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Domain Suppression! A Complete Set Of Four-word Battle Armor

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Radiance shimmered as an effect of Ling Chen urging his domain. He was already in front of Xu Lizhi by the time his body reappeared. Currently, Xu Lizhi was still pouncing forward as if he was slamming himself into the opponent’s chopsticks.

The two Destruction Explosive Buns that were tossed behind exploded with a loud bang such that the entire arena’s protective shield was shaking from the tremor.

Xu Lizhi twisted his body as it suddenly turned illusionary in an almost impossible situation. He deviated horizontally away from his original path sweeping across the chopsticks.

“Huh!” Gluttony Douluo did not expect that Xu Lizhi would suddenly speed up. Was this the amplification effect of his martial soul? It should be related to the buns that were just consumed by him earlier.

“I don’t want to play with you anymore.” Xu Lizhi’s voice was heard echoing at this very moment.

Gluttony Douluo Ling Chen was startled in his heart. He instantly urged his domain power and moved into the distance. It was apparent that it was the wisest move to withdraw upon encountering danger.

However, just as he was about to trigger his domain so that he could launch Spatial Jump once again, he discovered in astonishment that his Spatial Jump had failed.

Yes, it had failed.

At the same time, he could clearly see that a layer of dark yellow battle armor shimmering with faint seven-colored glow completely enshrouded Xu Lizhi’s body. At the same time, Xu Lizhi’s bright yellow domain halo had almost devoured his entire domain halo.

It was domain suppression! This was domain suppression.

Oh my god! It was his four-word battle armor domain!

The situation became chaotic at once on the War God Hall’s side.

The act of possessing a few pieces of four-word battle armor was absolutely not the same as having one complete set of four-word battle armor! A complete set of four-word battle armor could almost elevate an ordinary Title Douluo to a terrifying being that was close to a Limit Douluo.

Who would have thought that a food-type soul master could cultivate to the Title Douluo rank? Moreover, he was in possession of a set of four-word battle armor. This had already completely disagreed with all common sense.

They had no idea that Xu Lizhi’s set of four-word battle armor was the first complete set amongst the Shrek Seven Monsters. He was only capable of utilizing it after achieving Title Douluo-rank.

The reason was simple. As a food-type soul master, Xu Lizhi’s overall fighting capacity was the weakest of all Shrek Seven Monsters. As a result, Tang Wulin forged Xu Lizhi’s four-word battle armor first after discussing with everybody else so that Xu Lizhi would be able to protect himself better.

Four-word battle armor had the complete suppression effect over the three-word battle armor domain. Due to the domain suppression effect, it was impossible for Ling Chen to complete his Spatial Jump.

He could feel as his surroundings were spinning wildly in the next moment while he was plunged into an enormous shadow.

An enormous bamboo steamer over fifty meters in diameter had brazenly appeared in the center of the arena within the sight of War God Hall’s people. Gluttony Douluo had already disappeared without a trace.

Horrifying booming noises echoed and filled the entire arena as gushes of tyrannical destructive aura blasted onto the protective shield.

It was Xu Lizhi’s seventh soul skill and also his martial soul avatar, Bamboo Steamer!

This was his martial soul avatar under the amplification of his four-word battle armor!

Guan Yue’s eyelids were constantly twitching. He thought to himself in his heart. ‘I knew that the boy is not as simple as he seems. Ling Chen, oh Ling Chen. You thought that the opponent had been tricked by you yet you were tricked by the opponent just the same!’

Perhaps, Xu Lizhi could even possibly defeat a high-ranking War God with the possession of a complete set of four-word battle armor.

The War Gods’ holistic evaluation over the Shrek Academy’s people had been elevated by another level upon seeing the four-word battle armor on Xu Lizhi’s body. Their expression began to turn solemn at once.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin felt that it was just right for Xu Lizhi to fight against a War God ranked fourteenth. Even though Xu Lizhi was already a Title Douluo and was in possession of a four-word battle armor, a food-type soul master still mainly had the role of supporting other soul masters. Xu Lizhi’s eighth and ninth soul skills were all meant for supporting purposes and could not elevate his attacking ability.

