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Katelyn's POV:

He’s on his way. He’s coming. I couldn’t believe my luck. The house was lonely with stepdad and mom off to their long trip. For the next one week, I’ll have Mr Adam all to myself. I looked around my room, trying to figure out what to wear for his visit.

A mini skirt? Nope. Too sexually obvious. Maybe he likes the modest type. But I need him to get attracted to me. Still….

An idea popped up in my mind and I ran to my wardrobe and swung it opened. There were many dress to choose from. What should I wear? What should I wear?

Blowing a lock of hair off my cheeks, I tried to think. I can’t bear to flop this opportunity. I need to get him hooked. The first impression always matters. Now I wished I had an elder sister to help me out but I was the only child.

How about my cousin?

Cousin Ann was from my maternal family. She’s the family’s fashion queen. She’s in her first year in the University and one of my favorite relatives.

Dailling her number, I clicked the call button and waited. ” Please, pick up. Don’t disappoint me.”

My phone buzzed for a while then a voice answered. ” Hello, Katie. Longest time no call. What’s up?”

” Cousins Ann. I need your help,” I began, trying not to waste much time. ” I have a date this afternoon.”

” A date?” Cousin Ann sounded astonished. ” Katie, don’t tell me you’re going out. Aren’t you too young to be dating?”

” Actually, he’s this boy from my neighborhood,” I lied. ” He’s fifteen years old. He confessed to me yesterday that I was his crush and that he likes me. I decided to meet him this afternoon but I have nothing to wear. Can you help?”

Cousin Ann hummed. ” I’m not comfortable with this. You’re fourteen years old. You should be worried about your studies not about a boy who just confessed to you yesterday. If you ask me, I’ll say you’re too young to start a relationship.”

” I’m just meeting up with him. I’m going to turn him down. But I need to see him to explain things to him. Besides I need to dress the part. You know, tease him a little and then turn him down unexpectedly. It’d be fun.”

Cousin Ann’s voice came with a sigh. ” I don’t like this, Katie.”

” Please,” I used my sweetest voice. ” For me. Just this once. I’ll tell Mom to wire you some money.”

At the mention of money, she sounded cheerful. ” Are you for real?”

I hide a mischievous grin. That was cousin Ann’s weakness. It’s amazing what these University girls could do for money. They’re always broke and cousin Ann was the more broke than anyone due to her extravagant expenses on fashion designers.

” Trust me,” I said. ” When mom gets back from her trip, I’ll convince her to send you some money. Mom always gets what I want. If she doesn’t, my stepdad will.”

” Katie Love,” cousin Ann sang happily. ” I trust you before na. Just no disappoint me o.”

I nodded. ” Now, about my….”

She didn’t even let me finish. ” Why don’t you try bum shorts. It’d exposed your laps and legs. Men, not just boys go crazy when they see a girls laps. The beauty of the bum shorts is that it grips your buttocks and hold it firmly in the right spot for men to gape hungrily. Just try it, you’ll thank me later.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She was giving me more than I asked for. More than was appropriate for my age. I marvelled at how powerful money can work.

” That’s nice. Why didn’t I think of that?”

She continued. ” And if you want my advice, try on a red top. Red is highly seductive and try to show some cleavages. You have large breasts na, so expose them just not too much but let the boys have a look at what’s hidden in store for them underneath that top. Trust me, they’d go insane staring at your boobs. Too bad mine is not as big as yours. And also, you might want to wear a necklace. Not too flashy but at least something that will hand around your neck and point down to your boobs. Spray some really nice perfume and wear a make-up. I have more if you want. Should I continue?”

I laughed. ” That’s enough, cousin Ann. You’re the best.”

” It’s a pleasure. Don’t forget our little talk about that…you know na.”

I laughed again. ” I won’t forget. When mom returns I’ll whine her until she does something. If she proves stubborn, I’ll meet my stepdad. He’ll send you the money in a jiffy.”

” Nawao, see big girl oo,” she laughed. ” You are enjoying this your stepdad. He seems to be spoiling you with enjoyment. Just don’t forget my share okay?”

” I won’t,” and I hung up. If only she knew what I go through every time mom’s not home she wouldn’t have said that.

Well, time to get dressed. It’s nearly time. Mr Adam would be here in any minute.


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