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Katelyn's POV:

Mom and stepdad were in the sitting room, talking to Mr Adam. I remained in my room, staring out the window, wishing I was a fly on the wall so I could over hear their discussion.

After a while, I got sick of the tension and suspense. Moving out of my bed, I sneaked out of my bedroom and stood on the corridor, staring down the stairs.

I saw Mr Adam. He sat forward with a confidence that made her can’t help but admire him more. He was talking to mom. Mom was nodding to everything he said, apparently distracted by his looks. Stepdad could only frown and puff like a steaming kettle.

” How old are you, Mr Edward?” he interrupted him.

Mr Adam turned to him. ” I’m twenty–three years of age.”

” Aren’t you a little too young to be teaching a girl like Katelyn? And besides how sure are we you are well qualified for this job,” stepdad folded his arms, not attempting to soften the tone he was using on my teacher.

Mr Adam gave him his Charming smile. ” I am a graduate of Harvard University. I studied maths and I also did my teacher’s degree….”

” Doesn’t matter how qualified he is,” mom interrupted him, speaking to stepdad. ” If Katelyn wants him to be his teacher then Katelyn wants him.”

Stepdad grew red in the face and I thought he was going to explode. ” Why can’t we just get a female teacher? Must her private tutor be a male? I can make arrangements for female tutors who are ten times more qualified than him.”

My hands balled into fists and it was with an effort I checked myself on time to restrain myself from jumping on his fat face.

Mom simply shooked her head. ” I had a long conversation with Katelyn. She says he’s the best the school ever had. She maintains If it wasn’t him then it’s nobody else. I’ve seen her class work these two days and there have been a slight improvement. I think he’s the one for this job.”

I smiled. I knew mom would get me anything I want no matter the price. And Mr Adam was all I wanted, nothing more.

Stepdad grinded his teeth bitterly. He glared at Mr Adam and got up. ” I’ll be in my room.”

” Alright, dear. I’ll be with you soon,” mom said and turned to face Mr Adam back.

Seeing my stepdad marching up the stairs, I moved quickly to my room and shut the door. Sitting before my table mirror, I pretended to be applying my make-up.

The door opened and stepdad stepped in. He had this scowling mask on his face. He looked more older and uglier when he’s angry. I was shocked at the new look.

” What is that man doing here?”

I picked up my lipgloss and rubbed it over my lips. ” He’s my new private tutor, any problem with that?”

Stepdad growled like a raging dog. ” He’s handsome.”

” Is he?” I shrugged. ” I didn’t know.”

” Why did you bring him to my house?” He asked moving towards me. ” I don’t like him staying in my house.”

” He’s not going to stay in your house,” I ignored him, puckering my lips. ” He is going to be teaching me maths. That’s all he’s going to be doing. But if you don’t like it, I can always have the lesson at his own house….”

” Not happening,” he raised his voice at me. ” I’d rather you don’t take the lesson at all.”

I turned slowly and jeered at him. ” Jealous? I could tell a mile off that you’re envious of sexy Mr Adam.”

He slapped me hard in the cheek. I lost my balance and landed on the ground.

” Stupid girl,” he bawled at me. ” How dare you speak to me that way? I’m I your age mate?”

” You are the one who is stupid?” I talked back at him and I was surprised to see tears dropping off my eyes. ” Having an affair with your stepdaughter behind your wife’s back. Getting jealous because I brought a handsome teacher home. Isn’t that shameful of you?”

” Whatever you are planing, young lady, it would never work,” he towered over me, pointing his finger at me. ” You are mine and mine alone. I would’nt share you with Another. If I can’t have you, then he wouldn’t.”

I chuckled bitterly and shooked my head in pity. ” How does it feel like to know you are going to hell?”

He made a nasty evil grin. ” If I’m going to hell, I’m taking you with me, my love.”

I glared at him. Hating him as I’ve never hated anyone before. If I had a gun in my hand now, I’d have shot him a hundred times without stopping.

Moving away from me, he headed for the door. He stopped halfway and spoke with his back against me. ” I’ll be watching the two of you. If in anyway, I discovered something fishy between the both of you, I’ll….”

” You’ll do what?” I nearly yelled at him. ” Kill me?”

He made a disgusting smirk. ” Not necessarily. It’d give me much pleasure to kill Adam instead.”

I felt a chill crawl up my spine. It was as if I’d just walked into a wall. This was a part I didn’t consider. I suddenly realized I made a mistake and a grave one at that.

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