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Violet's POV:

Saturday. As early as, I was up and going for my early morning jogging. Fixing my earpiece into my ears, I ran out of the house and made a long trip to the beach, jogging alone.

I met other joggers on the way, mostly boys but I paid no attention to them. I jogged on till finally, I arrived at the beach. This was where I stop over to have a beautiful view of the morning sun before heading home. While I waited, I did some exercises trying my best with an effort to get the memory of last night event out of my mind.

Just as I was making to sit on the sands and wait for dawn, I saw Adam.

He was walking close to the waters with the waves lapping around his feet. I watched him, surprised to see him. He wore a black skintight sports shirt, a black short and a sweat towel hanging over his neck. He walked bare footed on the waters, holding his sneakers in his other hand.

I watched him, hearing #Wizkids music as it blasted through my earpiece into my ears.


Joro Jara joro

He didn’t seem to have notice me. He was busy staring at the sea as the waves came in gently. I came to see the sunrise instead here was I, staring at the last person I wanted to see today.

Turning my back, I made to leave the beach, mad at Adam and mad at myself for being mad. Just as I was about leaving, a girl jogged passed me and headed down the beach where Adam was waiting.

This got my attention and I turned sharply to know what was going on. She ran to where Adam stood and greeted him. He turned to her and I saw him smiled lovingly at her. Then to my surprise he patted her playfully on the head, the same way he usually played with me when we were still kids.

Wait a second, that’s not fair. Only Adam pats my head, no other girl is entitled to that except me.

I studied the girl and I caught her face. Isn’t that Katelyn? What’s she doing out here at this time of the morning. From her outfit, she seemed prepared for some early morning jogging. I’ve never seen her jog since I got to know about her. So why the sudden change?

Watching those two as they laughed and chatted, I felt a longing welling inside me. It was a hunger. A hunger to have Adam all to myself. Adam was mine ever since I was a little girl. At that time, no girl ever wanted him. He was skinny and a weirdo. I was the only friend he had. Now this little wench wants to steal him away from me and occupy my space.

Realizing something strange and alarming, I held my chest and felt my heart. Was I…..was I…. I’m I getting jealous? Is this how it feels like?

I closed my eyes, trying to make out what this feeling I’m feeling is all about. It hurts. I feel hurt…. like my heart was being torn.

” Stop it!” I yelled to myself. ” Stop acting Soo foolish, heart. Your job is to pump blood, not to cause me unnecessary pains.”

And that’s when it hit me. I was jealous. Jealous of the fact that Katelyn was with Adam and I was not. Jealous of the fact that Adam thought of me as a bother last night. Jealous of the fact that we were nothing but childhood friend and that other girls could have him and I couldn’t. Jealous that I was stupid to be jealous of Katelyn knowing she was trying to hook Adam and she was making progress.

This was too much. I left immediately and never glanced back. I walked passed many people, not giving a d--n if they waved at me or greeted me. I just wanted to get rid of this feeling.

” Hey Violet,” someone called, running up towards me. It was Liz. ” Thank goodness I finally caught up with you. Are you headed home now?”

I nodded, refusing to meet her eyes. She was in her sports wear but I didn’t give a hoot if she was out to join me or not.

” I’m off now, you coming?”

She raised an eyebrow, puzzled. ” Did something happen?”

I shooked my head and walked on. ” Nothing, let’s go home.”

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