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Chat 33

Jarvis appeared to the human world, all peoples still gather praising him, hailing him as a warrior until he turn against them

Jarvis: am not your people anymore I am Hoxo herald now

( he begin to destroy places, sending powerful bombers and blasting everywhere, all the peoples begin to cry for help until Jason and Fang arrived they begin to save people from Jarvis destruction, they then stop him by standing in his way )

Peoples: run away from him, he his evil

( Jason don’t believe )

Jason: no he his not evil he his my brother he came to save you

Peoples: run

( Jarvis then step forward to them all the peoples at that place all run for their dare life except Fang and Jason )

Fang: is that true that you are possessed

Jarvis: yes, what are you expecting

Jason: surely, the prophecy has been fulfilled,

It has to

Fang: we have to restraine him

Jason: now rise your sword and fight me o you defenders of the fifteen kingdom and I shall crush you down.

Jason: I think he doesn’t know what he was doing

Fang: he has been brainwashed first, and has been cast with evil spirit meaning that he has been possessed

Jason: I have to do what I have to do, only words can solve this now

Jarvis: I will never give you chance

( He run to Jason while he push him, Jason was then seriously injured while he faint (

Fang: Jason

( he shout, while he run to him )

Are you okay

( he ruse his head )

Jarvis: this is your beginning

( he run to him wanted to strike Jason once and for all, but Fang tried to blocked him, they started fighting )

Fang: you don’t have to, you don’t have to

Jarvis: no I have to

Fang: Jarvis I’d what you are called,Jarvis is your name

Jarvis: no you lied, I am not given any name, I am Hoxo servant.

Fang: you have injured you brother

( grunting heavily )

Jarvis: I don’t have any brother, I don’t have any family

Fang: oh no

Jarvis: this is your end

( they begin to fight as Jarvis luckily strike Fang at his chest, causing a mutant blood to come out, Fang was weaker indeed while he kneel down )

Fang: don’t you remember anything, please try

( he shout with a loud voice )

Jarvis: no one is going to stop me in destroying you, nothing is going to stop me.

( he yelled, as he smiled wanted to strike Fang, Fang accept it as his own last day while he close his eyes waiting for the strike )

Fang: I don’t want to do this, but if you kill me I will forgive you since I know you don’t know what you are doing only what you know is to feed Hoxo plan, I believe that if you are normal you can’t do this, what you will surely wish to do is to save the world and the seven kingdom In your empire.

( he said all those words in mind )

Jarvis: now your end

( he rise his sword with force, wanted to strike Fang down but a force actually hold his hand while he doesn’t see the hands, he begin to struggle then put his sword to his scabbard,while Fang still waiting for the strike, he then open his left eye seeing Jarvis acts, he quickly open his two eyes )

Fang: what is going on

( he was aware )

May be the spirit is casting out, yes yes

( he begin to smiled )

Jarvis: what is going on, what is happening to me

( he continue to struggle )

Fang:you are son of Mr James, your brother is Jason, I am your battle friend, we are together, bounded by love of the sovereign.

Jarvis: sovereign or what did you say

( suddenly the strange thing stop in him, while Fang was still happy, he run to him )

Fang: are you okay

Jarvis: stay away from me

( he pull out his sword again )

Fang: what wrong

( he quickly stay back )

Jarvis: I won’t kill you now, next time I come, my arrival will be different, just wait for my destruction

( Jarvis then vanish out of the place, Fang was astonished )

Fang: this is a great threat now

( He then remember that Jason was still laying on the ground, he quickly run to him, he rise his head and could see that he had finally awake, he rise up )

Jason: what is going on

Fang: are you okay

Jason: what hell are you saying, I am well okay, absolutely okay

Fang: you are not serious come in rise up, what have you seen, don’t you see your brother

Jason: I don’t saw anyone, I only dream, what I dream is that, I found myself in a beautiful garden ever existed in the world, I could see myself having making love with a fiery, as I want to hold her by her hand, you wake me up, it pain me alot, it pain me you don’t let me touch my beautiful fiery queen.

Fang: are you insane

( Jason then come back to his sence )

Jason: what is going on, have I told you everything

Fang: probably yes, I think you enjoy your dream,right

Jason: funny, what of Uncle Jarvis

Fang: he wound me alot

Jason: where is he

Fang: he his gone.

Jason: oh no, how can that be

Fang: you have to wait for his next arrival.

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