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Uju’s family





After three weeks of excessive reading, the examination ended and I “reluctantly”travelled home for the one week “break” .

I never really wanted to , i wanted to stay in school with Ademilade but my mom constant calls brought me back home….

At home , I spend most of my time with my mum ,listening to her talk about her younger days and all that .

Although it was fun , I eagerly wanted to get back to school , I was missing my boyfriend , I wanted to be with him , the calls and video calls were not enough …..

I silently counted the days until the week was over and finally, I will get to see “Ade mi”, right on my birth day ……



My sound sleep was disrupted by the sound of my phone ringing, not even my alarm.

I hissed loudly, who is this na?

I ignored it and let it ring to an end, but it began ringing again and I groaned out of my sleep and reached for the phone which was at the head of the bed .

I opened my bleary eyes to check out the caller and noticed it was Shakirat ….

Smiling lightly, I received it

“Happy birthday bestie!” her loud voice rang through

I chuckled lightly. “Thanks friend”

“You are welcome. so tell me , how are we going to celebrate it?

“hmmmmh!I can’t really say until i get to school”

“Which is today right?”

“Yes, Demi will come pick me up at the bus garage”

” Ehen, So both of una don do your love wan tin tin reach your papa house “. she said teasingly , bringing a smile to my face

“but he is not reaching my house na” . I retorted

“Okay ooooo ! I don hear , let me sha know when you in school”

“Okay !”I agreed and ended the phone call”.

Yawning , I sat up in the bed and scrolled through my phone and saw tons of messages

Jeez! only me , I never knew people love me this much!

I kept on scrolling until I saw the name “Ade mi ; then I clicked on it and read it

“Good morning baby. I am already on my way to “Sango”, make sure you are at the bus garage on or before 9am, please don’t keep me waiting”

Like seriously! Is he for real? not even a single wish for my birthday

Frowning, I dialled his number and it rang until his voice mail picked up

I dialled it again but it was the same, and was about dialling it for the third time when a message from him popped on the screen

“I can’t pick , I am driving”

Oh yeah! I bet he is

Getting off the bed , I pulled the covers over my younger sister, Chichi who was still sleeping and sauntered out of the room ,climbed down the straight stairs into the sitting room and met my mum praying ..

I leaned on the sofa patiently waiting for her and when she was done ,I rushed to her , hugging her from behind

“Good morning mum!” I greeted

She chuckled, turning around to face me

“Morning dear! how was your night?”

“It was fine ma”. I replied , staring into her face

She looked so pale , as if she might faint …

“you alright?” I asked , softly

She nodded. “Just a little bit weak”

“Are you sure?” I asked to be sure and she laughed lightly, tightening the scarf on her head

“Of course I am . So tell me , why are you up so early?”She changed the topic

I glanced at the wall clock , it was 6: 30 am

“Or is it because you are eighteen (18) today”. she teased

“It is not that oooo. I laughed lightly ,I am returning to school today, or have you forgotten so soon?”

“Oh! I am sorry dear, it slipped my mind”.she apologised, ” but why can’t you just leave tomorrow? ….you should celebrate today with your family…..

“No mum!I can’t, I have to be in school today”

She was quiet for a while and then she sighed

“Fine! let me go pack up a few things for you”

“There is no need for that ma”. I politely declined

“but why?”She asked , clearly surprise

“Nothing much, I just don’t want to carry load”

“Han! Han! Is that one talk , i will accompany you to the bus station na”

Bus station! where Demi will be waiting!

“No ooooo , you can’t”. I blurted out and began walking toward the staircase

She laughed . “I can see you are trying to avoid any further questions”

Bingo! how did she know?

“hmmmmh!no problem ooo. don’t sha forget to go to your father room, so he can pray for you”

“before nko! that is even where I am heading to”. I muttered as I climbed up the stairs ….

“Oya now! Birthday girl”. She hailed, making me smile

She is indeed the best mum in the world!


The door to my dad’s room was slightly ajar and I cautiously pushed it opened and went it .

My dad was seated on his bed ,smiling sheepishly as he held a phone to his ear.

He was so engrossed in the call that he failed to notice me …

“No Angela! I love you but my family comes first”. I heard him say

I scoffed silently, who is Angela again?

