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Xie Xie’s Eighth Soul Skill

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Jiang Zhanheng’s expression remained unchanged, but he was still furious when he stopped the thunder flames. There was no doubt that he was at a loss, and his clothes were torn. Moreover, the consumption of his soul power during the fight earlier had absolutely far exceeded Xie Xie’s. This had already shown that he was at a huge disadvantage.

Since when was it so exhausting when a Title Douluo fought against a Soul Douluo? However, he was well aware that there was something amiss about the opponent’s martial soul. Both his spiritual power and soul skill could not detect the opponent’s precise location. This would pose as a big issue for him.

‘Should I unleash my battle armor to enhance my attack and defense as well as detection ability? It will be much harder for the opponent to breach my defenses with the protection of my armor.’

Though he was considering this, Jiang Zhanheng was the War God Hall’s ninth War God while the opponent was just a Soul Douluo. The Thunder Flame Douluo Jiang Zhanheng was feeling quite reluctant to be the first to unleash his battle armor. So many of his colleagues and the Deputy Hall Master were watching him from the side. If he were to unleash his battle armor first because of a nonexistent threat, he would end up being a laughing stock, right?

When the disparity between their cultivation bases was so minute, being the first to unleash one’s martial soul avatar and armor in a soul master battle was generally seen as a show of weakness.

It was as though he was admitting that he could not fight this opponent without using his more advanced abilities. This was something that Jiang Zhanheng’s heart could never accept.

The lighting in the surroundings suddenly dimmed as Jiang Zhanheng quickly calmed himself. There was a flash of light in his eyes, and he t----t both spears in his hands toward the sky. He dared not act carelessly this time. The thunder flames blazed out in all directions, covering the entire area.

He believed his far-reaching attack would reveal his opponent for sure, no matter how effective his stealth was. ‘I don’t care how many clones you have. I would rather consume myself a little more.’ After all, there was still a difference between their cultivation bases.

Jiang Zhanheng suddenly felt as if his thunder flames were being bombarded out of nowhere. In a split second, streams of a razor-sharp aura struck him from all directions like blades.

He had sprayed out even more thunder flames this time, but he still felt like he was cut to pieces. It was such an awesome attack.

While Jiang Zhanheng stood there astonished, he unleashed his sixth soul skill. It was a ball of thunder flame that burst forth from his body like a blooming flower.

It was another long-range attack and extremely potent. It was his sixth soul skill, the Thunder Flame Bloom!

Jiang Zhanheng looked just like a War God of thunder fire as he stood in his blossoming flame. Surrounded by his thunder flames, he appeared incomparably powerful.

However, Jiang Zhanheng suddenly noticed his eyesight was slightly blurry. He saw a faint ray of light arrive before him in a flash.

His mighty Thunder Flame Bloom was utterly incapable of resisting the ray of light as it arrived before his eyes instantaneously.

Jiang Zhanheng turned pale with fear. He was about to swiftly unleash his battle armor as he faced a crisis that could very possibly be fatal.

At that moment, he felt a wave of pain inside his body. The sharp aura that dug into his body earlier had been cleansed away by the thunder flame, but it abruptly surged through him again. This happened so suddenly that his physical ability to control his battle armor was disrupted.

The ray of light imprinted on his head in a split second.

Jiang Zhanran felt as his essence, energy and spirit tightened for a moment. He was capable of sensing everything that was happening, but he could not move at all. The Thunder Flame Bloom all around had also dispersed when he lost his control of it.

A phantom-like silhouette manifested right in front of Jiang Zhanheng. It was Xie Xie, holding a dagger in each of his hands. He pushed both blades against Jiang Zhanheng’s neck.

Xie Xie’s right arm and his entire torso were clad in battle armor. The armor was incomplete and appeared illusionary. It was so faint that there was no way a person could see the state of it clearly. Nevertheless, it was real, and its aura could be felt faintly as it fluctuated between illusion and reality.

“That’s four-word battle armor!” Outside of the arena, the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue blurted out these words.

