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The Ninth War God Jiang Zhanheng

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In other words, it was highly possible that they would not be receiving a challenge directly from the War Gods on the other latter levels if they win in the earlier levels. They would be challenged with some other relatively easier tests.

The ten War Gods stood over there in different shapes and forms. They were all dressed in black traditional combat suit with red striations that appeared ancient and graceful.

A man stood in the center. He had a huge and tall build with a calm expression on his face. It was obvious that he appeared to be the leader of the rest of the people. His outfit was not lined with red striations but golden.

Tang Wulin remembered this person from the past. He had met him in the Joust For A Spouse Festival. He was precisely War God Hall’s Deputy Hall Master, an experienced War God, the Skycrosser Douluo Guan Yue.

He was also one of the three Limit Douluos in the entire War God Hall.

Out of the three great Limit Douluos of War God Hall, the person with the highest cultivation was naturally the War God Hall’s Hall Master, Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie. The Skycrosser Douluo had already entered Limit Douluo-rank for a long time but he had remained stagnant at quasidemigod rank all this while and did not enter the demigod realm. There was still some disparity between him and the quasigod Chen Xinjie.

He was still a Limit Douluo regardless! He was one of the most powerful fighting force in today’s world. At the same time, he was also a four-word battle armor master.

Tang Wulin revealed an expression of admiration upon seeing this person. He took two steps forward. “Hello, Hall Master Guan.” As he was speaking, he had also revealed his original appearance.

Guan Yue did not seem to be surprised by Tang Wulin’s appearance. On the contrary, he heaved a sigh. “You still came after all. Why do you have to do this?”

Tang Wulin similarly heaved a sigh. “How can I not come! Our Tang Sect has always been holding the neutral position and we definitely don’t want this war to happen, yet the federation is forcing us to make a public stand. Moreover, Shrek Academy has just been reconstructed.” There was a saying of ‘an honest person does not resort to insinuations’. He had already entered War God Hall so he was not planning to hide anything.

Guan Yue shook his head. “It’s not easy to pass this round of the challenge. You can still choose to leave now. Otherwise, it will not be as easy later.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “It is my first time in War God Hall. I’ve always been looking forward to coming here. I’m here to seek guidance from all the War Gods here.”

Radiance shimmered in Guan Yue’s eyes. He took a glance at Tang Wulin with a profound look and said, “Since this is the case, then we shall invite Sect Master Tang to pass this round of our challenge. Those that can defeat the assigned War Gods will be able to proceed to the next level below. Otherwise, please return to where you came from. However, I believe that the Central Army Corps is already on alert and combat-ready waiting on the outside now. However, according to War God Hall’s rules, you are unrelated to us as soon as you leave.”

“I am aware of the rules. Thank you for reminding us, Hall Master Guan. We shall begin right away.” As Tang Wulin was speaking, he waved his hand toward his companions. Everyone retreated to the side.

Tang Wulin’s gaze swept past the numerous War Gods other than Guan Yue.

There was no doubt that the powerhouses chosen to become War God Hall’s main War Gods were all Title Douluo-ranked soul masters.

Every War God was assigned a number that belonged to him or her. Every single one of the ten War Gods had a number that belonged to themselves other than Guan Yue.

The rules were just as mentioned by Guan Yue. Due to their crowd of people, a person would be allowed to descend one level after defeating one War God. The failure to do so would result in their inability to descend.

Therefore, Tang Wulin could theoretically allow a slightly weaker companion to challenge Guan Yue. This way, they could avoid fighting against this Limit Douluo. They only needed to sacrifice one person from descending to the next level and this was relatively the best choice.

Yet, Tang Wulin had his own plan. He was not going to use some tactic to avoid the powerhouse and no one would be left behind. Every single one of them had to descend.

After entering the War God Hall, Tang Wulin revealed his identity in a flagrant manner. One of the important goals in doing this was to display his abilities.

He wanted to show the War God Hall and the federation that other than the older generation of Limit Douluos in Shrek Academy and Tang Sect, there was also the newer generation with powerful abilities that should not be taken lightly.