I cleared my throat to get his attention and it worked, he looked at me, startled,ending his call

“When did you get here?”he asked , harshly

“Long enough to hear you talk to Angela”. I mumbled to myself

“Pardon!” He raised an eyebrow

“I wasn’t talking to you”. I retorted in a huff , making him scoff

“Then why are you here?”

” Today is my birthday “I grunted my response

“Oh!oh! Oh! Happy birthday dear, I completely forgot!

I hissed silently, Like he always remember!

“Go on Your knees!” he instructed and when I did, he began “speaking in tongues” on my head

It was the usual practice in the family and I always do feel excited , but today’s feeling was different, I was kind of nervous….

I kept my eyes wide open ,my arm across my chest, staring hard at him

Is he cheating on my mum?Is that why she is looking pale? Is that why he is hardly around? Is that….

“In Jesus name we pray?” his thunderous voice ,snapped me out of my thoughts …..

“Amen!” I replied with a low voice

He smiled . “You can stand up dear”

Using his bed as a support , I got up from the tiled floor

“Thanks you sir”

“It is nothing”. he assured, “you going back to school today right???”

I nodded

“Good! I already transferred #20, 000 into your account, manage it for two weeks”

I widened my eyes in surprise

#20,000!for two weeks! Amazing!

“Also”. he reached his hand out for the money on the drawer and handed it to me

“Take this for your transport fare”

I looked down at the money , counting it silently

#5000! for real! why is he acting so nice?

The dad I know will “practice Economics” on you” and give you the money he thinks is enough, this one he is adding extra , me I don’t understand oooooo…..

He cleared his throat and continued

“You see Uju, I have been noticing the changes in you , the way you dress , the long hours you spend on calls , the designer clothings you wear , the slippers , even your “devilish” looking hair ”

“Devilish!” I repeated, touching the “lace frontal” on my head ….

“Yes Devilish! Can’t you see the way you are looking like a marine spirit? Don’t you notice the way boys lurk around the corners of house because of you?Do you think it is right?No child , it isn’t , studying should be your main priority and not boys ….

“But I am not going after boys”. I defended myself

“I didn’t say you going after boys, I am just saying you should be careful, don’t let any boy deceive you , face your studies squarely”

I nodded . “Okay sir!”

“Good girl! so have your mom packed up some stuffs for you”

I scratched my hair , confused about what to say

“Erm I will erm tell her to erm pack”. I stuttered

He nodded . “Alright then! you should go get ready”

“Thanks sir!” I muttered

Retreating my step, I sauntered out of his room , closed the door behind me and walked through the short passage to my room….


Pushing the door opened, I walked in to see an empty room and from the sound of water running, I could tell Chichi was in the bathroom…

I collapsed on the bed and reached for my phone and unlocked it to see a missed call from Faith …

So she remember my birthday sef!

I leaned back on the bed , about to dial her number when my six year old brother , Chidi rushed into the room , screaming “Happy birthday…….

Faith will have to wait!

I chuckled lightly , holding him in my arms, careful not to stain his white school uniform

“So what will you give me for your birthday?”he asked

I smiled, pinching his nose lightly

“You are the one I should be asking that”

“Han! Han! but I am small na”. he squeezed his face and I was forced to laugh

“Fine!So what do you want?”

His eyes lit up . ” I want you to see me off to my school bus”

“Really! Just that!” I retorted in surprise .

He nodded . “Mum is sick and I don’t want to stress her”

Instantly, the anxiety in me increased

“How sick is she?”

“We don’t know”. Chichi answered , coming out of the bathroom

“But not to worry, she will be fine”. She quickly added ,making me smile….

“Amen”. I muttered

“So what time will you be leaving for school?” She asked , changing the topic

I shrugged , glancing at the wall -clock

“Before 8:30”

“hmmmm! and Demi will be waiting for you at the Bus garage right”. She said teasingly , winking at me

I shot her a surprise look, how did she know?

She laughed. “Don’t act all surprise,I overheard when you were telling your friend”

Oh right! she wasn’t sleeping!

“Who is Demi?” Chidi asked , looking at Chichi and then at me …..

“He is not someone a small kid like you should know “. Chichi snapped at him

“Okay oooo”.he raised his hands in defeat , facing me

“Sha be fast, I don’t want my school bus to leave me”

With that , he left the room …..

“Chichi smiled mischievously. ” so you are the one accompanying him to his school bus”

“Yes” I replied , standing up , “that is what he wants ”

“Me nko! what will you give me?”

