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Illusionary Clones

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In the protective shield, Xie Xie and the ninth War God Jiang Zhanheng stood at a distance of thirty meters staring at one another. Their aura began to change.

The air around Thunder Flame Douluo Jiang Zhanheng’s body was warping ever so slightly. One could tell from his Title Douluo status that he was a soul master skilled in attacks.

As opposed to Jiang Zhanheng, not only did Xie Xie not unleash any powerful aura from his body, but his presence was vague on the contrary. His entire person appeared slightly illusionary.

Out of the Shrek Seven Monsters, there was only Tang Wulin whose abilities were truly followed with interest and studied in detail. This was because he was exposed to the public the most while the rest of the people were relatively low profile. As a result, even War God Hall had only managed to gather very little information about them.

They were only aware that Xie Xie was an agility-type soul master. After all, it was impossible for anyone to acquire the information stored in Shrek Academy back then.

The Ninth War God Jiang Zhanheng did not look down upon the opponent due to the opponent’s young age. The people that could become the Shrek Seven Monster were definitely the proud children of heaven in today’s world. Had he not seen Tang Wulin fighting alone in the enemy’s land at the Star Luo Empire?

The two silhouettes suddenly moved at the same time. It was just as if they had agreed on it beforehand.

A loud boom was heard echoing from underneath Jiang Zhanheng’s feet. His entire person was shot toward Xie Xie’s direction like a cannonball while Xie Xie remained on the same spot. His body flashed once and he turned illusionary as he dodged to the side.

Nine neatly-arranged soul rings were unleashed from Jiang Zhansheng’s body. There were five purple and four black soul rings. On the other hand, the soul rings on Xie Xie’s body appeared to be exuding a breathtaking sense of beauty.

There were seven black and one orange-gold soul rings. He unleashed eight soul rings. The black soul rings were the least striking color of all soul rings but the orange-gold soul ring appeared magnificent. It was as if the seven black soul rings were complementing the super soul ring produced from the fusion of Eight-pointed Frozen Glass back then akin to myriad stars surrounding the moon.

War God Hall’s War Gods had discerning eyes so they could naturally tell the significance of this orange-gold soul ring. It was a legendary soul ring that towered over the one hundred thousand year red soul ring!

Even though Xie Xie appeared to be an eight-ringed soul master, none of them dared to look down upon him.

Jiang Zhanheng held a short spear in each of his hands. The spear was about one point two meters in length and dark purple in color. The electric radiance of lightning was shimmering indistinctly on the surface of the spear. It was his martial soul, Thunder Flame Spears. It was a martial soul with an extremely powerful outburst force.

Jiang Zhanheng stabbed the spears in his hands into the ground when confronted by Xie Xie’s evasion. At the very moment when the spears came into contact with the ground, a large patch of dark purple radiance gushed out from the ground and chased after Xie Xie. The coverage was extensive.

Tang Wulin thought of something upon witnessing the scene. He could tell that the attack was not only dependent on Jiang Zhanheng’s individual ability, but it had also relied on the superiority of the arena. This was his home court. There was no doubt that the War Gods would have better knowledge and familiarity with the arena. This was without a doubt not beneficial for Tang Wulin’s group.

Xie Xie stretched his body as he was flying out horizontally. He made a somersault in the air to change his direction as he leaped diagonally in order to dodge the gushing thunder flames.

The third soul ring on Jiang Zhanheng’s body shimmered. The gushing thunder flames began changing its shape in the sky and transformed into an arrowhead-like entity. It followed Xie Xie’s body that was changing direction and chased after him.

It seemed as if Xie Xie had nowhere to dodge this time.

Meanwhile, Xie Xie swayed his body once and suddenly split his silhouette into two. It was as if his body was halved. At the same time his body was splitting, he had also accelerated to dodge the Thunder Flame Arrow coming from the front in a dangerous manner. The two silhouettes dimmed simultaneously and vanished.

Both of them were still in an exploratory offensive state now and had displayed their skills as well.

The Thunder Flame Spears were pulled out from the ground. Jiang Zhanheng raised the short spear in his right hand high above his head as the fifth soul ring on his body shimmered and a ring of dark purple glow spread out from the raised Thunder Flame Spear.

It was his fifth soul skill, Thunder Flame Array!

