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Gluttony Douluo

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In recent times at Shrek Academy, Tang Wulin had devoted the vast majority of his energy to completing Heavenly Refinement for his companions and worked with them to make their four-word battle armor. This was because as soon as they were four-word battle armor masters, it would be a thorough change for the Shrek Seven Monsters.

As a result, he did not spend much time with the others in team training. The rest of them had basically gone their own way and cultivated by themselves.

It seemed like the extent of his companions’ evolution was much higher than he had imagined judging by the situation now. It seemed like that was a necessity for a joint training after all.

“Big Brother, did I do alright?” Xie Xie passed by Tang Wulin with a smile.

Tang Wulin gave him a big thumbs up.

Xie Xie burst out laughing aloud as he walked past Tang Wulin. However, Tang Wulin’s voice echoed through his ears, “Let me have a go when we return. It’s been too long since I’ve sparred with you.”

This man, who hoped to become the number one agility-type soul master, staggered. His face turned gloomy at once.

The Assault System naturally dominated the Agility System. Moreover, Tang Wulin was not Jiang Zhanheng! His Thought Concentration-level spiritual power would ensure that his ability to detect the Time-space Dragon’s changes was more acute than Jiang Zhanheng’s.

More importantly, Xie Xie was inherently more fearful when he was fighting against Tang Wulin, and Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline suppressed his martial soul.

“You’re such a show off! You deserved that,” said Yuanen Yehui with a grin.

“You’re such a show-off! You deserved that.” Yue Zhengyu had always had a taste for schadenfreude.

Xie Xie made a disdainful hand gesture at Yue Zhengyu and held his head high up. He had already won after all and his mission was complete.

Meanwhile, the fattest of the numerous War Gods walked forward. This man’s waistline might have been greater than his height, and he had a sweet smile on his face. He looked rather similar to the Smiley Face Douluo Hu Jie whom Tang Wulin and the others encountered in the Star Luo Empire.

This man slapped his belly and said to Tang Wulin’s team, “I heard that one of the Shrek Seven Monsters is a food-type soul master whose martial soul is buns? Hmm, my martial soul is related to food. Why don’t we spar with one another?”

The man had the number fourteen on his body. He was the fourteenth War God.

Xu Lizhi was stunned for a moment. It seemed like the act of a War God taking the initiative to extend an invitation was different from the War God Hall’s usual protocol. Be that as it may, the opponent had taken it upon himself to issue the challenge, so Xu Lizhi could not show any cowardice. He took a glance at Tang Wulin who responded with a nod.

Xu Lizhi’s most important role was still as an auxiliary-type soul master. Over time, however, his cultivation base had actually developed into something special among the Shrek Seven Monsters. The opponent was ranked fourteenth of the War Gods, so Tang Wulin felt it would not be an issue for Xu Lizhi to fight against such a foe.

Therefore, Xu Lizhi walked out as well. Their figures were rather similar, but the opponent on the opposite side was even fatter.

“Shrek Seven Monster, Xu Lizhi would like to seek guidance from you.”

War God Fourteen chuckled and said, “Ling Chen, War God Hall’s Fourteenth War God. Title: Gluttony.”

“Gluten-free?” What sort of title was that? Xu Lizhi was stunned for a moment.

“Not gluten-free, but gluttony. The term for overindulging in food. I’m the Gluttony Douluo. Heh-heh-heh.”

The corners of Xu Lizhi’s lips twitched once. ‘This man summoned me for a challenge. It can’t be that he’s trying to eat me, right?’

The Gluttony Douluo? The title was very odd! What sort of martial soul would he have?

“Come, come, come. Let the two fat men like us get to know each other.” Compared to the Thunder Flame Douluo, who did not enjoy small talk, the Gluttony Douluo appeared to be extremely warm.

Xu Lizhi smiled as well. “Sure!”

The second round of Shrek Academy’s challenge against the War God Hall was a battle between two fat men…

Both of them walked into the protective shield. Gluttony Douluo Ling Chen remained smiling the whole time. He gestured at Xu Lizhi. “Shall we begin?”

“Let’s begin.” Xu Lizhi nodded in all apparent seriousness.

