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Violet's POV:

Checking myself before the mirror, I regarded the girl before me and winced. This was me, Violet, preparing to meet my childhood friend five blocks away from my house. I had taken the trouble of putting on a lipgloss, an eyeliner, some foundation and a little mascara. I looked beautiful but why the hell was I going through all these because of an invitation from my childhood friend, Adam.

I don’t know why but Adams invitation to his house this evening sounded more like a date than a meeting to me. Don’t judge me. That’s what I thought.

Standing to my feet, I checked my crazy jeans. It was skin tight but sexy and rugged the way I loved it. I wore an oversized polo with the words, ” KISS ME,” written across it in red.

Spraying my favorite perfume under my armpits, my arms and neck, I was all set to meet Adam.

Mom was downstairs, watching her favorite Zee world television series when she saw me coming down the stairs.

She smiled. ” Going out to meet Adam now?”

I nodded. ” I won’t stay long. I’ll be back before nine.”

Mom smiled more broadly. ” Take all the time you need. You seemed pretty upset with Adam last night. I just hope this meeting will sort things out between you two.”

I shrugged as I headed for the front door. ” I hope he has a good explanation.”

And he better have a good explanation else I’ll only throw a tantrum that he’ll never recover from.

Just as I was about to step out of the house, mom called over the couch. ” And please be careful out there with Adam. Men only cared coolval stories about one thing these days.”

I rolled my eyes. ” I know Mom. It’s sex isn’t it.”

Mom turned her head towards me, her eyes a mask of disgust at the mention of that word.

” No,” she explained. ” Men only cares about the ongoing premiere league. I’m saying this because Adam may be distracted by tonights football match to pay you any attention so you have to bear a little patience with him. Men value their football more than sex, you get where I’m going, right?”

I get where she was going but I definitely wasn’t going to waste my Prescious time waiting on a man who values football more than my presence. I left the house and walked towards Adam’s apartment.

The night was a pleasant one but the weather was gradually changing. From the looks of it, the rain may come earlier than expected.

Reaching Adam’s apartment, I could smell the delicious aroma of a spicy meal. I wondered if Adam cooked or his girlfriend then I remembered he had no girlfriend, none as far as I knew.

Standing before his door, I took a deep breath, realizing my hands were clammy with sweats. Why does this feel Soo scary. I stared at the doorbell, It stared right back at me as if mocking me. Then my hands slowly moved forward and pressed it.

The door opened as if someone had been waiting on the other side of the door for the bell to ring. I stared at Adam, my mouth shut, my heart pounding, my head swelling, my cheeks burning.

His body was wet with water, dripping off him. He had a white towel wrapped around his waist which told me instantly that he was just coming out of the shower. He looked more hotter and sexier than ever.

His hairy muscular chest was broad with a tempting look on them that would make any girl fall on her knees begging for a one night stand. I couldn’t believe I was staring at the same old Adam. He wasn’t like this six years ago.

” You’re late,” Adam broke through my thoughts. ” It’s past eight o’clock. I thought you weren’t coming.”

” If I’m late, I can go back if that’s a problem,” I talked back, trying my best to act tough and unmoved by his aura of sexiness.

He stared at me the way a teacher would stare at a bully. Then his face lit up and he laughed. ” You went all the way to look like this for me? Aww, how sweet of you.”

My cheeks burned. Crab, now I regretted putting on make-up for this jerk. He didn’t even give me a complement.

” Is that what you want to say me, big head?” I snapped at him and I wasn’t joking about my tone. I made it sound like I was mad at him and believe me, I still am.

He smiled and placed his hand playfully on my head the way you’d place your hand on a crying baby to pet the baby. He leaned closer and for a moment, I thought he was about to Kiss me.

” Not at all,” he said in a soft, enticing voice. ” But I must admit it, you really do look beautiful.”

Aww. That’s the sweetest thing he’s ever said to me since he got back. That word hit me like a tornado. My eyes glittered like a lake under the stars as I stared into that handsome face. Then I snapped out of it and pushed his hand away from my head.

” Stop touching my head easily, I’m not a kid anymore,” I rasped at him.

He laughed and made way for me. ” You’re still a child to me, come in.”

I wanted to say something but I knew if I started now, we won’t leave the door. I stepped into the airy room and checked the place over with my eyes.

