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Violet's POV:

We were in mom’s garden, Liz and I. Mom had gone to the shop to sell her flowers while I was left in charge of the flowers.

” Say, Violet?” Liz called out to me as she watered the roses.

” What?” I answered over the other side of the roses.

” Is there someone you like?” She asked all of a sudden.

I raised my head above the flowers and gazed at her. That question just came out of the blue. I wasn’t expecting it.

” No, there isn’t. Why the sudden question?”

Liz glanced up and met my gaze. ” Nothing serious. You just look down. It’s as if someone dumped you.”

Dump me?

” Don’t start with that. I’m perfectly fine. I hate boys, you know I do so there’s no one I like, okay.”

Liz studied me, her eyes questioning me. ” Is that so, how about Mr Adam?”

I rolled my eyes and returned back to my weeding. ” Give me a break. We’re just childhood friends. I can never imagine myself with such a guy.”

Liz wasn’t satisfied with that answer. ” But you do like him, right? You’ve got feeling for…”

” Like I said, why are we having this conversation?” I interrupted her, sharply. ” We’re just childhood friends. Nothing more, nothing less. You can ask him yourself. He’ll tell you the same thing.”

Liz relaxed a little now and she smiled. ” I understand now.”

I still don’t get where she was going at. I have a feeling she was up to something but I just couldn’t figure it out.

Just then, we saw Adam and Katelyn walking passed my gate. They were talking and laughing as they went. Liz and I watched them.

” Those two have been hanging out together for sometime now,” Liz said.

I frowned. ” Whatever, like I care.”

” What is she doing around him all the time?” Liz pondered to herself. ” Are they going out?”

” Are you going to help me with the flowers or you’re just gonna stand there and ask questions all day long?”

Liz turned to me. ” Tell me Violet, am I beautiful?”

Raising my head I gaped at her. What in Gods name is wrong with this girl? First she asked if I liked Adam, I said no. Now she’s asking if she looks beautiful. For Christ sake what is her problem?

” I don’t know your reasons for all these questions but I think you should drop it. You’re freaking me out, right now,” I said, meaning it in my tone.

She glanced down at her feet and made a girlish giggle. ” Don’t mind me. I’m curious, that’s all. I’m still looking out for a boyfriend.”

” Liz, you don’t need a boyfriend. What you need is your books. We’ve got senior WAEC, remember?”

” Hello, I’m the brightest student in class,” Liz reminded. ” I don’t need to worry about exams. I’ve been studying for as long as I remember. I need a break from books. This is my last year in high school, I got to make the most of it.”

” And what about maths?” I asked, folding my arms. ” You’ve still got trouble with maths. Getting into a relationship this early would cause you a hell of distraction. You can do better than this. Take a look at me, I’m single and I’m happy.”

Liz patted me on the shoulder with a big smile on her face. ” That’s why your name is Violet and mine is Liz. I’m getting a boyfriend and definitely, I will.”

” Hey Violet,” someone called over the gate. We both looked around and saw Adam walking alone into mom’s garden.

I held the garden fork in my hand Soo tight, tempted to hurl it at him. He stopped before us and waved at me. ” Where’s your mom, Violet?”

” She’s off to her flower stall,” I said, restraining myself from ignoring him. If it weren’t for the presence of Liz, I would’ve left the garden without saying a word to him. I don’t want to disrespect him infront of her.

He turned his eyes to Liz. ” You must be Lizzy, right?”

I saw Liz stiffened with her cheeks growing red. ” Why yes, that’s my name. How do you….”

” I’m your teacher,” Adam laughed. ” I know all my students name. Umm…are you free now?”

Liz bobbed her head quickly and I could see her eyes sparkle with excitement. ” Yes, I am.”

” Can you excuse us? I want to talk to your friend.”

I saw the excitement vanish from her eyes and she became bitter with disappointment. She walked silently away without looking back.

Once she’d gone past the gate, Adam returned his attention back to me. ” Sorry about that but I really need to talk to you privately.”

Folding my arms, I glared at him. ” What do you want?”

He scratched the back of his head. ” Umm… about last night, I came to apologise. I honestly wasn’t in a good mood that’s why I acted the way I did.”

” What about your girlfriend?” I asked still holding myself from yelling at him.

His expression changed. ” What girlfriend?”

” Katelyn, big head,” I said. ” Or don’t tell me you two aren’t going out. It’s obvious isn’t it?”

He burst out laughing with one of his hands to his stomach. I glared at him, taken aback by this reaction.

” What’s Soo funny?”

He got a hold of himself and wiped an imaginary tear off his eyes. ” Women, you guys are always the same. Where did you hear that c--k and bull story from or did you made that up?”

I didn’t say anything.

” Listen, Violet,” he stiffled a laugh. ” Katelyn’s a minor and so are you. Do you want me put behind bars? I’m not that stupid, you know.”

” Tell me, were you two together yesterday afternoon till dusk?”

He licked his lips. ” Well yeah, we were.”

