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Katelyn's POV:

Such a gentleman, such a darling, such an angel, such a… He was perfect. During lessons, he was all I cared to look at. With him around me, the house was magical and full of life. He was my prince charming, what more can I ask for?

” Try this equation,” he pointed at one part of the textbook.

” Oh,” I said, snapping back to reality. ” This one right?”

He nodded, returning back to the armchair to continue studying the next maths problem. ” And Katelyn?”

I glanced up at him as he sat down. ” Yes?”

” Try to concentrate on your maths. You’re being distracted,” he said, staring at me from the corner of his eyes.

My heart skipped a beat. If only he knew he was the reason why I’m soo distracted. I looked away, feeling my cheeks burning.

For the next ten minutes, nothing was said between the two of us. Then I spoke. ” Mr Adam?”

He turned to me. ” Which question is it again?”

Placing the tip of my pen to my mouth, I smiled. ” Thank you.”

” Thank me? For what?”

” For everything,” I replied. ” You are the best teacher ever. That chocolate cookies you got for me was the best present I’ve ever received. I appreciate it.”

” You are welcome,” I heard him say and then he added. ” I’m glad you like it. Just be more focused on your studies, Kate.”

I stiffened. He called me Kate. I looked up at him and he looked too. Our eyes jammed and locked.

” I definitely will, Mr Adam.”

He beamed. ” Call me Adam. Since we’re best friends now, let’s go on our Christian names.”

I was happy and I didn’t know why. I smiled like a baby.

” Now, stop looking at me that way, return back to your books,” he joked.

I stretched my hands. This is boring, Adam. Why don’t we play a game?”

He shooked his head. ” I don’t play games.”

” Oh come on,” I lamented. ” Just play with me for ten minutes. Ten minutes is what I’m asking.”

He cocked his head to one side. ” Aren’t you a little old to be playing games?”

” Nope,” I stood to my feet. ” I’m just fourteen and besides I play adult games.”

” Adult games?”

I nodded. ” Yeah, are you going to play with me or not? Remember, all work and no play, makes jack a dull boy.”

He laughed, then dropped the textbook aside. ” Alright, you got my interest. Maybe a ten minutes game wouldn’t be soo bad.”

I was happy and ran upstairs to my room. ” I’ll be right back.”

He waited for me. When I returned back, he was pouring a jug of orange juice into a glass tumbler.

” Three minutes gone,” he said, moving back to the table. ” You’ve got seven minutes left.”

I groaned. ” Oh come on that’s not fair. We haven’t even started.”

” Time is money to me,” he said. ” But I’ll forgive you and add back three minutes. What took you soo long.”

” I went to get some playing cards,” I sat down with joy. ” We’re going to play some few rounds of truth or dare.”

He made a face. ” What kind of game is that?”

I was surprised. ” You haven’t played?”

” I told you before, I don’t play games.”

This was news to me and it made me wonder what sort of man he was. ” Well, I’m going to lay out the rules for you. We’ll start the game with ten rounds. Now each of us will pick a card, the one with the highest number wins and gets to tell the other person to choose between truth or dare. If you choose truth, it means you’ll have to tell me whatever I ask you. If you pick dare instead, you will do whatever I ask you and you’ve got to do it. No take backs.”

” Doesn’t that sounds like a game meant for only adults? I don’t feel comfortable with this.”

Turning the cards upside down, I spread them on the table and grinned at him. ” Well, let you do the honor. Pick a card.”

He hesitated then he picked a card. ” Three.”

I picked mine. ” Eight, I win. This is going to be fun. Alright you choose, truth or dare?”

” I choose truth.”

” If you’re given a survey to pick the most beautiful girl in school, who would you pick?”

He drank his juice, not liking this question. ” Is that how the game goes? I have to answer silly questions?”

I shrugged. ” It’s part of the rules. You can always switch to dare if you like but if you do, you’ll be forced to do anything I said and you won’t back down no matter what.”

” That’s intriguing,” he said without much conviction. ” Well, if I’m to pick the most beautiful girl in school, I’ll say the head girl.”

” You mean Sandra?” I asked surprised.

” Well, that’s my luckiest guess. I don’t know everyone,” he answered. ” You know, this sounds girlie to me. This game is silly.”

” It’s just getting started, we still got nine rounds left to play, pick another card,” I chipped in immediately, still a little jealous he saw the head girl as the most beautiful girl in school.

He picked a card and so did I. ” I got six, what number did you get?” I asked.

” Thirteen,” he waved the card in the air. ” So this means I win this round.”

” Yeah,” I winked at him. ” Means you have to give me a truth or dare. I choose truth.”

I was thinking he might ask me something naughty or something related to my sexuality.

” What are your greatest fears?” He asked, toying with his tumbler.

I was disappoint, yet amused at his question. ” Is that what you want to ask me?”

