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The Dark Emperor Douluo

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This was the true definition of a person’s ability!

Shrek not only had a powerful food-type soul master, but it had a powerful agility-type soul master as well. As the core system of soul masters, the assault-type soul master was just as wild and unrestrained!

The War Gods were watching this battle with close attention. They were well aware of Luo Yuhang’s abilities. Of the numerous War Gods in the War God Hall, he was absolutely the most valiant person who was skilled in fighting difficult battles.

On the other hand, the young maiden from Shrek was not in a handicapped position either despite being engaged in a mutual battle of toughness. How could they not be shocked by her performance?

Both of them had not unleashed their battle armors, but the battle had entered an intense phase from the beginning.

Based on his cultivation base, Luo Yuhang was more powerful as he was already a Hyper Douluo, yet he did not seem to have the upper hand at all.

The air was being sliced by the Stargod Sword repeatedly. Once in a while, a thick darkness aura was devoured by the rifts in the space.

Ye Xinglan had turned herself into a sword. It felt as if it were raining stars every now and then.

The Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang felt as if he was in the midst of a meteor shower. Furthermore, the meteor shower seemed to be getting denser.

“Clang!” Ye Xinglan’s body was blasted away. She crashed onto the protective shield in the distance.

Luo Yuhang was not doing that well either. The scales on a large patch of his right arm were scraped away, revealing a mass of flesh and blood.

Ye Xinglan bounced back. Her eyes glowed even brighter. Suddenly, she changed her posture and held the sword with both hands. The seventh soul ring on her body shimmered with radiance.

An unyielding determination burst forth from her body. It was her martial soul avatar, the Stargod Sword Body!

A gush of absolutely powerful sword’s consciousness burst forth. Ye Xinglan’s whole body turned into the color of starlight. In the next moment, the sixth soul ring on her body glowed. She became one with the Sword! It was the Swordstar Soul!

‘This young maiden is seemingly risking her life and exerting her utmost strength, huh!’ Luo Yuhang was taken aback. He quickly hastened to sway his body. The Dark Emperor Dragon’s avatar was revealed.

A strong gale blew wildly. The gigantic Dark Emperor Dragon widened its mouth and spat out a breath of blazing fire.

However, the silhouette which was one with the sword barely dodged. The silhouette charged straight toward the terrifying black dragon fire. The black dragon fire split into two where the sword’s radiance passed through. She was about to charge into the black dragon’s mouth.

The Dark Emperor Dragon avatar was about thirty meters in length. It had a gigantic head and a horn on top of its head. At present, its mouth was closed. It lowered its head abruptly to block the impending attack with its horn.


The Dark Emperor Dragon was convulsing the moment it came into contact with the sword despite its massive size. It was pushed downward from the sky while Ye Xinglan’s silhouette bounced up into the sky.

The powerful sword’s consciousness shot into the sky. A gush of ineffable horrifying aura suddenly burst forth from Ye Xinglan’s body. There was resolve in her actions, and she appeared arrogant. At one point, there was even a tinge of flashing madness.

The true divine essence of the sword was the King’s Path, also known as the King’s Sword. It could also take the form of the Persistent Sword or the Resolute Sword which symbolized the forsaking of life and death.

Ye Xinglan was not suited to take the path of the King’s Sword due to her temperament. She was not born to be a commander. She opted for the Resolute Sword instead.

It was the Resolute Sword which displayed no fear! It unleashed one’s innermost being.

She could not possibly utilize such an attack regardless of her wish to do so when she was sparring with her comrades on normal days. Finally, she now had the opportune moment to unleash the Resolute Sword against her powerful opponent.

It was the Stargod Sword’s eighth soul skill, the Fallen Star!

Ye Xinglan was like a dazzling star burning itself out as she floated in the sky. The surroundings dimmed in her presence.

His cultivation base was obviously higher than hers. Yet, Luo Yuhang felt frozen and rigid as he was confronted by her aura which seemed to burn him away.

‘Are we still in a spar? This young maiden is obviously risking her life to put up a fight!’

