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Chopsticks Martial Soul

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The Gluttony Douluo suddenly leaned close to Xu Lizhi and touched his pair of short staffs onto Xu Lizhi’s chest.

Had the victory and defeat already been set?

On War God Hall’s side, the vast majority of War Gods were under the assumption that this competition had ended. In fact, the opponent did not even manage to unleash his martial soul before he was about to be crushed in defeat.

A ball of radiance was suddenly illuminated on Xu Lizhi’s chest.

“Clang!” A loud sound was heard. It was Gluttony Douluo that was retreating this time. He could only feel as if his short staffs were being pushed by a wall. He watched as Xu Lizhi smiled at him. A series of soul rings had already been unleashed underneath his opponent’s feet.

An enormous mirror armor had already appeared on Xu Lizhi’s chest without Ling Chen’s notice.

It was a battle armor!

The battle armor was enshrouded in brilliance and it was in the form of a… bun!

Yes, Xu Lizhi’s chest armor was actually carved into the shape of a bun. It appeared to be rather amusing and yet, this piece of battle armor was emitting a faint seven-colored radiance.

It was a four-word battle armor!

This time, even the rest of the War Gods could recognize it.

That was a four-word battle armor! It was fine if one of them had a four-word battle armor but two of them were clad in four-word battle armor. That was a little too unusual, right?

Since when did four-word battle armor become so common? One should know that the Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua had almost stopped performing Heavenly Refinement now.

On the other hand, four-word battle armors had consecutively appeared on the Shrek Seven Monsters’ bodies just like the other day during Shrek Academy’s enrollment examination. There was no doubt that this had proven the legend about Tang Wulin being a Heavenly Refinement Blacksmith.

Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua rarely engaged in Heavenly Refinement these days because of his health issues and his success rate of Heavenly Refinement was too low. It was easy to see the significance of a brand new and young Heavenly Refinement Blacksmith, a Divine Craftsman beyond his time had appeared.

In simpler terms, this demonstrated that Tang Wuli’s identity of being Divine Craftsman was authentic. As long as he was willing to pay a certain price, it was estimated that War God Hall would even agree to protect him at all costs and safely send him away from the Central Army Corps.

No one would ever willingly offend a Divine Craftsman. It was all the more for high-ranking soul masters because who would not hope to be in possession of a four-word battle armor that was like getting a second life! A four-word battle armor master was so powerful that they would absolutely be considered peak personnel in the soul masters’ world.

Even though the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue was at demigod-rank, he had absolutely no fear when he was fighting against a quasigod as long as the opponent did not possess a four-word battle armor of the same grade. That was the power of four-word battle armors!

“Don’t judge a meat bun by its folds!” Xu Lizhi finally found the chance to unleash his martial soul. The people watched as soul rings rapidly appeared around his body.

Black, black, black… The ten thousand year soul rings appeared in succession and shocked everyone. Every single one of his soul rings was black in color until the ninth soul ring!

Back then, Xu Lizhi consumed the Origin Energy Immortal Grass which also stopped him from being able to fuse with one hundred thousand year spirit soul in the future. However, the effect that Origin Energy Immortal Grass had on him was no less inferior than a one hundred thousand year spirit soul.

Yes, that was right. Xu Lizhi had already become a Titled Douluo now.

Even though he had just recently made the breakthrough, he was already a Title Douluo that lived up to its merits. In fact, he did it even earlier than Xie Xie. Moreover, one should not forget that he was a food-type soul master.

It was countless times more difficult for a food-type soul master to attempt a breakthrough to Title Douluo as compared to ordinary soul masters. Had it not been the Origin Energy Immortal Grass that consolidated his foundation and cultivated his origin energy to facilitate his success in cultivating the Mysterious Heaven Method, it was utterly impossible for him to achieve this now.

Powerful abilities were always built on the premise of having adequate resources.

The incantation was chanted swiftly. Three buns were already stuffed into Xu Lizhi’s mouth even before the opponent managed to launch an attack. His cheeks were puffy from the buns. He ferociously glared at Gluttony Douluo standing on the opposite side and it appeared as if he was calling the Gluttony Douluo a liar.