” That’s what I want to know. I don’t know much about you. Everyone has fears, I want to know your greatest fears.”

I shifted a little, uneasy about this. ” Well, my greatest fears. That would be falling back to poverty.”

He raised an eyebrow. ” And why is that? I’m sure your dad is rich enough to take care of you and your mother…”

” He’s not my dad,” I corrected Sharply without knowing. My teeth gritted against each other bitterly as I spoke with my head bowed. ” He’s my stepdad.”

He didn’t say anything. He watched me closely but I couldn’t meet his piercing gaze.

” And yes, he has enough money to take care of my mom and I,” I continued, my voice sounding bitter. ” But it’s not a guarantee. My stepdad is….well he’s growing old and may die soon. He hasn’t made a will yet and it seems certain his other wife may be back with her children to claim his wealth. If he dies and my mom and I are left with nothing, we might returned back to the village and relive the life of suffering again. I wouldn’t want that to happen but you can never tell tomorrow.”

” It’s nothing you should be worried about,” he tried to reassure me. ” I’m sure he’s planning something for your mom. You told me he loves her, I mean any man who loves a woman would do whatever he takes to ensure she doesn’t suffer when he’s gone.”

” Don’t be deceived,” I nearly shouted at him, the bitterness in my voice even surprised me. ” Six years of my life with him was hell. I’ve been depressed. He’s a mean fat man; you can never imagine how mean. He doesn’t love my mom, he only loves…all he cared about was… Sometimes I felt like my mom had been a fool, marrying a man thirty years older than her with no self control. I’m scared of poverty but sometimes, I feel poverty is way better than the life we’re living in now.”

He seemed confused. ” Kate, what is it you’re not telling me? You keep bringing up your stepdad and you sound bitter. Is there something you’ve been meaning to tell me?”

I looked up at him and forced a smile. ” It’s not much to talk about. He’s just mean but maybe you’re right, he might be planning something for my mom and I before he dies.”

” Die?” He shooked his head. ” You shouldn’t be wishing bad things for people like that. He’s still your dad.”

But wouldn’t it be better if he died? I would be free of him. I just couldn’t bear to have him around me. With him dead, there would be no one to visit me at night and molest me in my sleep.

” It’s alright,” I picked a card. ” I got ten. What did you get?”

He hesitated, not liking as I skipped his question then he picked a card. ” Two. You won in this round, I choose truth.”

This gladdened my heart. ” Tell me, is there someone you like?”

He pulled a face. ” That’s a private question. I don’t feel comfortable talking about it.”

This wasn’t how I wanted this to go. ” Alright, then choose dare since you won’t answer truth.”

He gladly did. ” Ok, dare.”

” I dare you to take off your shirt.”

His eyes popped. ” Excuse me?”

” Just your shirt,” I said. ” I dare you to remove your shirt. I just want to see how your chest looks like and you’re not allowed to wear it back until the game is over.”

He frowned. ” I’m not sure about this.”

I grumbled. ” That’s the rules of the game. You can’t go back on the rules. Come on, just do it.”

Hesitating for a while, he stood up and buttoned down his shirt. My heart hammered against my ribs as I watched him reveal those sexy muscular chest that twitched as his muscles constracted.

I couldn’t believe he actually did it. He was Soo beautiful. Seeing him like this made me wish I could s--k on his red nipples. His abs were perfect and they stood out without straining to impress. I was blown away.

Sitting back on his chair, he picked up his tumbler and drank from it.

” Wow, you look sexy, Adam,” I giggled. ” I think I’ll call you my sexy maths teacher.”

” Just call me Adam,” he said, definitely not impressed with the game anymore. ” Can we just finish this game and get it over with?”

” For sure,” I said, eye sexing him already. ” We’re left with seven rounds, pick one.”

” Let’s make it the last round please,” he demanded. ” I’m not going on with this game after this round.”

I was hoping we could go through the remaining seven rounds but if he insisted, who am I to stop him. At least, I saw his chest. That was enough for me. ” What number did you get?”

” Five,” he said.

” Wow, I win this round again. I got ten.”

” Just try not to ask me anything naughty, okay? I choose truth.”

I paused and held my knees as I thought hard. Then I faced him. ” Tell me your darkest secret.”

He jolted and I saw his eyes went dark and hard. It was then I saw another man. I saw a man holding a grudge, a guilt and a secret soo despicable to be let known to the world. I was curious to know this secret of his.

Hesitating for a long time, soo long I thought he was dumb, he finally asked. ” What’s the dare?”

I was surprised. He wasn’t going to tell me his secret. Was it as dark as I imagined? ” Are you sure you want the dare? No take backs, you’ll have to do it.”

He nodded. He wasn’t going to tell his dark secret. He’d rather do the dare.

” Just tell me the dare,” he demanded.

