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Challenge War God Three

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Her gaze landed upon the War Gods who were higher-ranked.

Just as she was about to speak, Tang Wulin’s voice was heard echoing in her ears.

Ye Xinglan frowned slightly. Then, she spoke slowly, “I would like to challenge War God Three.”

The War God Hall took the people from Shrek seriously. They had arranged for their War Gods to be present. In the lineup were: War God One, War God Two, and War God Three. War God Four was absent. Following behind were: War God Five, War God Seven, War God Eight, and the others.

Ye Xinglan’s intention was to challenge War God One, but she changed her mind reluctantly after being prompted by Tang Wulin.

War God Three was already a high-ranking War God. He was a Hyper Douluo.

War God Three looked toward Guan Yue. His colleagues’ gazes were upon him as well.

In the battle between the War God Hall and Shrek Academy, they had already lost two consecutive rounds, so they could not afford to lose anymore. What would happen to their self-esteem if they continued to lose?

Besides, they were the ones who took the initiative to challenge Shrek during the second round. It violated the War God Hall’s rules.

They did not manage to win despite it. The Gluttony Douluo who was carried away from the scene was awake by now. Xu Lizhi had played nice. However, the Gluttony Douluo did not open his eyes since he felt embarrassed. He had not even utilized his powerful soul skills. Already, he was steamrolled by his opponent.

War God Three walked out slowly. He gazed fixedly at Ye Xinglan with a burning gaze and made a gesture to challenge her.

Both of them entered the battle arena simultaneously. Their aura soared instantly the moment they stepped into the arena.

An incomparably sharp aura burst forth from Ye Xinglan’s body. A few cracks appeared in the surrounding air due to the power of her sword’s consciousness.

On the other hand, War God Three appeared unusually condensed on the opposing side. He appeared thick and as heavy as a mountain. He towered over everything around him. Although he still appeared ordinary, he was exuding an overbearing pressure akin to the weight of the massive mountains and lofty hills.

It was different from the two previous rounds. This round was a collision between two assault-type soul masters.

Ling Zichen had been standing by Tang Wulin’s side all this while. Her unblinking eyes were fixated on the arena. Her mood was constantly changing in accordance to the fervor of the competition.

She was quite astonished when Xie Xie defeated his opponent. She felt as if she was witnessing the uprising of a king of darkness during Xie Xie’s instant outburst. She had encountered Xie Xie on many occasions and had even reprimanded him before. In her mind, this person was as cheeky as ever and barely looked like a powerhouse.

She was aware that Xu Lizhi was a food-type soul master. In her eyes, he was the little chubby boy skilled in making buns. To her surprise, she learned that he was now a four-word battle armor master. Regardless of her arrogance, Ling Zichen was aware of the significance of a four-word battle armor master.

She stole a glance at the man by her side. At present, she realized that every single one of her companions were truly powerful. She felt she had been quite narrow-minded her whole life due to her engagement in doing research in the past. It was true that technology empowered mankind. Nevertheless, the most powerful group of people in this world were still the soul masters!

“The War God Hall’s third War God, Luo Yuhang. Titled the Dark Emperor!”

He was the Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang!

He was the War God Hall’s third War God, a famous powerhouse of his generation. He was truly an elite personnel and an experienced Hyper Douluo. His cultivation base was close to rank-97.

“Shrek Seven Monsters, Ye Xinglan. Titled the Stargod.”

Her title was the Stargod!

This was the first person who took the initiative to announce her title.

This young maiden who appeared to be over the age of twenty was a Title Douluo.

There were four Title Douluos amongst the Shrek Seven Monsters. In addition to Tang Wulin, there was Yuanen Yehui who appeared during the enrollment in the past.

How could the people from the War God Hall not be surprised upon knowing that?

Shrek Academy experienced a destructive catastrophe in the past. When it was blasted by the two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions, almost all of the older generation of the Shrek powerhouses were annihilated. Yet, there were now so many powerhouses who appeared from the reconstructed Shrek. The Shrek Seven Monsters had reappeared within a few short years. Besides, there were other Limit Douluos in Shrek Academy.

Guan Yue nodded secretly in approval. A smile flashed across his face. Naturally, he would never let the people around him take notice of it.

A stream of bright light cut through the horizon. In the next moment, Ye Xinglan’s eyes had turned incomparably bright. Her silhouette flashed once and she arrived in front of the Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang instantly, appearing as an unsheathed sharp sword.

“Ding!” Luo Yuhang raised his right hand. No one noticed his palm was already covered in black scales. He was just in time to block the strike of the Starfreeze Sword.