I smirked. “See mouth! what will you give me”. I micmic, “you that have not wish me happy birthday”

“Ooops! I completely forgot! happy birthday , long life and prosperity”. she said in a rush

“No! It is too late”

“Please na”. She pleaded as I laughed

“Fine!take any of my clothes that you like”. I said ..

she screamed with laughter , rushing to my backpack

“Thanks sis!”she appreciated and began searching the pink bag

“I also want the pyjamas on you”

I looked down at the blue pyjamas

“But it will be big on you”

“I don’t care! I will wear it like that”. She retorted

“Alright!” I simply said as I went into the bathroom to freshen up.

Pulling off the pyjamas, I dumped it into the cloth basket ; then I brushed my teeth and had a long refreshing bath.

When done , I reached for my towel, tied it around my body and returned to see an empty and scattered room….

Nawa ooo! See the way this girl just scatter cloth everywhere!

I jumped over a huge pile of cloth to the wardrobe; then I opened it and took out a neatly ironed pink gown ….

Towelling off , i creamed my body , wore my undies and changed into the gown; then I brush down the long hair, put on a white sandals , picked up my phone and dashed out of the room….

I climbed down the stairs into the sitting room and met Chidi and my mum talking in whispers .

hmmmmh! What are they talking about?

Seeing me ,they stopped “their whispering” and started laughing

“hmmmh! Uju , So Demi is the reason why you don’t want me to accompany you to the bus garage”. My mom said , smiling

“Erm erm not erm really mum”. I stuttered, staring hard at Chidi and he looked away , still laughing

What a loud mouthed annoying kid!

“Then what is this I am hearing about him coming to pick you up”

I sighed deeply, i guess it is time to tell the truth

“Yes mum! he is coming to pick me up”

My mum continued. ” why didn’t you tell me?”

“i was scared that you might get angry”. I replied , searching her gaze for traces of anger and to my relief, I found none …

She was quiet for a while and then she exhaled deeply

“I want to see him”

“What!” I exclaimed with shock written all over my face

“Yes child , I want to see the boy you are dating”

But you have spoken with him na”. I queried

She smiled. “It doesn’t mean. Go see your brother off and when you come ,we will go to the bus garage together”

With a curt nod, I took Chidi’s hands into mine and we both walked out of the house , to the big compound where Chichi was pacing up and down restlessly …

“What is wrong with this one?” I thought and said aloud

She looked in my direction as she huffed

“Is it not that annoying driver that wants me to go to school late , he went to buy fuel since morning and he is still not back”

Chidi chuckled. “thank God I am following school bus oo

“I don’t blame you na”. Chichi looked daggers at him

I smiled lightly “Don’t worry he will…. I paused , trailing off when the driver rushed into the compound, panting

“I am very sorry , there was a long queue in the petrol station”

“Whatever!” Chichi brushed his explanation aside , climbing into the back seat

That is my sister for you , the Action lady!

“Bye sis! she waved at me

“Bye! I waved back and began walking out of the compound , my “loud mouthed” brother walking beside me

Now it is time to finish him!

“You abi, so you went to tell Mummy about Demi”

“Ehen! Did I do anything bad?”he retorted, nonchalantly , he wasn’t even remorseful!

“Okay now! Come and see who will buy spider man toy for you”

Immediately, he became Sober

“Han! Han! Uju, but you promise me na”

“Likewise Arinze”. I stated

“Arinze! that one that have been posting me up and down! no oooo, I can’t believe him again”

I bit my lips ,trying so hard not to laugh

This boy is so funny!

He continued. “Please na ,I promise not to tell mummy about Demi again”

I smiled lightly, that was what I wanted to hear him say!

“Alright! I will buy the toy for you”

“Yay! he screamed excitedly, “and when will that be?

“When next I come home”. I promised and he smiled


We got to the Junction just in time to see the school bus drive into the parking space .I let go of Chidi hand , bending over to peck his forehead

“No!”.he shook his head , touching his lips and I smiled , brushing his lips lightly with mine

“I love you baby””. I said

“I love you too”. he responded and began running to the bus

I stood there, watching him till he climbed into the bus and then I sauntered to the main road to look for a bike

I was too tired to trek back home and moreover, it was 8am , just an hour to the time Demi gave me …

Speaking of which, He was yet to call or text me

What is wrong with him sef? Did he forget about my birthday?…… hmmm! he dares not or else I will kill him!!!