It was well furnished though not too fancy but it was certainly what I expected from a bachelor. An armchair, a long sofa, a reading table for two people and a king size bed sitting at the edge of the wall. This was a three room apartment. I began wondering how Adam must’ve made arrangements for this room before flying back. Most especially I loved the living room.

A flat screen television hanged on the wall. Juventus and Barcelona were playing. I frowned as mom’s warning hit me again.

” Men only cared about the premier league. They value their football more than sex,” mom had said.

” Sorry, I was just stepping out of the shower,” Adam apologized as he stepped away from me towards his closet. ” Have a seat while I changed into something reasonable.”

If I had thought he’d change in the bathroom instead of the sitting room, I was totally wrong.

I sat down and turned my face and entire attention to the boring football match showing on the telly. Behind me, Adam began dressing up. I didn’t know if he was naked or he wore something. I was tempted to turn my head around and check but I resisted and kept my face locked to the television screen.

Minutes later, Adam went to the kitchen and returned with a big bowel covered with a stainless plate. He placed it on the table before the two of us and set two forks as well.

I watched him as he also brought out a packet of juice and two tumbler glasses. He poured it for both of us and sat down to face me.

” Well, bon appetit. Let’s eat,” he said, opening the cover.

It was spaghetti and sardine. It looked spicy and well garnished with vegetables. I couldn’t believe Adam made this. He was a lousy cook when he was sixteen. Some things really do take time to change.

Picking up a fork, he began eating. I stared at him, not attempting to join him in this delicious mouth watering meal. He noticed this and glanced up at me.

” You’re not eating?”

” Why did you call me over here in your apartment?”

He raised an eyebrow. ” I wanted to talk to you but I can’t do that without entertaining you first. After we’ve eaten, then we can talk.”

” I’m not hungry,” I said taking my tumbler of juice. ” If you have nothing important to say to me, I’ll be taking my leave. I promised mom I’d be back home before nine.”

He leaned back on the armchair and suspended his eating. After a long pause, he began. ” Alright, I’ll go straight to the point. The truth is, I never wanted to leave. My parents made some arrangements for my University studies abroad without my knowledge. So when I was done with my WAEC, I received the news. It was supposed to be a surprise package for me but I wasn’t happy about the set-up. I never wanted to leave, believe me.”

” But why didn’t you mention it to me the night before you left. You made me a promise to be at my graduation ceremony. You even prepared my vote of thanks. Why were you soo secretive about it then?” I spoke, not accepting the silly excuses he was giving me.

” Because I was scared you might fall broken about the news. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I decided not to tell you because if I did, you won’t let me go.”

I s----d in air. I won’t let him go? Was he right about that? I guess so. Adam was my best friend since I was born. We’re Soo attached to each other it made everyone thought we were siblings.

” Still,” I spoke, staring at my hands. ” You tore me to pieces by keeping me in the dark before leaving. You think hiding the truth from me would stop me from crying? Well you were wrong,” I shot my head up and glared at him, my fist tight, my eyes blazing with anger. ” You abandoned me. You left me and you abandoned me. I cried the whole night. You have no idea what I’ve been through over the past six years without you. I was lonely. I had no one to play with, no friends to talk to. You promised me you wouldn’t leave me but you f*cking did.”

” Watch your language, Violet,” Adam cautioned subtly.

” Don’t tell me to watch any language, Adam. If you hadn’t left me, I wouldn’t be this stubborn and cut off from the world. You caused me pains and this grew me defensive against everyone. I began to hate everything and everyone. I even began to hate you. You were Soo selfish. You never cared about how I felt after you left. You’re nothing but a… Selfish idiot.”

Adam was silent. He waited till I was done then he bowed his head and whispered under his breath. ” I am sorry, Violet.”

I gasped, realizing I had said a little too much out of rage. Did I just said those mean words at him right now? How could I?

” You are right,” Adam continued. ” I am a little selfish. That’s technically one of the reasons I returned back home.”

I stared at him, trying to understand him clearly. ” You came back for me?”

He nodded and I saw a glint in his eyes. ” I really am sorry for what happened, Violet. I’ve had no peace since I left. I felt like I needed to see you cause I knew the pains you must’ve been passing through.”

I wanted to say something but I couldn’t. My heart was melting with a new founded emotions like the ones I’ve experienced as a child.

Adam’s head was still bowed. I could see remorse in his eyes and I was sure he was sorry for what he did. I bowed my head also, trying not to be too emotional and I forced a laugh.

” Big head,” I said with a smile.

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