The War Gods could not tell the significance of Xie Xie’s battle armor, but he was a Limit Douluo and also a four-word battle armor master. How could he possibly fail to recognize it?

Four-word battle armor had a unique aura because such armor was similar to a living creature with a mind of its own. In fact, it could even take over for its master during crucial moments in a battle.

As a result, a resonance similar to that between living creatures of the same species would be produced when different four-word battle armors encountered one another. Naturally, Guan Yue could sense that.

“I’m grateful for your willingness to yield to me!” There was a flash of light in Xie Xie’s eyes after he had retracted his daggers. It was only then that Jiang Zhangheng felt the weight on his body lighten. The feeling of being completely frozen had disappeared.

Only at this point did Jiang Zhanheng discovered that he had made a fatal mistake. It was simply unforgivable. He had not released his battle armor in order to save face. Conversely, his opponent was capable of unleashing his battle armor at any time while hidden in the dark without Jiang Zhanheng’s knowledge!

That inconspicuous ray of light that suddenly shot toward him earlier seemed to be simple on the surface, but was definitely not what it appeared to be. Otherwise, how could it penetrate his sixth soul skill so easily? He could not resist it at all.

The War God Hall’s protective shield was not soundproof. He heard when Guan Yue said ‘four-word battle armor’.

Though the armor on Xie Xie’s body was obviously not a complete suit, it was still four-word battle armor! Furthermore, the amplification of his armor had brought his soul power cultivation base to Jiang Zhanheng’s level. That also took Joan Zhanheng’s three-word battle armor into account, which he had not even unleashed.

In any case, no matter how regretful he was or how loath he was to admit it, he had no choice but to concede defeat. Moreover, he was roundly beaten. It was a crushing loss that embarrassed him.

What was the ray of light earlier? It was Xie Xie’s eighth soul skill. He had almost never displayed that particular skill even before his companions. It was the Crossing Assasination.

It could alternate between time and space. It was impossible to guard against this attack. If Jiang Zhanheng had worn his three-word armor, he would have been able to withstand a portion of its power. However, Xie Xie had accurately predicted that Jiang Zhanheng’s mindset would not let him utilize his armor so easily. On the other hand, Xie Xie did not have such qualms. At the beginning of the battle, he made the most of the moment Jiang Zhanheng chose not to sound out each other’s mental state. At that point, he immediately launched his most formidable attack.

This was not only Xie Xie’s eighth soul skill but also the soul skill that he had the most control over. Moreover, the Crossing Assasination was also equipped with incredible offensive capabilities. Had Xie Xie not retracted the second portion of Crossing Assasination’s attack, Jiang Zhanheng’s sea of spirit would have been struck directly. It was highly possible that it would do permanent damage to him.

The Crossing Assasination amplified by four-word battle armor was magnificent. Jiang Zhanheng may not necessarily be able to withstand a frontal attack from Xie Xie even if he were fully protected by battle armor.

The numerous War Gods from the War God Hall were all perfectly silent.

The people on Shrek Academy’s side each had a different expression. Nevermind the opponents, even they found it unbelievable that Xie Xie could win so swiftly.

As he watched Xie Xie walking back to them, Tang Wulin suddenly remembered something the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali had told him recently. At the time, Yali told Tang Wulin that Xie Xie had improved the most recently. If he could continue and maintain such a rate, it was highly possible that he would become the number one agility-type soul master on the continent in the future.

Tang Wulin had assumed that this was mostly his godmother’s attempt to encourage Xie Xie. Xie Xie was also there at the time and he repeatedly said he did not deserve such praise.

Given what had just happened, it seemed Yali’s words were no exaggeration. Xie Xie had not even reached Title Douluo-rank, but was already capable of defeating the War God Hall’s War God Nine! More importantly, Tang Wulin discovered that the Xie Xie was different from what he was in the past.

Previously, he would more or less use tricks in combat. At this point, his tactics appeared to consist of a myriad of changes. Despite being his teammate, Tang Wulin found that he was having trouble understanding some of his methods.

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