I pouted my lips at him. ” Kiss me.”

I saw him stiffened with shock written all over his face. He stared at me unblinkingly like a child.

” That’s the dare,” I reminded him. ” And you are going to do it. No going back on your words or you’ll tell me your dark secret.”

His hands tightened and loosened. This was difficult for him and this intrigued me like crazy. I was loving this moment and nothing was going to spoil it. I had him on the hook and he knows it.

I leaned a little closer to him with my eyes closed and my lips ready and set to receive his kiss.

I didn’t know what he did next. I felt a course object on my lips. I wonder if this was his lips. Was it soo rough like this? Then I opened my eyes and saw him.

He had placed a book on my lips and had leaned over and kissed the other side of the book. I was shocked beyond my wildest imagination. Did he just….I told him to kiss me, instead he made me kiss the front cover of a book while he kissed the other side. This wasn’t what I wanted.

I drew back immediately and he followed suite.

” What was that for?” I asked, my voice growing hard.

” You told me to kiss you and I did,” he said, taking his shirt and getting into it.

” That wasn’t a kiss, that was a mockery. You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?” I voiced, bittered and angry.

” I’m sorry, Kate but I cannot do this anymore,” he replied, refusing to meet my eyes. ” You’re a minor, you and I can’t possibly kiss or get intimate with each other. Let’s return back to lesson.”

” Don’t you find me attractive?”

He turned to me and frowned. ” No, I don’t.”

My heart chilled and I felt tears welling inside me. I raised my voice. ” Why?”

” Because I don’t like you,” he said buttoning his shirt. ” Second, you’re nine years younger than me. My job is to tutor you, not to become your boyfriend. I’m too old to become intimate with you just as you consider your stepdad to be too old for your mom. And third, you barely even know me. I’m a monster, I may be quiet and a gentleman but trust me, I’m a devil in disguise. I’m not what you think I am and I definitely don’t want you to know what’s behind the man you see before you because I don’t want to hurt you.” He pocket his hands. ” Now, can we returned back to lesson?”

Staring at him, his eyes, dark and dangerous, his countenance like that of an American gangster I watch in movies, I suddenly became afraid of him. ” No, I’m not proceeding with lesson.”

” Good,” he grabbed his bag and left. ” Have a nice life, Kate. This is the last lesson I’m going to have with you. When your parents returned, tell them I quit. I’ll refund their money as soon as I arrive home.”

I wanted to shout at him to wait. I wanted to run after him and grab his bag and plead for him to change his mind but something stopped me in time.

The moment he opened the front door to step out, my stepdad came in. Mr Adam took a step back as stepdad walked in.

Seeing him was a shock. I wasn’t expecting him or mom any moment soon. I wondered what he was doing back home and how long he had been standing outside the front door.

” Going out now, Mr Adam?”

Adam bite his lips. He was also surprised but he was smart not to show it too plainly. ” Yes, I’m done for today.”

Stepdad cocked his head to one side, ” I overheard you were quiting. Why are you quiting? You barely reached a week in your tutoring with my daughter.”

Mr Adam licked his dried lips. ” I….I just…well…”

” Well, no need to explain yourself, Mr Adam,” stepdad said with a grin. ” My daughter can be a little stupid, you know. I understand she’s trying to seduce you.”

Mr Adam opened his mouth then closed it. He wanted to say something but it only ended up in stutters.

Stepdad laughed. ” It’s not your fault, Mr Adam. I always know she was up to something when she brought you to become her private tutor. Her mom was such a foolish woman to hire you.”

” My mother is not foolish,” I yelled at him, not knowing why or how.

” Shut your dirty mouth, you s--t!” Stepdad barked at me. ” I’ll get back to you after I’m done with this gentleman here.”

I kept quiet, my anger rising like a heating thermometer.

He returned back to Mr Adam. ” Forgive me, Mr Adam but she’s being stubborn, just as always. Now, I’m impressed with you. You proved to me that not all men are the same. I wondered what kind of man would resist such a sexy loaded teenager like my daughter in this perverted era. I had my doubts about you but now, I’m clear of your abilities. Well done.”

” If you don’t mind, sir,” Mr Adam spoke, politely. ” I must take my leave.”

” Of course you may go but are you sure you want to quit your….”

” I quit.”

” Well, that’s a welcomed decision, my boy,” stepdad laughed. ” Keep the money, I don’t need your refunding. I have enough to hire as many private tutors as I want.” Then he went on in a more serious note, ” I don’t like you, Adam. So don’t think you’re doing me any favors. Now get out!”

” Thank you sir.”

” I said get out!”

Adam took one last glance at me and left the house. Stepdad watched him go, a fixed glare on his face.

Feeling burning tears welling up my eyes, I fell on my knees and cried. Stepdad turned to me and barked. ” And as for you, you dirty s--t, upstairs, in your room.”



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