I soon saw a bike and was about flagging it down when a familiar voice call my name . I looked in the direction and saw Faith waving at me ,smiling

She was dressed in a very long and shapeless gown and was holding only a small handbag!

Na dem! holy at home and wild in school!

I returned the smile and briskly walked to her

“Happy birthday!” She greeted as she gave me a side hug

“Thanks oooo”

“I called your number but you didn’t pick up”

I sighed softly. Wo!Don’t mind me Jare, I was with my Dad then”

“Oh! So Awfar , when are you returning to school?”

“Today! I replied ,

“Okay now! we will see in school?”

I shot her a puzzled look . “Are you going to school like this ?”

“Hum! Hum!” she nodded

“Without any load”

She exhaled deeply. “Yes ooo!things are very tight at home , even to eat is war, i haven’t even completed my school fees”

“Seriously!” I exclaimed with a wide open eyes , “but the school portal will soon close na!

“I know and I am seriously worried, I don’t even know what to do”. She said with a cracked voice, making me pity her …..

“hmmm! So how much is left?”

#60, 000″. She replied slowly

Really! Just #60,000!

“Not to worry, I will transfer the money to you”

She frozed on the spot , staring at me like I was a ghost

“Uju! You said you will what?”

“Transfer the money to you”.I repeated and the next thing that followed was her screams

Yay! Uju! thanks you so much”

I chuckled. “It is nothing”

“No ooo! It is something oo, do you ….she paused, trailing off .

Her gaze dropped to my phone and her brows lifted

“iPhone 12! that is iPhone 12 right?”

I nodded proudly. ” Demi got it for me on the day I travelled down home

“Ehen!so What about your Android phone?”

“Oh that! I gave it to Shakirat”. I retorted, smiling

“hmmmh!your boyfriend is really trying ooo”

“Yes oooo!he keeps on buying stuffs for me and sending money to my account even without me asking ”

“Oh! I can see!”She remarked softly and swears, i detected a hint of Jealousy in her voice…..






The in-car navigation system stopped in front of a rowdy and crowded bus garage , full of touts . I drove into garage, parking out in front

Is this the “Sango” garage?” I wondered

and rolled down the window, looking around

Immediately , two of the touts rushed to me

“Twale baba!” they hailed in unison and I nodded in response

“Anything for the boys”

I scoffed silently, boys! Do they still see themselves as boys?…..well! since they need a tip off from me , they should as well answer my question!

I faked a smile . “Is this place “Sango” garage?”

“Yes baba!”. The fairer between them replied and I nodded , looking around


I dipped my hands into my pocket and took out a thousand Naira note , handing it to him

I have no money to waste!

“Help me manage that”. I begged

and without waiting for their response, I rolled up the window,glancing at my wristwatch

It was already 8:50am ,My girlfriend should be here in 10 minutes!

Reclining in the seat , I reached for my phone, about to call Kewe when his call came in

I received it

“Guy!awfar! I was about to call you , how did it go?” I said in a rush

He sighed. “Fine bro! I was able to secure the hall at Times Square hotel”

“Thanks! I appreciated , “how much is the rental fee?”

“#50, 000 for an all night party !”

I shrugged. “That is a bit fair, I will transfer the money to you now”

“There is no need for that , Tobi has already settled the bills”

“Tobi!” I repeated in surprise

“Yes ooo! he paid for it saying it was his birthday present to your girlfriend”

“Oh! I exclaimed softly, “where is he? Is he with you?”

“No!but he is somewhere sha, flirting with a bar girl”

I laughed loudly, Tobi will never change!

Kewe continued. “so where are you, have you gotten to her place?”

“Her place ke! no ooo, do you want her father to skin me alive?I am in one noisy bus -park like that waiting for her”

He laughed hard and long

“So you haven’t seen her?”

“Yes “.i replied and that was the exact moment I sighted her walking towards my direction, a slim woman beside her….

“She is already here”. I told kewe , ” i will join you guys at the hotel as soon as I get back to school”.

“No qualms!don’t be long”

“Alright!” I agreed and ended the call

Opening the car door , I slid my legs out one after the other as I alighted , my gaze fixed on the woman beside my girlfriend

Who is she? I wondered, staring hard at her and only then did I notice the stricken resemblance….

F**k! her Mother!

quickly, I rushed to them , putting on my best smile …

“Good morning ma!” I greeted , nervously

Her mother smiled. “morning dear!!how are you?

