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“Are you going to agree or not?” Shen Xing inquired closely. She finally felt that her intelligence had returned to her. If she could get Tang Wulin’s promise, then it would be equal to getting a promise from Tang Sect and Shrek Academy! It would be immensely beneficial for both herself as well as her clan in the future.

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly. “Your request is a little too demanding, isn’t it? One favor, I can agree to one favor.”

Shen Xing strenuously shook her head without the slightest bit of hesitation. “No, I want three favors. It must be three. Otherwise, you can just take me as a hostage. You’re accustomed to using force on people anyway. However, I must tell you that our Central Army Corps has very strict vetting procedures. Moreover, there are many new models of detection soul devices that I don’t think you have even heard of. I can guarantee that you won’t stand a chance to sneak into the army.”

Tang Wulin was well aware that Shen Xing’s words were not exaggerated to scare him. Ling Zichen had told him before that the Central Army Corps had already begun using many types of experimental weapons and soul devices, and now they had no idea what those federation scientists had developed for the army. Otherwise, Tang Wulin would not go through all this trouble just to meet Shen Xing.

“Two favors!” Tang Wulin said in a haggling manner.

Shen Xing turned around once again and immediately began walking toward the exit.

“Alright, I agree with your request.” After weighing and considering the situation, Tang Wulin could not help heaving a sigh as he agreed. It was definitely the best choice for them to enter the War God Hall with a peaceful method.

A wisp of joy appeared on Shen Xing’s face. She turned around once again and took a seat at the table. She looked at Tang Wulin with a sweet smile on her face. “Remember to keep your word.”

Tang Wulin said, “Provided that those are matters that don’t violate moral principles and my personal principles.”

“Don’t worry. Am I that kind of person?” Shen Xing casually said.

Tang Wulin could not help but curse in his heart. ‘I don’t know what kind of person you are!’

“Alright, when are you planning on going to the War God Hall? I shall make some arrangements.” Shen Xing finally revealed her capable and experienced side as a female lieutenant colonel.

Tang Wulin said, “As soon as possible. How are you going to take us in while avoiding the inspection?”

Shen Xing rolled her eyes at him. “Since you have found me, you should know what I’m in charge of. I’m going to be forging some fake name tags for all of you.”

In the Central Army Corps, Shen Xing was specifically in charge of identity inspection at the moment with very high authority. This was also the reason why Tang Wulin found her.

“Alright. I need ten name tags,” said Tang Wulin.

“Ten? There are ten of you?” Shen Xing involuntarily cried out in alarm.

Tang Wulin took a glance at her. “That’s right. Do speak louder so all the Central Army Corps can hear you.”

Shen Xing said with a furious expression, “Why are there so many people? That’s insane. I’m not a fairy, how can I possibly take in so many people from your side.”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “You’ve already promised earlier and I believe that you have the capability as well. You can take us in batches. Your mission is completed as long as we can enter the War God Hall.”

Shen Xing spoke in rage. “So how are all of you going to leave. It’s impossible for so many people to enter War God Hall without being noticed. I don’t have the ability to take out all of you.”

Tang Wulin cracked into a mysterious smile. “There’s no need to take us out. You only need to take us in. We will manage to leave the place. Could it be that you think that a general is incapable of walking out of War God Hall?”

Shen Xing’s eyes were shimmering with unstable emotions. “Then I’m going to do something about the request…”

“Stop. I’ve already hit my limit by agreeing to your conditions. If you try to propose a new request, I’ll have no choice but to coerce you. You should know that there are many ways to coerce a person.” Tang Wulin’s gaze swept across her body as he was speaking.

At this very moment, his gaze looked as if he was possessed by Old Demon Lust. Shen Xing trembled from seeing his gaze.

“How dare you…”

Tang Wulin smiled and returned to his usual self. “You’ve already said that a few times. It’s not that significant anymore.”

