My Maths Teacher - S01 E23

4 months ago

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Adams POV:

Letting the shower run down my body, I closed my eyes and thought of Katelyn. Her image appeared in my mind like a dream.

Such a lonely girl. She must be suffering inside. When I stared into those brown eyes, I saw a girl with hidden fears wrecking her with pains. It’s more than just maths or the private lesson. It’s something deeper. She was lost, she needed help. When she cried in my arms, I felt her pains like a stab of wound piercing my heart.

Then I remembered what she wore when I walked into the room. She’d dressed like that for me. What was she thinking? Why had she done that?

Turning off the shower, I took my towel and wrapped myself in it. I’ve never been involved with a girl for a very long time and goddamn it if I become involved with a high school student especially a kid like Katelyn.

Then there was Violet.


I gritted my teeth as I punched the wall with my fist. How do I tell her the truth. She’s the reason I came back. Everytime we’re together I would be moved to confess to her but something always draws me back. I was scared of telling her the truth. The real me behind the Adam she once knew.

Sighing in defeat, I left the bathroom and moved to the kitchen where I drew out a cupboard and brought out a packet of cigarettes. Removing a cigarette, I stuck it to my lips and flared up a lighter.

For a long time I stared at the burning flame from the lighter, uncertain about myself. Closing my eyes, I turned off the lighter and placed my hands on the wall.

I’m a rotten person, that’s what I am. For how long do I keep this from everyone? From Violet?

Removing the unlit cigarette from my lips, I crushed it in my hand. When do I tell her? Tomorrow, next tomorrow? A week maybe? Maybe never? She has to know. She’s my best friend.

Still, I wouldn’t want her to know. She might hate me afterwards and I may not have lifted my guilt but made it deeper instead.

Beep beep!

A message sounded on my phone. Picking it up, I read it.

**This is the last message I’m going to send to you. You’ve not been picking my calls or replying me but it’s fine. I’m sorry for being s--k a jackass. Come back home, Adam. I need you. I still love you.**

I stared at the message, feeling more guilty than ever. I picked up the phone and for the first time in months, I replied.

** I missed you too.**

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