” And you’re trying to tell me nothing happened between you two you had to stay seven long hours with her yesterday?” I asked.

He frowned, suddenly becoming serious. ” Is that what you and your friend, Liz were discussing about a while ago?”

” Stay away from me,” I moved away from him. ” I don’t want you anywhere near me.”

He raised his hands in the air. ” Oh for crying out loud, didn’t I tell you already that nothing happened between us?”

” You don’t expect me to believe that,” I yelled at him. ” A pervert hanging around a Jezebel, what else is there to be expected? A sexual illicit relationship. It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?”

He raised his hand to his forehead and sighed. ” I can’t believe you’re this cheap, Violet.”

This got me madder with rage. ” Who are you calling cheap?”

He pocketed his hands and met my eyes with a glint look. ” You are. I called you cheap because you have no idea what you’re saying. You don’t just go about, saying mean things about people without first checking out your findings. I ain’t gonna lie but I’ll say that I’m grossly disappointed in you.”

My heart skipped a bit. I opened my mouth then closed it.

Adam continued in an angry note. ” I’ll let the cat out of the bag. Katelyn and I aren’t dating. I’m her private lesson teacher and just so you know, she’s not a Jezebel. She’s a sweet girl trapped in the body of depression. She’s my student and she’s also my new best friend,” he paused, then continued in more gentle but firm voice. “And for me being called a pervert, you should know by now that little girls don’t attract me. Not Katelyn, not the other girls at school, not even you. If I need sex right away, I know whom to call and where to go to. I’m not your regular guy who whistles after little girls. I’m an adult. Show me some respect!”

My mouth opened as I gaped at him. For the first time in years I felt hurt and devastated. He’d never talked to me in this manner before. What happened to the Adam I knew? What gave him the balls to speak to me that way? Then it occurred to me that I was nothing more to him than the little girl he knew six years ago. He was the adult and I was the kid.

Emotion began welling inside me and just when I couldn’t take it anymore, I yelled out my thoughts at him. ” I respect you, Adam. I really do. The fact is that you don’t respect me. Six years ago, you abandoned me and left me without telling me anything. Would you call that respect? You didn’t tell me anything about your future or what’s going to happen to our friendship when you are gone. You just kept quiet hoping I’d get over you when you eventually travel outside for your studies. For your information, because I respect you, I didn’t move on. I kept thinking about you everyday, hoping you’d return back even though I was mad with you. Then you turned out of the blue uninvited and asked for forgiveness. I respected you and forgave you. I still respected you whenever I tried to play with you, thinking we’d still remain the best of friends we were when we were kids but you’re not the Adam I knew any longer,” I tightened my fist. ” You’ve changed. You don’t treat me like a friend anymore, instead you treat me like a child. Still I respect you. I respect you enough that it broke my heart when you saw me as a bother and a distraction to you. I’ve known you for years. These other girls don’t know a single thing about you but I do. I was there for you when you needed help just as you were there for me when I felt lonely and in need of a big brother. I may call you big head, I might call you a pervert but that’s just my own way of teasing you, of reminding you of the good old days when we were Young but instead of getting a clue, you just run around in your own little world, talking and making new friends and forgetting your real friend. You said I should show you some respect? I respect the adult frontier you carry around with you but I respect the Adam I knew more. So cut out that crap about respect!”

We stood there, alone in the garden, our heads hanging down, ashamed of meeting the other person’s eyes. It was then I realized, I’d said more than I hoped to. This was awkward.

Adam tried to say something but it ended up in a stutter. ” Violet, I… I…”

Not wanting to hear anything else from him, I left him and marched out of the garden. He tried to follow me but I shut the front door in his face and leaned on it with my back.

He stood outside, staring at the door for a long time then with a dejected frown on his face, he walked up to the door and knocked gently on it. ” Violet, I know you are still there. If you’re listening, please hear me out. I’m sorry. I never meant for any of this to turn out this way. Sorry that I said you didn’t respect me. You’re right, I’m not the same Adam you knew before. You said I’ve changed but I remained the same, there’s just a lot on my mind that I’m not innocent of. Things that gives me sleepless nights. I’m guilty of a lot of sins. I’m not a righteous man like you think I am. I’ve got secrets too, secrets I’m scared of letting anyone know so it’s not that I forgot about you. I respect you, Violet. You and no other person could replace you in my life. You’re the best friend I could ever had and I’m proud of you. I always do.”

Hearing those words from his mouth made me want to burst to tears. I left the door and headed for my bedroom.

He remained outside the door, waiting for me to open the door. He was going to wait for a long time. Leaning out of my window, I search for him and saw him. I stared at him for a long time and pondered on what he said. He was sorry but I’m not the type who forgives that easily. He was going to serve his punishment first before I accept his apology.

Turning my eyes away from him, I caught Liz outside my gate, peeking at Adam.

My face turned stony and hard all of a sudden. Adam had told her to excuse us. I thought she’d gone home, instead, she was outside overhearing all our discussion.

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