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Violet's POV:

” Please, Violet. Just give me a chance,” Matt kept following me up and down. I couldn’t stand it anymore and I decided to give him a piece of my mind.

” I said I’m not interested. Do I have to yell that to your deaf ears?” I barked at him.

” But I love you, Violet?” He brought out a bouquet of flowers behind him. ” I’ve been crushing on you since JSS.1 I just can’t help myself. I promise to treat you well like I queen, If you accept me, I’ll…”

” Matt,” I spoke folding my arms. ” I don’t love you. I hate boys and I hate dates. The flowers are nice but my mother grows flowers anyways. I don’t want a boyfriend okay?”

Matt was this annoying psycho from my neighborhood in the next street opposite mine. We’ve been classmates since Junior class. Since we got promoted to senior class 3, he’d become an uncontrollable love freak like someone who’s Cupid arrows had suddenly pierced his flesh.

Matt was a dummy. He wasn’t cool, his dressings are unfashionable and he only cares about two things, video games and Animes. I still don’t understand why a guy his age would be soo obsessed with cartoons like animes. When someone calls an anime cartoon, he’d grow mad with rage and wage war. He was the type no girl would ever date and he’s certainly not my type. Besides I hate boys. I’ve turned down guys ten times more good-looking, more stylish and matured than him.

” What can I do to earn your love?” He asked, dejectedly. Even his flower looked dejected.

” You can’t earn my love,” I sighed. ” Just stop watching cartoons and study your books. If you put more effort in your studies, I’m certain you’ll become a man of great substance then you can have as many pretty girls as you want.”

” No, it’s you I want.”

” Can’t you get it into your big head? God forbid I hang out with a guy like you, never.”

He gasped and I saw his flowers falling to the ground. I really hurt his feelings. Too bad but he had it coming to him anyway.

” I see,” he stoop low and picked the flower up. ” Sorry to bother you.”

I watched him left, feeling bad for him and hating myself Soo much. Man I have a really bad tongue. It’s the bad thing about me. Make me angry, push me to the wall too far and I’ll break your soul to pieces.

Trying to compensate myself, I plugged my earpiece in and walked to the coffee shop where Liz and I usually hangs out.

Wetin b dat nothing I can do

4 my bebe my bebe

My shorty o lady

My bebe my bebe

Joeboy was singing and this lightened my mood. Moving everything away from my mind. Music was my soul and it’s the only drugs I take to get high.

Liz was already waiting for me in the coffee shop. She waved at me as I entered the shop. Approaching her, I saw her playing chess.

” Sorry I’m late,” I apologise, sitting down opposite her.

” Took you long enough,” she said playing a move on the board. ” Mind for a game?”

” I’ll pass,” I said, ordering for a cup of hot chocolate. ” I just can’t understand that game.”

” It’s fun,” Liz adjusted her spectacles. ” I can teach you if you’ll let me.”

” Not interested,” I focused on my phone.

She got the hint and returned back to her game. I shooked my head, pitying her.

Liz only played by herself. She had no other friends beside me. She’d been an introvert since birth and this has affected her in diverse ways.

” Violet.”

I looked up at her. ” Yes?”

She lowered her eyes, trying to concentrate on her game. ” There is something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

I returned back to my phone, thinking she was probably going to say something meaningless. ” I’m listening.”

She paused for a long time then she broke the silence. ” I want a boyfriend.”

I felt a jolt run up my system. I stared up at her sharply. She still had her eyes focused on her game but that didn’t fool me.

” What was that?” I asked. ” I mean, where is that even coming from?”

Liz looked away. ” It’s a decision I just made earlier this week. I’ve decided to start dating.”

Date who? Who would date a lanky, unstylish nerd like Liz. She wasn’t popular nor did she have the looks.

The waiter came over and dropped my mug of hot chocolate. I raised the mug to my mouth, struggling to meet her eyes. ” I don’t know, Liz. Don’t you think it’s a little too early to start thinking of dating? We’ve got our lives ahead of us of us to bother about relationships.”

” I think I can manage,” she maintained.

I shooked my head. ” Relationships is a very dangerous thing. At this level you can’t handle it.”

Liz was silent and for a while, I thought she was about to burst. ” Do you care about me, Violet?”

I sat upright and stared directly into her eyes. ” Of course I care about you. You are my best friend.”

She balled her hands into fists and met my gaze. ” If you really are a friend of mine, then you should find me a boyfriend.”

I was startled. ” I’m not a miracle worker, Liz. I don’t flow with the guys at school. I hate boys. You know I do.”

” But boys swoon over you all the time. I’ve never had a boy confess to me before but on numerous occasions, I’ve seen boys confess to you….”

” And just so you know, I turned them all down. You wanna know why?” I asked. ” Because I don’t want you to be left alone. If I start dating, who would you hang out with? You’d definitely grow jealous and unhappy for the rest of your life. I’m not that selfish. I want you to be happy that’s why I’m not accepting any boy. Just not yet.”

Liz was quiet then she sighed. ” Sorry about that. I guess I was being a little selfish. Forget about it.”

But I was still worried. Liz wouldn’t say a thing like that unless she meant it. I was certain she’d bring the topic up again at some point later on.

” Violet,” she called.

” Yes?” I sipped my chocolate.

Fidgeting a little, she tried to get her words out. ” Does Mr Adam offer any private lesson?”

Sputtering my drink, I turned to her with googled eyes. ” What?”



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