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Katelyn's POV:

It was midnight when I felt someone’s body sneaking up beside me on the bed. I got up with a start but a strong hand held me down.

” Shhh…lower your voice. You don’t want to wake your mother up do you?” A fat fruity voice whispered to my ears.

I glared at the bald head in the darkness beside me. ” What do you want? My mother is in the other room. Are you crazy?”

Stepdad smiled and caressed my cheeks. I brushed his hands away. ” Don’t touch me. Leave my room now.”

” Does it hurt?” He asked.

” Hurt?”

” The slap I gave you this afternoon,” stepdad reminded. ” I’m sorry I did that to you. I never really meant it. I just lost my temper that’s all.”

” Temper or not, you’re not supposed to be in my room by this time of the night. Especially when your wife is sleeping in the other room. Have you no conscience?”

Stepdad bowed his head and moved a little closer to me, sniffing my neck. ” It’s because I couldn’t keep my hands off you. I tried to sleep but the more I thought about you the more I want you.”

” You have a strong libido for an old man. You disgust me.”

Stepdad took my hands. I tried to pull them away from his grasp but he held me tight. ” I know I disgust you. I know I make you sick at the sight of me but the truth is I love you. I really do. Look, I may not be as young and good-looking as I was before but trust me, my love for you is undying. I’m an old man but you make me feel like a baby. With you, my entire world is complete. That’s why when you brought that teacher here, I got mad with jealousy. I know he’s handsome than me but he can’t give you everything you need. I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to hook–up with him. I’ll tell you a shocker, handsome men like him ain’t loyal. They’re always surrounded with different types of girls. Men like him are the ones who goes after rich married women….”

” Speak for yourself,” I jerked my hands off him with a strong pull. ” You are far worse than him. Commiting incest with your stepdaughter. You are old enough to be my grandfather. I just don’t get it why my mother chose to marry you out of all the good men that came for her.”

” Your mother is a selfish woman,” stepdad tried to explain. ” She’s only interested in my money. Unlike you, she’s an old wine. She’s not as sweet as she used to be before.”

I crawled away from him. My eyes burning with hate. ” My mother is not a wine. And she’s definitely not old.”

Stepdad crawled towards me and I could fell his breath breezing on my neck. ” I know but you are different. You of all people should know that I can never grow tired of you. I love you Kate. It doesn’t matter if she found out about us anyways. You can stay here with me. I’ll take care of you.”

He kissed my neck and tried to fondle my breasts. With a new strength I got from my inner self, I pushed him away.

” You are the worse. Leave my room this instant. I…”

Before I could complete the sentence, he covered my mouth with his and shut me up. My eyes grew wide like orange as he kissed me.

Gathering strength, I tried to push him but he held me tight. ” Stop struggling, Kate. I know you want it.”

” You pig,” I swore at him. ” I’m on my period.”

He left him instantly. I pushed him away and jumped off the bed, spitting and cleaning his stinky saliva from my mouth with the back of my hand.

Staring hard at me, he inquired. ” Are you really on your period?”

” What else do you think, you swine,” I barked at him. Holding my head in frustration I pointed to the door. ” Please, just leave my room. I want you out else I’ll go join my mother to spend the night.”

Seeing tonight wasn’t going to work out for him, he stood up disappointedly. Reaching the door, he turned to me. ” When is your period going to be over.”

” I don’t know and I don’t care. Even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you. Now get out.”

He shooked his head sadly. ” Well at least let me s--k your breasts. We can make the night lively without having sex.”

I almost tore my head. Arrrgh! Doesn’t this fat swine ever give up?

” Are you leaving my room or do I spend the night with my mom?”

He shooked his head and a mocking grin lit up his face. ” Don’t think you are always smart. I’ll always get you.”

” Get out!”

” Goodnight, my love.”

” I said her out!”

He left like he never came and I rushed instantly and locked the door. Heading back to my bed, I fell on it and cried like a baby.

When will this stop? When will all these stop?

I opened my eyes as Mr Adam image popped up in my mind. ” Mr Adam. Please help me.”

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