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Sword God, Fallen Star

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She was well aware that only by finding the path of the Sword God could she become one and stand at the pinnacle of the world with her companions. That was the only way that she could truly show her pride.

All her suppression and accumulation had burst forth in the Fallen Star earlier. She did not utilize her battle armor in order to feel the changes that occurred during the disillusionment more clearly. She wanted to feel the hopeless situation of approaching death and feel the outburst force in the final moment. It was the Sword God’s Power!

The radiance lasted for a full ten seconds before it began to fade away. Both sides were focusing on the competition arena, watching anxiously.

The protective shield had elevated to close to its limit in that moment. This protective shield was designed for combat between Limit Douluos clad in four-word battle armor! One could imagine how terrifying the earlier collision was.

“Bang!” A body dropped down from the sky and crashed onto the ground savagely.

Soon after the radiance faded, the rest of them could see clearly. It was the Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang.

The Dark Emperor Douluo was not in good condition at the moment. His suit of three-word battle armor was scattered in a hideous mess. His entire body was covered in countless wounds, and his aura was exceedingly weak. Had it not been for his heaving chest, one could not even tell if he was still alive.

It was also at this exact moment when a ball of light descended from the sky and landed on the ground slowly.

The glowing orb was over one meter in diameter with a figure curled up inside of it. There was no way to see the person clearly because of the glaring light.

Was that Ye Xinglan?

The people from both sides charged into the arena almost at once.

As soon as they entered the arena, the first feeling they had was not of wild energy, but purity. A sun-like aura filled the entire arena.

Tang Wulin and Xu Lizhi dashed to the side of the orb at once. It had transformed into a cocoon of light. Surprisingly, it was stiff to the touch.

Tang Wulin was about to raise his hand to break the cocoon when he was stopped by Xu Lizhi. Xu Lizhi drew a circle in the air with his hands and used the Tang Sect Technique Capturing Dragon Method to pick up the cocoon.

On the other side, Luo Yuhang could finally breathe more easily after being treated by the War God Hall’s recovery-type soul master.

His eyes still had a look of shock and fear.

No one in this world did not fear death, including Hyper Douluos.

“Who is the victor and who is the loser?” the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue asked him after confirming that Luo Yuhang was not critically wounded.

Luo Yuhang said with a bitter smile, “I don’t know either. I think it should be a draw. At the final moment, she retracted her light. As a result, I’m still alive. However, if she hadn’t pulled back, we would have died together. This young maiden is too powerful. It’s my first time seeing a battle method that risks a person’s life like this.”

The corners of Guan Yue’s lips twitched, and he heaved a soft sigh. “Shrek Academy’s motto is to breed only monsters, not ordinary people. You must accept that you were unlucky to have encountered a monster.”

The numerous War Gods retreated to the outside of the arena. The expressions on their faces had changed slightly once again. Meanwhile, the glowing cocoon was brought to Shrek’s side and placed on the ground. No one knew what Ye Xinglan’s condition was at the moment or whether she was in danger.

Tang Wulin said to Xu Lizhi, “Shall I take her back and have my mother treat her?” Holy Spirit Douluo’s healing abilities were undoubtedly the best on the continent.

Xu Lizhi shook his head and said, “Sister Xinglan instructed me not to pay attention to her when she enters a special state because this is her threshold. I will remain by her side and protect her. Big Brother, I won’t be following you all to the lower levels anymore. I’m going to stay here and accompany her.”

“Sure.” Tang Wulin nodded.

Xu Lizhi’s battle armor was named ‘Guardian Star’ when it was at two-word level. Without a doubt, he was fulfilling his promise of becoming her guardian star at this exact moment.

Tang Wulin could see the concern in his heart, so it was useless for him to try to dissuade Xu Lizhi. Ye Xinglan chose this path, so she must have had her reasons. His only hope was that she could make a breakthrough in the end and not be destroyed.

Yuanen Yehui took a deep glance at the light cocoon. She did not speak and clenched her fists subconsciously. Just as she was about to go outside, another figure walked out one step ahead of her.

They had short golden hair, bright eyes and a handsome face. He seemed to be filled with light and brightness. It was Yue Zhengyu.

Yuanen Yehui was not the only person that was aroused. When Yue Zhengyu saw Ye Xinglan blooming with such dazzling brilliance, he felt as if a flame had been ignited in his heart.

The greatest ability of the Holy Angel’s lineage was known as sacrifice. When it was most critical, they would sacrifice themselves to protect others.

This was the true essence of being a Holy Angel. Yue Zhengyu had the courage to sacrifice himself for others, but he did not have it in him to risk his life for the sake of a breakthrough like Ye Xinglan.

It was until that very moment that he had realized why he could never catch up to Ye Xinglan all this time. This was despite his martial soul clearly being superior to hers. It was because he did not have the will to burn his bridges, giving him no choice but to go forward.

Among the Shrek Seven Monsters, Ye Xinglan’s martial soul might even be ranked as the weakest, but her cultivation had always been third best.

Yue Zhengyu acknowledged that he was working very hard and he had done his best in cultivation, but he finally understood that he was not as resolute as Ye Xinglan. He was lacking the determination to do whatever it took to achieve something.

As a result, he chose to walk outside. Not only was Ye Xinglan reaching for her breakthrough, but it also seemed to be a turning point for Yue Zhengyu.

For soul masters, a chance for enlightenment could change many things on many occasions. Yue Zhengyu seemed to have come to an epiphany of his own at that exact moment.

His gaze was filled with a resolve unseen in him before. The glowing aura that surrounded his body was continued growing making him brighter than before.

‘Come, this is the era that belongs to us!’

Yue Zhengyu walked into the protective shield in long strides. He had not reached Title Douluo rank as Xie Xie had, but his cultivation base was at rank-89.

Inside the protective shield, the aura of the starlight earlier had not dissipated completely. The light element remained as thick as before, which was another reason Yue Zhengyu chose to walk out at that moment.

He was staring straight at the opposite side. “I would like to challenge the seventh War God.”

Xie Xie’s choice was War God Nine while he chose the seventh.

War God Seven walked out and entered the arena without making a sound. The seventh War God was different from the earlier War Gods because she was a woman. She appeared to be over forty years old, but her figure could be described as ‘heavily built’. She stretched her neck. Her gaze became more assertive when she looked at Xie Xie again.

The record of two losses and one draw for the War God Hall was absolutely unacceptable. Had this not proven that the War God Hall was no match for Shrek?

In the past, this was always the reality, but Shrek Academy had been destroyed. Could it be that the War God Hall was incapable of defeating the reconstructed Shrek and its younger generation of powerhouses?

At this point in the battle between the two sides, it had reached the stage where their reputations were at stake. In fact, the War God Hall could not afford to lose anymore.

The reason the War God Hall allowed the challengers to choose the War Gods was based on the assumption that the War God Hall was superior, especially when there were so many people on the opposing side.

That being the case, it seemed that such superiority did not exist, judging by the current situation.

When Tang Wulin and his squadron first came, the numerous War Gods including the Skycrosser Douluo were underestimating them due to their young age. In their perception, the young people of Shrek Academy were impressive, but they needed more time to grow.

Who would have thought that these youths were already so advanced? They were far more formidable than they had imagined. This placed them in a difficult position.

If both sides were equally matched, the side that was given the chance to choose the opponent would undoubtedly have the upper hand in the battles. In fact, they could even send out powerhouses to fight against the weak. If this continued, it would certainly result in one side being victorious in most of the matches.

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