My Maths Teacher - S01 E22

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Violet's POV:

I wanna give u luv my

Mona Lisa

O my

Omalicha ooo….

U get my number

I go wait for ur call

And if u no call

I go wait for ur door

Cause u must 2 give me


Give me LOVE O

I listened to ” Mona Lisa” sang by #Lyta. This song got me thinking about Adam. Especially the chorus.

U get my number I go wait for your call and if u no call I go wait for your door.

It’s exactly what I’m doing right about now. I’ve been calling Adams line for sometime now but it didn’t go through. Now I’m waiting at his door, wondering why he hadn’t returned back from school since dismissal. It was a quarter after eight o’clock at night and he still isn’t yet back. I needed him to help me with my assignment.

To keep me company, I’d fixed my earpiece into my ears and listened to my favorite naija playlists. I’ve been standing outside his apartment for the past thirty minutes. I was sure he’d gone out with that busty b*tch. Only God knows what they’re doing right now.

I tapped my foot impatiently as wild negative thoughts began floating my head. For crying out loud, where the hell is that boy? I’m sure he’s busy fondling that girls breasts by now.

That pervert.

” What are you doing here, Violet?” Someone called out from the darkness.

I looked out sharply to see Adam standing before me. I didn’t notice him walk in because of the music booming from my earpiece.

” I’ve been waiting for you since afternoon, where have you been?” I glared at him.

He grimaced. ” Is that the welcome you’re supposed to give me?”

I studied him. He looked a little serious to play along with my mood swing. I decided to lighten up a bit. ” Sorry, good evening.”

He regarded me and sighed. ” What do you want?”

I raised an eyebrow. Like seriously? He’s going to be all strict today? What the hell happened to him today? What did that Katelyn do to him?

” I want you to help me with my assignment,” I said in a gruffy voice I didn’t recognize as my own.

He let out a deep breath. ” Sorry, Violet but not tonight. I’m really worked up and tired. You should do that yourself.”

Jesus Christ, this is serious. O boy wetin happen between you and that girl, eh? Could it be that you two spent the whole afternoon love making in a private lodge?

” I’m I bothering you?” I asked, my hands turning to fists behind me.

” A little,” he said, not looking at me. ” A man needs his privacy and rest sometimes, you know. There’s a lot on my head that I need to clear out. You’ll only make things difficult for me.”

I got angry and my back stiffened with rage. ” Fine, sorry to bother you.”

And with that I left him, marching directly home. Heading upstairs to my room, I shut the door and threw my assignment note across my room against the wall. I tore at my bedsheets and began unturning things.

Mom knocked on my door. ” Violet, stop it. You’re making a hell of noise inside. Please calm down, you’ll hurt yourself.”

” Leave me alone, woman,” I yelled at my door, kicking my reading desk to the ground. I’ve lost it. I’ve totally lost it.

Mom kept knocking until I calmed down. When I opened my eyes, I saw my room was in a mess.

” Violet, open up. Please open up let’s talk this over. Please,” mom pleaded.

But I didn’t answer her. I fell on my knees and buried my hands into my palms. What was wrong with me?

From my earpiece, #Lyta sang:

Why u wanna do

Like dat?

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