The temperature in the entire first level of the hell arena was abruptly raised. Fragments of lightning appeared in the spreading glow in the form of crushed bits.

This was a range-type soul skill that was not meant to be used as a direct attack. However, he was capable of amplifying the thickness of thunder and fire element within the range of an enormous area such that Jiang Zhanheng’s other soul skills would be fully amplified.

On the other hand, another effect of using this soul skill here was that it was used to search for the invisible Xie Xie like a radar.

Every War God here was battle-seasoned and experienced. They had encountered more martial souls than stars. As a result, they would never panic regardless of how powerful their opponent’s abilities were and they would always find a way to respond.

However, Jiang Zhanheng was surprised to learn that his Thunder Flame Array had already covered the area of almost the entire arena and yet he still could not detect Xie Xie’s presence.

Such powerful stealth ability. How did he do that?

Just as the thought rose in Jiang Zhanheng’s mind, he suddenly felt that something was off. He abruptly charged forward and whipped the Thunder Flame Spear in his left hand to the back at the same time. A large stretch of thunder flames was conjured.

One of Xie Xie’s silhouettes flashed in the illusion. He curled his body as he was confronted by the thunder flames blowing against his face. He retreated rapidly from the propulsion of the thunder flames but his body was still tainted by them.

‘I found him!’

Radiance glimmered in Jiang Zhanheng’s eyes. He landed on the ground and was about to turn around to chase after Xie Xie. Yet, he felt an intense sense of crisis in his heart at this very moment. He pounced forward according to his premonition without the slightest bit of hesitation.

A stream of sharp cold radiance simultaneously flew past his back.

Jiang Zhanheng was a rank-93 Title Douluo. At his rank, his ability to predict danger was extremely powerful. His soul power had already produced a stressful reaction at once when he sensed that something was amiss. His soul power was unleashed naturally.

However, the feeling that came from his back was extremely unexpected. Moreover, it was exceedingly sharp.

The people watching the battle on the outside could clearly see that the soul power gushing out from Jiang Zhanheng’s back was forcefully split open. The stream of cold radiance still managed to sweep past his back.

Even though he had already reacted swiftly, his shirt was still torn from the cut.

He turned around forcefully and swept his Thunder Flame Spear to the back of his body. At the same time, the second soul ring on Jiang Zhanheng’s body glowed. A large patch of thunder flames gushed out from his entire body to expel the sharp soul power that bored into his body.

‘I was careless again. The boy is so treacherous!’

At the same time as when Jiang Zhanheng was feeling surprised and infuriated in his heart, he was drenched in cold sweat all over his body. Had it not been for his inherently equipped senses as a Title Douluo, perhaps he would have been tricked for real. There was no doubt that Xie Xie’s retreatment earlier and his clone that was enshrouded by the thunder flames were all part of the trap laid by the opponent.

1The clone struck by thunder flames had already vanished without a trace.

Jiang Zhanheng’s protective thunder flame reacted at this moment once again. Xie Xie had vanished again after sneaking an attack on Jiang Zhanheng. Yet, two silhouettes appeared on both sides of Jiang Zhangheng without his notice and used the same attack to cut toward his body. Not only that, there was also a stream of cold radiance that arrived in a flash above Jiang Zhangheng’s head.

Jiang Zhangheng should not be in such a difficult position when he was fighting against an agility-type soul master due to his Title Douluo-ranked cultivation base. Yet, Xie Xie was truly too quick and was swift to perfection. Moreover, Jiang Zhanheng was at a loss for his lack of understanding of the opponent.

All at once, Jiang Zhanheng was in a frenzy to respond to Xie Xie’s attack. The Thunder Flame Spears in his hands were spurting soul power and he was like an erupting volcano. He had only managed to stop the clones attacking from all directions one by one at the sound of exploding thunders. Yet, Xie Xie’s silhouette vanished again when all his clones had all disappeared.

The rest of the War Gods could not help gazing at one another upon seeing this outside of the arena.

How would they respond if they were to encounter this situation?

Shrek Seven Monsters were actually so powerful? According to the information gathered by the War God Hall, the average age of Shrek Seven Monsters should be over twenty years old and was surely less than thirty years. They were capable of achieving such a cultivation base at such a young age. Moreover, this person was just a little inconspicuous man among them. What would happen if it were the leader of Shrek Seven Monsters, Tang Wulin?

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