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Violet's POV:

” Big head, where were you yesterday afternoon?” I feigned anger at Adam as we walked to school together. ” Mom sent me some foodstuffs to give to you but you weren’t around.”

” I was busy,” Adam said with that smile that got me thinking negativity.

” Oh I see, you went out with a girl, right?”

He laughed showing off those amazing teeth. ” More a less.”

” I knew it,” I said pretend to be mocking him. ” So tell me, was she hot? Was she good? Was she….”

” Violet,” he cut me off. ” She’s a junior student.”

I stopped in my track. He also stopped and turned to look at him. ” You’re having a relationship with a junior student?”

” Her name is Katelyn and no I’m not having any relationship with her. I’m way beyond that. She’s just a minor, come on.”


That busty b*tch.

” So what were you two doing together throughout the afternoon till evening?” I asked.

He looked away with a sly look on his face. ” That’s a confidential information. It’s an adult matter, sorry can’t tell.”

Hmm…I don’t trust that look.

” Tell me already,” I moved as he began walking away. ” You meanie. Stop leaving me in the dark.”

He walked on shaking his head, a playful smile on his face. ” Not telling.”

” Adam!”

” Eve”

I gasped. Wait a second. Did he just called me Eve?

He laughed at my startled expression and moved further away from me.

” Why you,” I ran up to him. ” Don’t call me Eve.”

” Don’t call me Adam,” he remarked with a smirk. ” When we’re in public call me teacher or Mr Adam.”

” I’ll call you whatever I want,” I gritted my teeth. ” Adam.”

He grinned. ” Eve.”

” Adam!”

” Eve.”

” Adam!”

” Eve.”

” You meanie,” I poked him on his large strong arms. ” Are you a kid?”

” Are you an adult?” He asked.

This got me in the mood. ” Adam!” I yelled.

” Eve,” he sang.

” Adam!”

” Eve.”

We continued like this until we reached the school gates.

” See you in class, big head.” I waved to him and he waved back. It had been such a long time since we played like this.

On my way to class, I passed a bunch of SS.2 girls who were whispering under their breath as I passed them. I was quick to hear a thing or two of what they were saying.

” That’s the girl I was telling you about. She’s way out of his league.”

” Are you sure they’re going out?”

” I saw them together this morning. They looked like they’d known each other for a long time.”

This was news to me. I had a forewarning that my classmates are going to tear me alive when I arrive in class.

Guess I must’ve spoken too soon cause the moment I stepped into my classroom, one of the girls called out urgently.

” There she is!”

Before I knew it, I was cornered by all sides, the girls bumbering me with endless questions.

” Violet is it true you and Mr Adam are together?”

” You’re always around Mr Adam.”

” Saw you two yesterday and this morning.”

” What’s going on? Are you two going out?”

” Is he your boyfriend?”

” How did you do it?”

” What’s his favorite sex position?”

And Soo on and Soo forth. It got to an extent I almost yelled my throat out.

” Enough!” I screamed at them. Everyone quiet down.

Even the uninterested boys were surprised at the scream I just made.

” That’s enough!” I swallowed a saliva as I tried to nurse my throat. ” We’re just childhood friends.”

The girls opened their mouths in unison. ” Childhood friends?”

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