If he was fighting against an even more powerful powerhouse, he would be in trouble as soon as the opponent struggled free from his Bamboo Steamer. On the other hand, they would possibly be facing even more tests later in the War God Hall. It was apparent that exhausting Xu Lizhi would be a wise move.

The loud booming noises lasted for more than ten seconds before the bamboo steamer abruptly opened up. A silhouette was tossed out like a torn gunny sack and landed on the ground with a ‘thud’.

The Gluttony Douluo was unconscious. His entire body was covered in a layer of purple-black mist.

Radiance dimmed and the bamboo steamer vanished. Xu Lizhi appeared on the same spot with a smile on his face. He had already retracted his battle armor. There was only his face that appeared slightly paler.

It still required some effort for him to urge the four-word battle armor due to his current cultivation base. This was also when provided that his soul power was sufficiently rich and his foundation was firm enough.

Xu Lizhi won!

The second person had successfully advanced to the next round.

A faint smile emerged on Xu Lizhi’s face. Tang Wulin took the initiative to welcome his return by giving him a hug.

Xu Lizhi smiled all along. “He tried to eat me so I steamed him.”

Xie Xie sincerely said, “Fatty, you’re getting more and more impressive.”

Xu Lizhi glared at him in an unpleasant manner. “Don’t give me that. Are you going to say that I’m still slightly weaker than you next?”

Xie Xie immediately revealed an expression that said, ‘You totally get me’. He was immediately subjected to many people rolling their eyes at him. In fact, even Ye Xinglan was looking at him.

Xie Xie immediately behaved himself after sensing Ye Xinglan’s gaze. Of the seven monsters, he was the most afraid of two people. They were Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan. He had no fear of Tang Wulin because they were good brothers. Yet, he could not afford to offend these two women!

Two victories in two battles! Moreover, these victories were achieved in a very suppressive manner judging from the scene. The two great War Gods from War God Hall did not even get a chance to do anything before they were defeated.

Did War God Hall lose because of the four-word battle armor? This was true to some extent. However, the abilities displayed by Shrek was sufficient to shock everyone. A four-word battle armor master would always be among peak personnel in the entire soul masters’ world.

Any great forces that could have a four-word battle armor master on their side would rise one more rank in its overall evaluation.

There were only two Limit Doulous from Shrek that could originally be considered as four-word battle armor masters. In addition, there were two more Limit Douluos from Tang Sect. A total of four four-word battle armor masters was already shocking enough. Yet, there was one more addition to them now. Moreover, the person was from the younger generation.

2This signified that with sufficient time, Shrek Academy was capable of producing four-word battle armor masters due to the presence of a Divine Craftsman with them! This was the most terrifying part of it. As a result, the numerous War Gods from War God Hall had a change of countenance at present.

Guan Yue heaved a sigh secretly in his heart. The federation was truly foolish! They still could not manage to see what the reconstructed Shrek had in their possession after all. The leader of both Shrek and Tang Sect was the same person. It could be said that these two organizations were one complete whole.

In the presence of this Divine Craftsman, the federal government would not be able to suppress their uprising.

This was terrifying!

There was no doubt that the people from Shrek Academy came to War God Hall today to make a display of strength. Guan Yue was of course aware of the fact that Tang Sect was being coerced by the federation. Tang Sect and Shrek joined hands to express their dissatisfaction in this matter. Moreover, the few Limit Douluos did not make an appearance today. They could deny and explain that this incident was unrelated to them and was only an idea that the younger generation came up with. In fact, they could easily put this off if they were to lose in today’s battle.

However, did the War God Hall really have the ability to suppress them in the current situation?

Meanwhile, another person had walked out of Shrek Academy’s side. It was the person that glared at Xie Xie earlier, Ye Xinglan.

It was the Stargod Douluo Ye Xinglan!

Xu Lizhi had already come up with a title for himself. However, Ye Xinglan did not allow him to use it because she thought that it did not sound pleasant. However, Ye Xinglan had already set her own title. It was the same as her martial soul. Her title was Stargod!

Ye Xinglan was beautiful but there was a tinge of coldness on her face. She had a deep yet focused gaze. Her long hair was tied into a simple ponytail that made her appear unusually neat and tidy. She walked out from the crowd of her companions like an invisible sword that slowly advanced.

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