Guan Yue’s gaze swept past. He indifferently said, “All of you are allowed to choose a War God as your opponent as per your wish, including me. The victor is allowed to enter the next level below and the loser will have to leave.”

Tang Wulin turned around and looked at his companions. “Who’s going first?”

“The slow sparrow should make an early start, I’ll go first.” Xie Xie was the person that walked out and smilingly looked at the ten War Gods on the opposite side.

Tang Wulin did not speak much and patted Xie Xie’s shoulder.

Xie Xie’s gaze swept past the numerous War Gods before him. “I would like to challenge War God Nine.”

There were a total of eighteen staple War Gods in War God Hall. Other than that, there were some reserve War Gods as well. The people that responded to the challenge this time were the official War Gods. Number Nine was not considered at the back and was not a rank that was at the front either. It was considered a moderate rank.

There was no doubt that challenging more powerful opponent would put the companions behind at ease. Xie Xie chose a moderately-ranked opponent in order to give his companions the chance to test out these War Gods’ abilities.

War God Nine walked forward while the rest of the War Gods followed Deputy Hall Master Guan Yue to a further spot.

War God Nine was very thin. He had an ordinary appearance and every part of him appeared to be no different from other ordinary people. It would be very easy for him to dissolve into a crowd of people and disappear if he changed into another set of clothes.

However, it was easier said than done to become the ninth-ranked War God of the War God Hall. He was definitely a man of competence and was well-trained.

“Shrek Academy, Xie Xie. Please!” Xie Xie made an invitatory gesture. His expression turned seriousness.

Ever since he started pursuing Yuanen Yehui back then, he had begun cultivating painstakingly. He had never stopped working hard even until now in fear that Yuanen would dump him and in fear that he would not make a worthy partner for Yuanen. Especially after Yuanen acknowledged her first ancestor and returned to her clan, he did it because he was feeling rather stressful in the presence of his father-in-law. Her clan was a great clan with two Limit Douluos! Moreover, there was also the first ancestor that was a terrifying quasigod-ranked powerhouse. He came from a small family so how could he make himself a partner worthy of Yuanen if he did not work hard on himself?

As a result, Xie Xie had always been cultivation with extra efforts despite the fact that he was always joking. Even his companions had no idea how Xie Xie was cultivating in secret. There was only Yuanen Yehui that was aware of how much effort Xie Xie put into his cultivation in order to elevate himself. As a result, she stopped nagging Xie Xie just so she would not be stressing him anymore.

“War God Hall, ninth War God, Jiang Zhanheng! Title: Thunder Flame,” War God Nine calmly said. He appeared to be extremely calm and yet he was exuding the feeling of a raging gale before a storm at the moment.

Even though the people from Shrek were aware that the War Gods were all Title Douluo-ranked powerhouses, it was still shocking for them when they heard Zhanheng announce his identity as the ninth War God. Especially when this place here was War God Hall’s territory.

The lighting on the ground and the surrounding walls suddenly dimmed. Soon after, a layer of gentle light screen emerged.

Ling Zichen’s gaze shimmered for a moment as she stood by Tang Wulin’s side. She muttered to herself, “That should be a protective shield formed by using pure soul circuit without any amplification equipment.”

Even though Tang Wulin had rather good knowledge in soul circuits, it was apparently far weaker as compared to a scientist like Ling Zichen. He turned his head to the side. “What’s the difference?”

Ling Zichen said, “The difference is that it can achieve such a high defense level without the use of any amplification equipment. The soul circuit must be made with an extremely good quality foundation material. I’m sure that it’s top grade alloy. In other words, War God Hall is a precious on its own. Look, there will surely be an external amplification on this protective soul circuit. When the energy level on the inside achieve a certain extent, the external amplification will appear to stabilize the protective shield.”

Tang Wulin was enlightened. “I see. War God Hall receives the full support from the federation. It’s not at all surprising for them to have such good resources.”

Ling Zichen said, “It’s nothing extraordinary actually. I’m certain that I’ll be able to do better than that if I’m given those materials!”

“Yes, you’re the best!” Tang Wulin would not refute her because he was not looking for trouble.

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