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It was a new day. I was happy Violet and I were talking again. It gave me a sense of relief to know that we’re cool with each other. This morning, we walked to school together. She was all jokes and full of sarcasm but that doesn’t meant she was stupid. At some point she gets all defensive and serious but other times she was opened.

Today during class, she was all smiles and attentive. All was well until one girl raised her hands up and asked.

” Sir, I have a question?”

” Please,” I urged her on. ” Say your question.”

She stood up. ” Do you have a girlfriend?”

The class stirred into a noisy place. I opened my mouth then closed them. That was an unexpected questions coming from a WAEC candidate in a maths class.

” Alright everyone, calm down,” when the students became quiet, I answered her question. ” That’s an unnecessary question to ask but no, I don’t have a girlfriend. But why do you ask?”

The girl smiled cheerfully. ” Nothing. Just wanted to know.”

That was somehow embarrassing. I caught Violet giving me that look.

Later after recess, I sat on my desk, marking the assignment notes of my students in the senior classes when I step upon this assignment note with a note written down at the bottom page for me.

” Please date me,” someone had written. I check the name and found her.


Staring blankly at the note, I began thinking. Here was a problem. If a high school girl is interested in dating me, it’s something that could land me in trouble in the future. I honestly wasn’t ready for this. I need to have a talk with her and fast before this feeling of hers grows. I decided after school, I’ll meet with her.

Time rushed like a breeze and before I knew it, the school bell was ringing for dismissal. Just as I was packaging my books, a student walked into the staffroom and moved over to my desk.

” Good afternoon, Mr Adam,” she greeted.

I looked up and saw Katelyn. I’ve never seen her Soo cheerful. ” How are you doing, Katelyn?”

” My mother wants to meet you, sir. The driver is outside waiting for you.”

I raised an eyebrow, not sure I heard her clearly. ” A driver? What for?”

She fidgeted, uneasy at my change of tone. ” Mom’s at home. I told her about you and the private lesson we agreed on. She wished to see you so that you two could come to an arrangement. I don’t really know why but she just wants to see you.”

I looked around. Only a few teachers still roamed about in the staffroom. ” Alright, I’ll be on my way.”

She left and I thought I saw her skipping like a child.

Minutes later, I was outside the school’s gate. A luxurious black SUV was waiting for me with the passenger door opened. Katelyn waved at me from inside the car.

The driver came over from the wheels and ushered me into the car. I sat on the soft lush seats beside Katelyn. She smiled at me and I smiled back, uncomfortable with this whole set-up.

The drive to Katelyn’s house was a long silent journey. I caught Katelyn, stealing side glances at me. When I turn, she’d look elsewhere.

Finally, we arrived at this beautiful mansion. The gates slide opened to reveal a lovely garden, a canopy occupying five luxurious cars.

Everything about this place reeks of money. I bet Katelyn’s parents must be very rich.

” Let’s go inside, Mr Adam,” Katelyn said. ” Mom’s waiting.”

” Wait,” I stretched forth my hand and held her arm. She turned and stared at me, eyes locked into mine.

” Yes, Mr Adam?”

I let her arm free. ” I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”

She smiled lovingly. I guess she must’ve sensed my uneasiness. ” It’s alright, Mr Adam. Mom won’t bite. You’ll like her the moment you meet her. I promise.”

I buried my hands into my pocket and tried to behave like an adult. ” Alright. Let’s go.”

She led me into the house. ” Mom, I’m home.”

I marvelled at the lavishly furnished room. Everything has an unmistakable touch of wealth.

” Mom?” Katelyn called out.

” Katelyn!” A voice bawled down from the stairs. ” Who is that man!”

I glanced up to see an angry fat man. He glared fixedly at me, his breath coming in slowly in huffs of rage.



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