Gluttony Douluo was not in a rush to launch an attack this time, but he was curiously looking at the four-word battle armor on Xu Lizhi’s chest instead. He exclaimed, “Four-word battle armor is truly different! Little fat boy, I didn’t lie to you! My title of Gluttony Douluo is real and I’m genuinely a glutton when it comes to food. Otherwise, I won’t be able to maintain my good figure. Look at my martial soul. These are my chopsticks! Hah-hah. Isn’t it related to my love for eating food? Thus, I didn’t lie to you.”


Everyone from Shrek’s side could not help twitching their lips after hearing about the martial soul. They did not find it strange for someone to possess chopsticks as their martial soul. After all, martial souls came in myriad variations. It was possible for anything to become a martial soul. However, this person was perhaps the first person in the history of soul masters to be able to cultivate a pair of chopsticks to Title Douluo rank.

Xu Lizhi swallowed the Recovery Pork Bun, Agility Soup Buns, and Bloodthirst Bean Buns with great effort. He scoffed once and said, “Come!”

Gluttony Douluo smiled. “Surely. Then I shall show you my battle armor as well.” He would never make the same mistake as Thunder Flame Douluo. It was the same even if the opponent was just a food-type soul master.

Gluttony Douluo had always been advocating that agility-type soul masters should always be vigilant and cautious in a battle. This was because being in the Agility System meant that the soul master had a powerful attack but weak defense. The opponent should never be allowed a chance to take advantage.

A layer of pink radiance burst forth from his body and surged out from his joints that were hidden in the fat flesh on his body and transformed into a suit of thin and light battle armor that covered his entire body.

Pink battle armor? Matched with his figure. How should one describe this… It would not be kind to describe it…

Gluttony Douluo did not have the slightest regard for this. The battle armor domain spread out from underneath his feet as he hopped on the same spot for a moment. The chopsticks in his hands had also been tainted with a layer of faint pink radiance.

“Please let me introduce my battle armor domain to you. It’s called Spatial Jump!”

Xu Lizhi could sense that something was not going well as soon as he heard the name of the domain. The pink radiance had already spread out over the entire arena in the very next moment.

Gluttony Douluo Ling Chen was very intelligent. Moreover, he was famous for being skilled in thinking during the process of a battle. He had already discovered that Xie Xie’s battle armor was incomplete when Xie Xie displayed his four-word battle armor. At present, Xu Lizhi had just unleashed one piece of chest armor. This signified that it was highly possible that the opponent’s four-word battle armor was incomplete.

In reality, it was not easy at all to make a complete set of four-word battle armor. It was not something that could be done by just having a Divine Craftsman, but it was the fruit of a rank-9 blacksmith’s countless painstaking labor. Moreover, time was also needed!

Incomplete battle armor was not equipped with a domain. Thus even if a partial four-word battle armor was powerful under certain circumstances, the incomplete four-word battle armor was less powerful than a complete set of three-word battle armor.

Ling Chen took Xu Lizhi seriously and chose to utilize his battle armor domain at once without the slightest bit of hesitation.

The Spatial Jump was just as its name implied. Ling Chen had even informed the opponent about the effect of his domain. It was impossible to guard against this domain so he told Xu Lizhi to create more mental stress for Xu Lizhi.

A faint smile emerged on Ling Chen’s face while Xu Lizhi’s expression instantly turned solemn. The pink radiance had covered the majority of the area inside the entire arena. On the other hand, Xu Lizhi was standing at the center of the arena. It was apparently not realistic for him to attempt to charge out from the coverage because the opponent could move as well!

Radiance flashed once and Gluttony Douluo had vanished. He appeared in the distance in the next moment.

“Isn’t my domain fun?” He was not equipped with the space attribute abilities but he could elevate his speed using his domain. Moreover, he could continuously utilize the domain and perform spatial retreat-like actions. This was simply considered a divine skill for an agility-type soul master.

Radiance flashed once again and Gluttony Douluo had already appeared behind Xu Lizhi. His chopsticks were stabbing straight towards Xu Lizhi’s throat.

Xu Lizhi’s stress reaction made him pounce forward by one step in a rush while simultaneously turning around with great effort as his hands clapped toward the back of his body. At the same time, two purple-black buns were tossed out toward his back as well.

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