The piercing cold sword’s consciousness struck while emitting a sharp howling sound produced by cutting through the air. Ye Xinglan’s earlier strike had surpassed the speed of sound.

The black airflow on Luo Yuhang’s body burst forth instantly akin to an erupting volcano. The air waves rolled and rapidly carried Ye Xinglan’s body along with it.

Ye Xinglan’s eyes turned icy cold completely when she entered into combat conditions. A howling sound pierced through the air.

Streams of bright light burst forth from her body. She was like a dazzling star in the starry sky at present.

Soon after, a densely-knitted sword’s net descended from the sky. After the Sword God’s Star was launched, the Sword God’s Net was unleashed.

The sword’s consciousness was overbearing while the swordsoul acted as the core. Each strand of the sword’s net was like an extension of Ye Xinglan’s life and also akin to the spirit between heaven and earth. A truly terrifying aura exuded from the scene which carried with it a form of ineffable power. Everything seemed to be cut into fragments by it.

The Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang decided not to be on the defense anymore. He knew that when her aura was completely elevated, her sword’s consciousness would soar continuously such that even his spirit would be affected by her.

He took a step forward. Nine black soul rings arose from underneath his feet. The third soul ring shimmered brightly as he punched out with his right fist brazenly.

All at once, the purple ball condensed into a pitch-black ball conjured by Luo Yuhang. A gigantic dragon’s head burst out from his fist. It gave out a terrifying deep roar in rage. It shocked everyone’s heart and soul.

“It’s the Dark Emperor Dragon!” the Gale Saber Demon Sima Jinchi’s voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s ears.

Tang Wulin nodded ever so slightly.

The Dark Emperor Dragon was a species of extremely powerful creatures in the Dragon Clan. It was a real dragon. If it had evolved a step further, it would advance to the Darkness Holy Dragon rank and be on par with the Light Holy Dragon.

The Dark Emperor Douluo could not elevate himself to be a Limit Douluo because he faced difficulties in his advancement. However, the Dark Emperor Dragon was still a true dragon as it carried the powerful Dragon Clan’s bloodline as well.

Sima Jinchi’s lips appeared contorted. ‘I see you have a dragon-type martial soul, huh!’

‘Flaunting your dragon-type martial soul before Tang Wulin and me, huh. Hehe!”

“Boom!” The sword’s net collapsed and dispersed. At the same time, the dragon’s head cracked into pieces.

No one had the upper hand thus far. Ye Xinglan curled her body which glowed brightly as she descended from the sky akin to a falling meteor. It was the Starfall Sword.

The Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang’s eyes turned purple simultaneously. He raised his head and let out a dragon’s roar. Then, his hands grabbed at thin air and conjured a purple light orb. A dark purple layer burst forth from his body. He half-squatted before launching himself into the sky to charge at Ye Xinglan.

“Rumble!” A loud booming noise was unleashed. The protective shield’s radiance glowed much brighter than before.

Just as mentioned by Ling Zichen, when the internal energy accumulated to a certain extent, the protective shield would elevate its safety level to prevent accidents.

It was a battle of confronting toughness with toughness. The overbearing sword’s consciousness was on one side while the powerful aura of darkness was on the other.

Both of them continued to collide with each other yet neither gained the upper hand.

Ye Xinglan’s Stargod Sword was truly sharp such that Luo Yuhang had to reserve a portion of his strength to neutralize the sharpness of the sword’s consciousness. On the other hand, his darkness aura was constantly attempting to slip inside Ye Xinglan’s body but ended up being cut by her sword’s consciousness.

As compared to the two previous battles, this battle was even more intense. Ye Xinglan’s attack was simple. She progressed from comprehending the sword’s consciousness to understanding the Swordsoul. She was almost at the Sword god’s level. No other person among the Shrek Seven Monsters was more focused than her. It was as if she was born to be with the sword.

She was wholly immersed in the Stargod Sword. The longer she was engaged in the battle, the brighter her eyes shone.

She yearned to be in battle the most. Among the Shrek Seven Monsters, she would be the one who challenged Tang Wulin on most occasions. Her courage mounted as the battle progressed.

Tang Wulin understood her the most. Ye Xinglan’s most powerful moment was precisely the moment before her soul power was exhausted. She was like a dazzling star which burned its brightest just before it fizzled out.

Hence, the Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang felt his young opponent’s courage mounting as the battle progressed while her sword’s consciousness grew stronger. In fact, it felt like the sword was more than just her martial soul. Her every movement and gaze were filled with the sword’s overbearing consciousness.

It was simply unimaginable that it could be so sharp.

It was too terrifying and powerful.

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