“I am fine ma!” I replied, glancing at Uju whose face was squeezed up in a little frown

What is wrong with her?

Her mother continued. “Hmmm! so I have finally gotten to see the guy who is Dating my daughter”

I chuckled nervously as she stared into my eyes deeply

“I know what you did to my daughter , I knew you deceived her into taking her virginity”.she whispered , making me swallow hard

Why is she saying this now?… I mean she was so friendly when we talked on the phone”

“erm i am sorry ma , I deeply regretted what I did”

She smiled lightly. “It is a good thing you accepted your mistakes and please don’t ever hurt my daughter again”

“I won’t ma”. I promised

“Good! Also put God first in whatever you do ,read the bible , abides to its teachings”.she smirked, “I hope you understand what that means”

I shook my head negatively

“Simple! Don’t get intimate with my daughter ever again until you pay her bride price”

I laughed inwardly, is she for real! I should not have sex with my girlfriend…..very impossible!

“Alright ma!” I merely agreed and she nodded, smiling

” Let me get going, I wish you both safe journey back to school

“Thanks ma!” I muttered

“Alright dear! she said and then faced her daughter who was still frowning

“Uju!okay now! I will be on my way now and please do not forget all of my advice

“I won’t mum!”

Her mum continued. “Be a good girl and face your studies squarely

“Trust me na! i will come out in first class”. She boasted, making me smile

I have really missed her!

Her mother faced me , “And you too Demi!

“Yes ma!”

“It is Mum”

“Oh! Alright mum”. I corrected myself and with a wave , she crossed to the other side of the road!

I stood there , watching her till she climbed into a taxi and then I faced my pretty girlfriend

“Happy birthday baby!”

She hissed loudly and began walking to the car

“Keep the wishes to yourself”

I chuckled softly, following behind her

“I am sorry now”. I apologised and that was it, she flared up

“Sorry! did you just say that? no! no! no! I can’t listen to that, I can never listen to that . Today is my birthday and my “precious boyfriend” did not send me as little as a text message

Chai!if only she knew ……

She continued, holding her waist as she vibrated

So tell me,why didn’t you message me? why didn’t you pick my call?

“That is because i was busy”

“Busy!” She rolled her eyes, “unbelievable!

I smiled lightly, pinning her against the car

“Busy fixing up your birthday gift”

She swallowed hard , her intense gaze fixed on my lips

“My birthday gift!”She muttered , pouting her lips

I stared hard at her lips , her sexy lips, i was tempted to kiss her, delve my tongue into her throat and make her moan out my name but no, we were in a public place and I don’t want to be seen as crazy!

“Get into the car!” I simply instructed and when she did , I climbed into the car ,pulled into the road and drove speeding off to school……






Finally! After a four hour drive, Demi got to his house…

He drove through the gate into the compound, parking in front of his apartment, right beside a … Benz

Hun! Did he buy a new car?”

Opening the door , we both stepped out of the car at our different ends: and then we climbed up the short step to the balcony

Using his key, he was about to unlocked the door when it creaked opened.

I shot him a puzzled look . “Is anyone inside?”

He merely shrugged and opened the door wide and we walked in to see …..Susanna

Instantly , my heart exploded in me

” what are you doing here?” I yelled

“And what does it look like to you”. She snapped at me , moving closer to Demi , ” I am here to spend the night at my boyfriend place

“Boyfriend!Demi scoffed, “don’t embarrass yourself and please leave quietly

She huffed. “Don’t tell me you are choosing this thing over me “.she eyed me coldly

“I am not a thing”. I butted in and Demi sighed, pulling me closer

“See Susanna!what else can I do to make you know that i am no longer interested”

Nothing oooo!You are mine and mine alone

“Then you must be sick!he retorted in a huff , pleeeease leave my house,I have lot of things to take care of

She shook her head vigorously. “I won’t do that , i can’t do that , I love you so……

“But I don’t love you”. Demi cut in ….

“No! you love me , you are just confused, please take your word back , tell me you love me”. She pleaded so desperately

I stared in surprise at her, she was obviously delusional

“No Susanna I don’t love you and will never ever will”. Demi stated , making me smile ….

Embarrassed by her tears, she grabbed her hand bag and ran out of the house …

And as for me , I collapsed on the sofa, laughing

“Chai Demi! I really love the way you gave it to her”

he smiled lightly, squatting in front of me

“I love you baby, Don’t ever doubt that”

“Awwww! I love you too”

“I know!”

