke. The five previous battles had given them three losses and two draws. In fact, it could even be described as four losses and one draw.

If their five remaining members were capable of achieving victory in the group battle, it would be equal to the War God Hall winning five rounds consecutively, and the tide would be turned. The Skycrosser Douluo’s idea was actually not bad for his side.

Tang Wulin suddenly cracked into a smile and nodded toward the Skycrosser Douluo. He said, “Very well, if that is the case. We shall do as you’ve suggested. We’ll engage in a group battle of five-on-five.”

There was a momentary flash of light in Guan Yue’s eyes. He said, “Alright then. Please follow me.”

Xu Lizhi said to Tang Wulin, “Captain, please go ahead. I’m going to stay here and guard Sister Xinglan.”

Tang Wulin patted his shoulder. “Alright.”

Guan Yue said, “There’s no need to worry about the situation here. We will be protecting her properly. She won’t be in trouble as long as she remains in our War God Hall.”

“Thank you for your trouble then.” Tang Wulin had no need to behave modestly for him anymore.

“Please follow me.”

The innermost wall on the first of the War God Hall’s eighteen levels of hell cracked open on both sides to reveal an enormous passage.

The numerous War Gods walked at the front while Tang Wulin led his companions at the back. Other than Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan, the rest of them were following him.

Ling Zichen tugged at Tang Wulin’s sleeve gently. She spoke softly, “Have you lost your mind? It’s obvious that you had a better chance at winning before.”

Tang Wulin darted her a look. “You don’t look like a person who has no confidence in herself, do you?”

Ling Zichen spoke in an unpleasant tone, “It’s not that I have no confidence in myself, but I don’t have confidence in you. Could it be that you are so sure that you can defeat the opponent when you’re fighting against a Limit Douluo?”

Tang Wulin answered with a question by saying, “How do you know that I’m not sure that I can do that?”

“Do as you wish. We’ll see what you do when you lose.” Ling Zichen could not help being exasperated. Sometimes, this man could make her gnash her teeth in anger. She badly wanted to bite him.

On the other hand, no one from the Shrek Seven Monsters as well as Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng doubted Tang Wulin’s decision. They had been together for such a long time, so they naturally understood the significance of Tang Wulin’s choice and trusted him. With his character, Tang Wulin would never take such an important matter lightly.

They advanced through the passage and walked for about one hundred meters. A circular platform approximately twenty meters in diameter appeared directly ahead of them.

The platform appeared to be slightly crowded when all of them were standing on it.

The people from Shrek had a peculiar feeling as they stood together with the various War Gods, including Ling Zichen, despite her temperament. Everything aside, there were a dozen Title Douluos gathered on this small platform!

The earlier battles had left a deep impression on her mind, especially the last battle between the Body Douluo A Ruheng and the War God Hall’s Ao Rui. It had completely refreshed her knowledge and understanding of mankind’s limits.

She had been engaging with A Ruheng during their trip here. This man with the tall, burly figure and huge bald head was always smiling and joyful. Moreover, Ling Zichen thought he followed Tang Wulin’s lead. Who would have thought that this person could rival a Limit Douluo. Shrek was really a place where people of unusual abilities could be found!

Thus, she found that it was getting harder for her to dismiss Tang Wulin. These people around him were truly powerful.

The circular platform made a ticking noise as it slowly descended, and the surrounding wall suddenly glowed with a gentle radiance. One could tell that the light was produced and emitted from soul circuits.

Ever since they entered the War God Hall, every part of this place exuded an unusually thick and heavy feeling on the visitors. This place genuinely deserved its reputation as the meeting ground for the greatest powerhouses in the Federation. They had exceedingly profound inner secrets.

The platform sank continuously and gradually accelerated such that the radiance around them turned blurry, producing a strange, grotesque feeling.

Tang Wulin remained calm the whole time. He stood there quietly while the War Gods from the opposite side were mostly fixated on him and A Ruheng.

The abilities displayed by the Body Douluo earlier were quite startling. War God One still felt that he had yet to fully recover.

If he had a choice, he would never encounter another opponent like A Ruheng for the rest of his life. Fighting him had been agonizing beyond comparison. A Ruheng was simply unstoppable on the battlefield!

Fortunately, there would be no one like him in the following group battle.

The War God Hall would not tolerate any more defeats in the five-on-five match. Otherwise, the battle between them and Shrek would be a huge loss. There would certainly be a record of such an important event like this. If they failed, their names and reputations would be ‘immortalized in history’.

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