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I Give Myself Quite A Scare For Being Too Crazy

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Almost every single one of the students felt like their blood was boiling with righteous enthusiasm, especially when they witnessed the gold-red radiance rise up accompanied by countless gold-red dragon patterns emerging from the spacious area inside the coliseum.

‘This is just what someone with incredible abilities should be like! The Pavilion Master’s transformation was truly amazing.’

Yi Zichen was clenching his fists subconsciously. There was only one thought on his mind at this point. ‘I’m going to make myself powerful too. There will come a day when I’m going to be just as powerful as the Pavilion Master. This is the might of the soul masters!’

The Dragon Core and soul core inside Tang Wulin’s body were fully mobilized. Even his spiritual power had formed into a small, condensed protective shield on his chest to surround the short spear completely.

Dragon Air covered every single one of his scales. His three-word battle armor was also fully unleashed and even his Blood Golden Dragon Domain was brought into play.

With his cultivation base, he was certainly capable of coping with a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition. However, that was if he was taking the blow from the front and not trying to contain the blast with his body.

He had no idea what sort of force would burst out from the short spear in his arms, but there was no time for him to consider that at the moment. The only thing on his mind was protecting Shrek at all costs.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…


Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He had been giving everything he had in preparation for the blast. He braced himself in anticipation, but the explosion never came. The short spear seemed to have lost its energy. It laid in his arms quietly with only a faint shimmer from its Positive Circulation Source Core remaining.

It did not explode?

“So you really think that I’m a lunatic, huh? You fool.” A mocking voice came echoing from the distance. The pink mecha was already struggling to its feet.

Tang Wulin had no choice but to acknowledge that her mecha’s durability was exceedingly shocking as well. As far as he could tell, she did not seem to have any difficulty getting up. It was apparent that she had not been injured by Tang Wulin’s attack at all.

Tang Wulin felt relieved. There was a radiant shimmer as he transformed back into his human form once again. “You’re really not out of your mind?” he could not help shouting in rage.

Ling Zichen shrugged. “I was only trying to trick you into changing your move. Who knew you would have such a dramatic reaction?”


For the first time in his life, Tang Wulin wanted to clobber a woman. He genuinely wished that he could savagely bash her up.

“Alright. That’s all for today. I can’t beat you. I can tell that you were showing mercy to me earlier. The energy fluctuation your body emitted in that split second already surpassed my ordinary load by fivefold. I’m no match for you. Of course, that’s only if I’m under my ordinary load.”

Tang Wulin rapidly got his emotions under control after the moment of shock and rage. He spoke coldly, “Then what if it wasn’t your ordinary load?”

Ling Zichen scoffed coldly. “I could blow you away with an explosion just the same. Do you believe it?”

“I don’t. If you weren’t a woman, humph…” Tang Wulin raised his hand and tossed the short spear at Ling Zichen.

The Positive Circulation Source Core on the short spear shimmered for a moment. Its descent was slow and controlled as it smoothly landed in her hand.

“You better believe it. Sometimes I get so crazy, I even give myself quite a scare. Now, I think that I’m qualified to help you complete the operation, yeah?” Ling Zichen retracted her pair of short spears. There was no telling how she did it, but the spears seemed to have fused right into her body.


Tang Wulin said, “Sure, but I have a condition.”

“Go ahead,” said Ling Zichen.

Tang Wulin spoke, “You must abide by my orders. Don’t take any presumptuous actions on your own at any time. Otherwise, you’re not allowed to join.”

“Sure, as long as it is reasonable.” For some reason, the female mad scientist suddenly seemed to be more easy-going.

Tang Wulin did not expect that she would agree so quickly and easily. He was feeling so astonished that he could not help pausing for a moment.

“I always keep my word. I’ll certainly do what I’ve promised,” Ling Zichen replied arrogantly.

“It’s for the best then. Let’s go.” Upon saying that, Tang Wulin retracted his battle armor and Blood Golden Dragon Domain. He walked back to Shrek Square in long strides.

The battle between them had actually lasted only for a short period of time. Nonetheless, this momentary period had overwhelmed the students watching the fight from the second floor.

The protective shield was so strong that they could not feel the energy fluctuations in the arena, but they found that sensing the consciousness displayed by the two opponents was breathtaking.

The person that understood the process of the battle the most was none other than Luo Guixing.

Luo Guixing could clearly tell that the pink armor was definitely not battle armor because it did not share the same characteristics.

The female opponent reacted to Tang Wulin’s unstoppable offensive with incredible energy, but she did not fuse her martial soul and soul power into her battle armor. Could it be that it was a mecha? How could a mecha be so powerful when it was so small?

Luo Guixing could not help wondering about this. He found the final scene to be rather odd because he could not figure out what happened.

Whatever the case, the battle had already ended. All he could do was acknowledge that it had been an incomparably lively lesson for the young students.

There was no need for Luo Guixing to ask as he could tell that they were deeply shocked just by looking at the students’ eyes. Moreover, their eagerness was greatly bolstered as well.

“Clap, clap, clap!” He clapped his hands to divert his students’ attention. “Alright, I’m not going to ask you about what you thought about that battle as I want you to convey your ideas to me with your next performance. We are going to enter the arena next. For the first round, Squadron One versus Squadron 2. Show me your capabilities. If you wish to become a powerhouse like the Pavilion Master, the only way you’re going to achieve it is with determination and a very long period of hard work!”

Tang Wulin walked in long strides in front of Ling Zichen. She had yet to retract her mecha, but she followed behind him quietly. As she watched his tall, slim figure in front of her, she found it truly hard to imagine that a human being was actually capable of emitting such terrifying energy by relying only on his own body. This man was indeed a mighty battle armor master!

She relied on her mecha, which was probably the only one of its kind in the world. It was because of this that she could become so formidable.

So, what did he rely on then? It was his intense cultivation.

Ling Zichen was not really an easy-going person, of course. If anyone else demanded that she abide by their orders, perhaps she would have given them a tight slap. Nevertheless, she had consented to being commanded by this man in such an unexpectedly obedient manner. This was because she had not forgotten his reaction when she mentioned that her short spear was equipped with the explosive force of a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition.

He did not evade or retreat, but he did his level best to use his body to contain the short spear. He was prepared to sacrifice himself to withstand the explosive force that could possibly cause a disaster.

Ling Zichen would never expect that an ordinary human being or a battle armor master’s body would be capable of withstanding the explosive force of a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition. She assumed that the man before her was incapable of doing so as well, yet he had tried all the same.

During that very moment, despite her super-assertive, perhaps even slightly hysterical, temperament, she could not help being deeply shocked by his actions!

He was guarding everything around him. He was trying to protect the academy. What sort of devotion was enough to drive a person to exchange his life for others?

Did he love the academy so ardently, just as she loved her research?

It seemed that this rather good-looking man was not a sissy, huh!

Both of them walked back to the reception room in a line.

At the push of a button, the mecha was removed and vanished soundlessly. Tang Wulin could not tell how she did it specifically despite his impressive spiritual power. This was not battle armor, but a mecha! It vanished like it had fused into her body. It was simply unbelievable.

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