“Feed me some buns.” Gluttony Douluo chuckled. Then, he moved.

It was shocking to see his huge, fleshy figure when he began moving. He seemed to be moving unreasonably fast.

He had squatted down on his heels. It was like he was trying to create momentum by using his massive figure to bounce back. In the next moment, he had arrived before Xu Lizhi like a cannonball.

His arms were stretched forward as he conjured a pair of short staffs in his hands. He t----t the staffs at Xu Lizhi’s stomach.

‘I’ll be d*mned. I’ve been tricked. This man is of the Agility System!’ Xu Lizhi was aware that he had been fooled at one glance.

There was no doubt that food-type soul masters were most afraid of agility-type soul masters even though they had a certain amount of fighting capacity! This was because the opponent was so quick that he would have fewer opportunities to unleash his skills.

Xu Lizhi did not attempt to dodge because he had a clear estimation of his speed. His right foot fell back by half a step so he could stand more firmly while he t----t his hand forward simultaneously. In a split second, his palms had turned into jade. His body’s aura had also undergone a transformation that could overturn Heaven and Earth into as steady as a mountain.

“Ding, ding!” There were two crisp rings. The two short staffs bounced away after coming into contact with the Mysterious Jade Hands. Xu Lizhi was shaken as he slid backward.

The Gluttony Douluo glanced at him in surprise, but he did not pause for even a moment. He began spinning like a top and arrived behind Xu Lizhi almost in a flash.

Xu Lizhi quickly turned around and swung his arms. He was still using the Mysterious Jade Hands to block the opponent’s attack.

The Gluttony Douluo’s movements were extremely fast, but Xu Lizhi also displayed his agile side. He stood on the same spot and turned his body repeatedly. He was not trying to compete against the opponent’s speed. He kept his Mysterious Jade Hands close to defend himself. Crashing noises were heard echoing out occasionally.

However, it seemed that Xu Lizhi’s situation was not looking good. In fact, he had not even unleashed his martial soul because the opponent did not give him a chance at all. In reality, his martial soul was just buns, so it was difficult to tell how effective it would be in this battle.

Both of them engaged in close combat within a small area. The Gluttony Douluo had taken a clear upper hand.

The Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue’s expression did not relax just because the fight seemed to be going their way. On the contrary, he was frowning ever so slightly.

There was nothing to be proud of, even if they were to win this round. The opponent was a food-type soul master. War God Fourteen, the Gluttony Douluo was of the Agility System, so he was obviously bullying the opponent. As such, it would not be a glorious victory.

Moreover, Guan Yue had observed that these young men on Shrek Academy’s side led by Tang Wulin seemed to be unaffected by the progress of the round. They did not display any anxiousness just because Xu Lizhi was at a disadvantage. This was somewhat abnormal.

Perhaps, it was because they were very confident of their companions.

Xie Xie won his match in a very relaxed manner. Even though the Thunder Flame Douluo was careless, the qualities displayed by Xie Xie had genuinely surpassed the War God Hall’s expectations. This was the real reason behind the War God Hall’s loss.

The Shrek Seven Monster that did not reveal himself much had such potent abilities in an actual battle. Moreover, his martial soul was extremely peculiar, so this was far beyond what they had expected.

If one of the Shrek Seven Monsters had such power, what about this other member? Could it be that it was as simple as this?

A food-type soul master that possessed great fighting skills had already existed in the history of the Tang Sect and Shrek. It was the Cookery God Oscar from the first generation of Shrek Seven Monsters!

As a result, Guan Yue was not at ease at all. He had been following the battle closely all this time.

In his perception, the arrival of a group from Shrek was also a test for the War Gods of the War God Hall. At the same time, it was a good opportunity for both sides to learn about one another.

“Ding!” There was another ringing sound, louder than the previous ones. Xu Lizhi’s hands were thrown away from the blow and his body was exposed. He was finally showing signs that he could endure no longer, as he had not managed to unleash his martial soul at once. The opponent was a Title Douluo-ranked powerhouse after all! After a series of strikes, the Gluttony Douluo’s short staffs were used to launch a continuous stream of soul skills including Puncture, Explosion, Tear and numerous others. The Mysterious Jade Hands appeared to have weakened after a long time.

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