Even though Shen Xing was clenching her teeth in rage upon seeing his smile, she had no choice but to acknowledge that he was right. There was utterly no other choice for her. Who’s fault was it that a person could not win over the circumstance? His abilities were much more powerful than hers.

He was a Title Douluo-ranked powerhouse at the very least. Moreover, he was not an ordinary Title Douluo. She was utterly incapable of rivaling him.

Tang Wulin cracked into a faint smile. “Alright, now it’s your turn to tell me how you are going to take us into the War God Hall.”

Shen Xing ferociously glared at him yet Tang Wulin was not bothered by her action for the slightest.

She inhaled a deep breath to calm her emotions and said, “I’m going to return and make some preparations first. Leave your soul communicator number with me.”

Tang Wulin gave his number to Shen Xing.

Shen Xing stood up and left. “I’ll be contacting you later.”

Tang Wulin gazed after her departing silhouette as she walked toward the door. This time, he did not stop her.

On the contrary, Shen Xing walked to the door when she suddenly turned around and looked toward him. She said, “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll never come back again after leaving? You can’t do anything to me as long as I don’t leave the Central Army Corps.”

Tang Wulin looked at her with apparent seriousness. “I trust you.”

“You…” Shen Xing was at a loss of words. She stamped her foot before she left in quick strides.

Tang Wulin gazed after her departing silhouette. His eyes were shimmering with radiance as he pondered. Did he trust Shen Xing? He could not completely trust her. Shen Xing did not notice but a blade of Bluesilver Grass attached with Tang Sect’s newest technology was already placed on her body. It was a rice grain-sized bug. The bug was also equipped with a micro interference device that could interfere with the detection of any soul devices.

Tang Wulin turned on his soul communicator and said, “Test the effect of the transmitter.”

“Sure.” Ling Zichen’s voice was heard echoing from the other end of the communicator.

Tang Wulin paid the bill and left.

He immediately returned to the villa in the Western Suburbs after leaving Starview Resort.

He arrived at the meeting room and found that all sorts of equipment were already set up there. Ling Zichen was seated in front of three screens and her fingers were rapidly tapping on buttons.

The screens displayed the topography of West Mountain precisely.

At present, a small red dot was moving swiftly on the map. It was apparent that the red dot represented Shen Xing’s location.

The rest of the six people from Shrek Seven Monsters, A Ruheng, and Sima Jinchi were all there.

When they saw Tang Wulin walk into the room, the expressions on their faces suddenly turned rather peculiar for some unknown reason.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Tang Wulin asked in puzzlement.

Ling Zichen sneered. “If you don’t want anybody to know, don’t do it in the first place.”

Tang Wulin was speechless. “Since when did I do something that I don’t want anybody to know? What’s going on?” When he asked the question, Xie Xie was the first person that could not refrain himself from laughing.

Ling Zichen pressed a button. “Listen to the playback.”

The audio was turned on. A rustle was heard at first. Soon, a ‘thud’ sound appeared. It sounded just like a car’s door being closed.

“Bstrd, bstrd, bstrd! This fellow. Why does it have to be this fellow again? He has been haunting my nightmares for so many years, is that not enough still? Why does he have to come looking for me? Why does it have to be him again!”

The voice in the audio naturally belonged to Shen Xing.

‘Nightmare? Me?’

Tang Wulin pointed to his nose. The people by his side nodded in unison. Their gaze became even more peculiar as they looked at him.

“I’ve already managed to stop having those embarrassing dreams, yet this fellow has actually appeared before myself in real life. Why does it have to be this way! I truly wish that I could kill him. Yet, why do I have to become softhearted and agree to his request? I am obviously aware that doing this is in violation of the army’s morality. Shen Xing, what’s going on with you? Why are you doing this!”

“I’m confused, so confused. It’s all my sister’s fault for forcing me to go on a blind date. Otherwise, I won’t be taken advantage of by this scoundrel. Back then it was definitely not as simple as having a dream. He must have done something to me. He’s poison, he must be the poison. I hate him so much!”

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