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Jarvis return to the human world, Fang and the priest has already arrived while seeing him standing, they all approach to him.

Priest Jole: welcome back

( Jarvis look back )

Jarvis: I was the one that supposed to welcome you

Priest Hator: what have you see

Jarvis: why did you ask

Fang: we sences that you went to the spirit world

Jarvis: anyway

( he look at his brother, he nodded his head while his brother doesn’t know what he mean )

Jason: what is that

Jarvis: it is really bad

Fang: what is bad in it

Jarvis: I hear story of agony, that will shake the whole world, the story is sad indeed

Priest Hator: you have to say what you have to say weather we can find a better solution for it.

Jarvis: it is said that I was going to be possessed.

Fang: no don’t say that again, Awesome might told you that but we can change it.

( Jarvis touched on hearing him )

Jarvis: thanks friends I will never let you down.

Jason: if that happened then how are we going to work together, also who is going to handle you.

Jarvis: you will

( they were all amazed as they hear him )

Jason: me

( he was confused )

Jarvis: yes you

Jason: how will I going to do it

Jarvis: the Awesome let me know that you are the one that is going to cast the spirit in me out through words, don’t forget that, because that time might come now.

( they were all speechless )

Fang: I am hearing new thing now, surely this will be a great threat now.

Jarvis: Guys we have to do all we have to do

( he begin to feel something )

Because I am not afraid of anything now since I have know that the prophecy has proclaim it that we are going to be victorious at the end

( suddenly he stand still, he close his eyes and could not control himself anymore, Fang Jason and the priest begin to wondered thinking that the destruction as started, but not, Jarvis closing his two eyes after some minutes he opened it then begin to paint while he was afraid indeed )

Fang: what has come over you

Jarvis: I saw vision

All: vision

( they were all confused as they chorused together )

Fang: it must be bad indeed, but what is it

Jarvis: the destruction at the end of this battle will be great indeed, and it is going to shake the whole world, many defenders and protectors will be wiped out of existence, even I saw all of you get killed by that Hoxo, and everywhere and everything were devasted and consumed even building to buildings also this cave is destroyed by him, and nothing left.

( on hearing that they were afraid as well too )

Priest Jole: no that can’t be, God forbid

Priest Hator: I don’t know what to say since it was a vision

Priest Jole: no I can’t believe this, this can’t be real

Priest Kang: have you forget that it is a vision

( he was speechless, while he sit on a floor, and others stand still thinking of how future is going to be )

Fang: but you said you see that we are going to be victorious at the end, then how will we now

( wanted to be crying, but control it since he was a mutant being )

Jarvis: I too think of that

Jason: this is really bad, we have to travel now, we have to leave everything here, we have to takes our families including all peoples in this villages to somewhere else

( sobbing )

Jarvis: we can’t do that, reals heroes are born in the face of real danger and also evil are everywhere, he would seek us and searched for us day and night to kill and to devour many, so, we can’t go anywhere since light and darkness fight is forever.

( Jason look at his brother amazingly, before his brother speaks he think that he was insanely stupid until he hear all those words )

Jason: ok ok

( he sit on a rock while bend his head, thinking of how he was going to destroy Hoxo for good within a second, but the dream doesn’t come true at that particular moment )

Jarvis: what is going on

( they all rise up looking at him, suddenly his body begin to move from where he was while he was teleported on a mountain by a strange force, while he was astonished finding himself their realizing that it might be Hoxo doing all those things, Fang and his Crew from where they are were astonished thinking of what he think too )

Fang: what is going on guys

Jason: may be Hoxo

Fang: I too think of that

Priest Hator: we have to find him before it is too late, because we don’t know what might happened

Fang: I will tracked him, just watch

( he use his tech power, while he view the location were he was )

On the mountain near kingdom Zod

Jason: can I come with you

Fang: yes you can, since you have become a superhero just as your brother

Jason: thanks for that.

( they all leave the cave )


Jarvis arrived at the mountain, the place was cool and silent he couldn’t see nobody while he then wait their suddenly a portal to Hoxo lair opened revealing Hoxo torturing Jarvis father and mother with uncle frank while seeing them dead.

Jarvis: what have you done

Hoxo: I have done something great and something meaningful

Jarvis: you will pay for this, you are going to pay

( he cried with a loud voice, while tears rush out his eyes, he now hate Hoxo more and more, thinking of how he was going to pay back at that moment )

Hoxo: for what

Jarvis: for killing my parent and uncle frank

Hoxo: actually this is beginning, I have just started my destruction.

Jarvis: then you don’t have to need me, I am not yours you can rule over me, I am not your guys, now you have to leave me

Hoxo: I will never leave you, you are my key now

Jarvis: d--n it

( Jarvis summon his power then furiously use his power to teleport to Hoxo lair, as he enter the portal, the portal closed while Fang and Jason arrived seeing that Jarvis is gone )

Fang: this is really bad indeed

Jason: brother might be in danger, I know he will protect himself and also defend mom and dad, am sure he his going to do so

Fang: Come on.

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