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Katelyn's POV:

” Foolish girl,” he slapped me on the cheeks soo hard I fell on the bed. ” Once a s--t, always a s--t. Bringing a man over to my house to seduce him to bed, you think I wouldn’t know.”

” At least I was the one seducing him,” I yelled angrily at him. ” I would never in my life do the same to you, you pig.”

He bent over and hit me in the face. ” You dirty, rotten b*tch. I’ll fix you.”

” Then kill me,” I spat at him. ” Kill me, shameless man. It’s over between us. I’m done with this nonsense. I’d rather die than continue with this abomination.”

” What abomination?” He asked. ” You weren’t complaining when we first started in the first place. Why now? Is it because of that animal called Adam?”

” Is he? At least he’s hundred times more the man you’ll ever be.”

” Oh, and I take it you love this Adam more than me, eh”

” Yes I love him,” I screamed at him. ” I love him soo much that my heart bleeds for him everyday. And point of correction, I’ve never loved you. I hate you, I hate you soo much I wish you were never born.”

He laughed. ” If I weren’t born, would you be in my house, insulting me. I took you and your mom out of poverty and this is what I get? I….”

” You can throw us out! I don’t care anymore but I won’t do this anymore. I’d rather be poor for life than live in continuous hell in this haunted house of yours.”

He became quiet and I was surprised to see his expression softened. ” So you really do love him, don’t you?”

” Yes, I love him and there’s nothing you’re going to do about it.”

” So you think he’s capable of taking care of you and your mom if I throw you out? He’s no better than my rug in the sitting room.”

” Is he any worse than you? At least he hasn’t touched me despite my numerous efforts to get him to do so. He’s a good man and I’ll gladly let him sleep with me as many times as he wants than let you lay your filthy finger on me.”

He dipped his hands in his pocket and brought out a cigarette. He lit it and drew smoke. ” Then why did he reject your advances?”

I frowned, wondering what he was up to now. ” Because he’s a gentleman. He wouldn’t touch a minor like me. He…”

He waved his hand in the air cutting me short. ” That’s where you are wrong. No sane man born of a woman would resist a h---y teenage girl. There is something to it. He’s not a holy man nor is he Jesus Christ. I’ve been watching you guys ever since he began tutoring you. Don’t think I left this house without putting someone in charge of watching over you. My gate keeper is such a reliable spy. He told me everything; how you went jogging with him, how many hours you two last inside the house and how you’ve dressed to seduce him.”

” Do you think I freaking care? You can send the army to watch over us if you’re not satisfied enough.”

” How foolish of you. Can’t you see how stupid your moves had been. I thought you were smarter than this but I was wrong. You’ve got many opportunities to tell him about our affairs yet you kept quiet. Instead all you cared about was getting him on your bed. Mr Adam is a smart man. He knows getting involved with you would get him behind bars. I’ll give him that credit but I still don’t understand why you hesitated in telling him the truth.”

” I can tell him the truth anytime I want. It’s none of your business.”

” That’s because you’re just as selfish as your mom. You think only about yourself, you don’t care if you get screwed every night so long as you kept enjoying the luxury of my home.”

” You’re wrong. I’m doing this for my mom…if it wasn’t for her I would’ve…”

” Katelyn, you and I know that’s a silly c--k and bull story. Stop making excuses for your sins. You are scared of suffering again that’s why you kept your mouth shut. Look I don’t give a d--n if you tell me to your mother. If I get thrown in jail for what I did to you, I’ll still get out. I’ve got hot connections and I also got cash. These days it’s easy to bribe the authorities and who would’nt accept a handsome amount of money if offered? You can be sure in your life that if I get involved with the authorities, I’ll throw both you and your mother out of my house without a single thing left to your name.”

I glared at him, knowing he had a point there. He was right. I was scared of telling Mr Adam the truth. I was scared because I was selfish.

Stepdad blew smoke in the air. ” I know I’m right, you are enjoying my money and luxury because you were smart to keep your mouth shut. For six years now, you’ve been a damned smart girl but now you are not playing smart. You think Mr Adam cares for you? He doesn’t. Now look kid, men like Adam are poison. They act quiet and gentle but deep within them, they are vipers. Touch their tail and they’d tear you to pieces. They are dangerous. That’s his line: cute on the outside and specializes in bedrooms. Don’t think he’s hook on you, he isn’t.”

” You don’t know that. How would you know?!”

” Because I’m an adult and I’ve seen things you have never seen. Moreover I have my ears to the ground. I don’t miss anything that goes on in this town. You’re trying to hook him, aren’t you? You’re just wasting your time. Adam knows more about women. You are just not his type.”

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I am not his type?

Stepdad cocked his head to one side, watching my expression. ” I Know you know I’m saying the truth. Who in the world would want a fourteen years old girl for a girlfriend. You’re rotten and used up, Adam could sense it and that’s why he’s playing with your emotions,” he climbed the bed and crawled towards me. ” You are never going to get a boyfriend because you don’t deserve anyone. But I do because I love you.” He caught my face and turned it to face his. ” When you graduate and you’re free again, boys would be all over you. All these boys would be chasing after skirts by the time they might’ve used and dumped you. You will suffer, because you would never see that perfect man. No man is perfect. All men are cheats; I know that because I’m a man.”

He removed his cigarette from his lips and blew smoke in my face. He placed the cigarette on my lips and grinned at me. ” You would be heartbroken for life and I don’t want that to happen to you because I care about you. I’m being patient with you, because I love you, Katelyn. No man out there is perfect. They’d leave you the moment they grow tired of you. But I won’t leave you. I’m here with you, my love.”

He removed the cigarette and leaned in to kiss me. The moment his lips touched mine, I pushed him away with a force that made him staggered back, nearly making him fall. He turned sharply to face me, his breath coming in like an angry bull.

I stood up to my feet and met his angry gaze. ” You, you’re wrong. Mr Adam is perfect. He is kind and would never take advantage of me even at the slightest opportunity. But you,” I paused as I tightened my fist and screamed at him. ” You took my virginity when I was just a kid, you molested me every night in my sleep, you rape me when I grew defensive and you hit me whenever I tried to fight you off. You only care about yourself. You never loved me cause If you did love me, you’d understand that you are nothing but a filthy uncontrollably animal. For crying out loud, I am your step daughter. Mr Adam had many opportunities, lots of them and I wanted him to take advantage of me. I thought he’d be like you; as uncontrollable as an animal but he wasn’t. He proved to both of us that not all men are the same. I don’t care if he has other women. I love him. Even if he doesn’t love me, I love him and nothing is going to change my feelings for him. Not you, not your money not even the authorities. I’m not going to continue like this. To hell with you and your money and luxuries. I’m done, do you hear? I said I’m done.”

I didn’t see the punch coming. He swung me a left hook on the jaw that threw me off balance and crashing on the ground. Before I knew it, he’d pounced on me and tore off my shirt. I tried to fight back, to struggled and scream for help but that punch he gave me, paralyzed my brain from working.

Stepdad was barbaric with rage. ” Since you’ve decided to be stubborn, I’ll have to do it the hard way. Maybe after this, you’ll learn your lesson.”

He tore off my bra and grabbed my boobs soo hard it hurts. Then he slapped me hard on the cheeks and tore off my skirt. I struggled but he was too strong. The next thing I knew, my panties were flying over my head.

I opened my mouth to scream but he punched me soo roughly on the face that I blacked out immediately into darkness.

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