“Ehen! before I forget, where is my birthday gift?”. I asked , stretching out my hands

he chuckled, “I knew you would ask”

“Before nko! where is it?” I repeated

“Actually. he cleared his throat, ” I want to throw an all night party for you”

I widened my eyes in surprise. “Like seriously!”

“Yes! the party will hold at time square hotel by 9pm

I nodded slowly, it was my first time celebrating a big birthday and i didn’t know how to feel about it….

He continued. “everything you need is inside the room and also Chioma will help you with your make up”

“No! Shakirat will help me with it”

“Your friend?” he asked to be sure

“I nodded , She is a makeup artist”

Oh! If that is the case , invite her over”

With that , He reached for the master key sitting on the centre table and handed it to me..

I looked at the key and then back at him

“What should I do with it?”

“It is yours”. he simply replied and I shot him a confused look

“The car is outside”. he added and instantly, I heard a high pitch squeal, I didn’t realise it was my own until much later

I stared dazedly at him. “My car!”

He chuckled.”Yes! the black Benz”

Hastily , I got off the sofa and dashed out of the house , climbed down the short step to the black Benz, My car”

My eyes watered as I stared it , it was just too good to be true

“My car! I muttered in disbelief, ” so this is my car?

“Do you like it?” a voice asked from behind me …. Ademilade

I turned around, hugging him tightly

“Thank you! Thank you very much”

He pulled out of the hug to stare at my face and then he smiled

“Happy birthday baby”.he whispered and I nodded slowly

I was too gobsmacked to say anything, Tears of Joy rolled down my cheek, all I could do was to stare at my car….

“I need to go Join the others at the hall”. Demi said softly

“Is the party going to be a big one?” I asked

He shrugged. “Some like that , you should also invite your friends”

“Alright!” I said softly and he winked at me, climbing into his car

Smiling, I watched him drive out of the compound and then I dialled Shakirat’s number

She picked it on the first ring

“Hello Juliet! how…….

“I have got a “baby”. I squealed so loudly , drowning her voice …..




The drive was a fast one as I broke the speed limit , wasting no time to get to the hotel , Time square hotel…

I drove into the compound,parking in front of a large hall, then I alighted from the car and walked into the hall….

Standing in front, my eyes wandered around for Kewe and i saw him seated at the extreme corner with ……Tobi and Bola

I sauntered up to them

“Hey!” I greeted , smiling lightly as they looked at me

“Ah Demi! I was even about to call you”. Kewe stated , ” what about the birthday girl?”

“She is at home”. I replied

“What home!”Tobi said teasingly and I gave him a playful glare, sitting down beside him

“Thanks man for……

He scoffed, cutting me off

“What did I do? moreover Kewe was the one who paid for the drinks

I shot Kewe a surprise look

Tobi continued. ” And Bola took care of the food aspect

I stared at them with my mouth wide opened, I was speechless

I never expected them to do all this

“Kewe chuckled. “Abeg close your mouth Jare or you wan make fly enter

We all laughed

“Thanks guys for everything”. I appreciated

“Nah! You don’t need to”. Bola said, waving it off with his hands

“So have you gifted her the car?” Kewe suddenly asked

I nodded

He continued. “hmmmh !So tell us , how was her reaction?”

I smiled proudly. “Well! she was erm happy and …. I paused when i heard someone call my name ….

“Dave!” Tobi muttered, nudging at me to look sideways and when I did, I saw Dave walking towards us , Prince and Tony following behind him

Who the hell invited them?

“Demi!”He called again as he got closer, “where is the birthday girl?” he grinned

Why is he asking about her?

“She is not here”. I answered rudely

“Oh! when is the party starting?”

“9pm”. Tobi replied him

“9pm!”he repeated , squeezing his face , as if thinking

“I guess I will have to wait”. he sighed and began walking to the next table with his “escort”

“Who invited him here?” I asked in whispers, banging my fist on the table

“I don’t know”. Kewe replied

“Then how did he get to about the birthday party?”

They exchanged confused look among themselves

I bit my lips in anger , turning side ways to Dave and met his cold gaze

He smiled lightly and then looked away

Instantly, a cold chill washed over me , leaving me with a deep feeling, a feeling that he …..::is stalking me ….



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