The surrounding space began breaking into pieces with Ye Xinglan’s at its epicenter. The night sky was pitch black. The space was shattered, yet there seemed to be thousands of starlight appearing behind her. The countless speckles of radiance infused into her body such that her aura soared wildly.

‘I can’t wait anymore!’

The Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang had extensive combat experience. Although he had no idea what Ye Xinglan was up to, he realized that he could not afford to wait anymore. The opponent appeared to be sacrificing herself. If he was not prudent, she could have an outburst that would bring on a landslide on the mountain. Her force accumulation could be from a heavenly body. He could not allow her to complete the process of energizing herself to unleash an outburst later.

At the thought of this, he made a prompt decision. His silhouette transformed as he retracted his martial soul avatar. Simultaneously, a dark purple three-word battle armor covered his entire body. His purple domain spread out from underneath his feet while his darkness aura exploded instantly.

In the next moment, his eighth soul ring shimmered. It was the Dark Emperor Demon Dragon Strike!

A dark tornado appeared instantly and swept toward Ye Xinglan in the sky. Luo Yuhang did not worry about his reputation anymore. He used his three-word battle armor to amplify his attack. He had already maximized his power in the attack!

Meanwhile, Ye Xinglan did not pay attention to her opponent. In fact, her eyes were closed. She appeared to be completely immersed in another world.

The darkness tornado arrived before her. Just as it was about to lash at the dazzling Ye Xinglan, she moved.

A dazzling starlight exploded. In a split second, the entire competition arena was enshrouded by the starlight. The darkness was completely gone.

There was no loud blast or booming noise. It was as if time and space stood still at the moment.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin was greatly startled because he could not sense Ye Xinglan’s aura the moment the radiance exploded.

He took a step forward subconsciously in an attempt to charge forward.

However, a strong huge hand grabbed his arm.

Tang Wulin turned his head to take a look. He was met with Xu Lizhi’s firm gaze. Although Xu Lizhi’s eyes were filled with anxiety, yet at this very moment, he remained firm and steady.

“Sister Xinglan has been waiting for such an opportunity for a very long time. We shouldn’t stop her. Otherwise, she will fail for lack of effort. It will be more troublesome for her later on.”

Tang Wulin was suddenly enlightened. “Is she betting on her life in order to gain that moment of comprehension?”

Xu Lizhi nodded.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. He wanted to ask Xu Lizhi the reason for not stopping her. She was obviously capable of advancing gradually in her cultivation to search for the Sword God’s Path which belonged to her. Why would she take such an extreme measure?

It was a matter of life and death! If she wasn’t careful, she might be annihilated in the starlight!

Xu Lizhi heaved a sigh. “Actually, Sister Xinglan doesn’t have her ninth soul skill yet, although she has already been elevated to the rank of Title Douluo for some time. She is suppressing her ninth soul skill from taking form. I didn’t try to persuade her otherwise, because I’ll always support her as long as it is what she wants.”

Tang Wulin heaved a soft sigh and patted Xu Lizhi’s shoulder. He did not speak anymore.

Ye Xinglan was a proud person. Tang Wulin was well aware of her pride since the first day he was acquainted with her. Her reluctance to accept defeat motivated her advancement all along.

Had it not been her acquaintance with Tang Wulin, she would have been even more arrogant. Her arrogance was kept within bounds having been defeated repeatedly by Tang Wulin.

She had always pursued the perfection of her sword. However, the world was not a fair place for all. In many instances, one’s natural endowments were the determinants instead.

Such was the case with Yuanen Yehui. Her cultivation base was surpassed by Yuanen Yehui who had extraordinary natural endowments.

Yuanen Yehui with her twin martial souls became more powerful after receiving guidance from her first ancestor. Initially, Ye Xinglan’s overall ability was not weaker than hers, but the disparity between them was becoming more obvious recently.

Ye Xinglan already felt depressed after losing to Tang Wulin. Now that she had lost to Yuanen Yehui as well, she could not put up with another defeat.

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