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Fierce Battle Against Long Zichen

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This was because she was about to launch a counterattack, but the Golden Dragon Spear that Tang Wulin had launched so casually and gracefully cut off every possible direction.


However, Ling Zichen remained confident in herself as her specialized mecha was not so easily finished off. She crossed her short spears in front of her chest, exposing the middle of their shafts.

Tang Wulin’s powerful eyesight noticed that there was a spot of light at the centers of both of the short spears, slightly larger than those on her body. If one were to describe the rest of the light spots as the size of a sesame seed, the pair of spots on the short spears were about the size of a soybean.

A thought soon crossed his mind. Were the individual Positive Circulation Source Cores divided into different ranks as well?

In the next moment, he watched in astonishment as the two short spears began to glow in unison. Radiance shot out from the two cores on the spears. The radiance overlapped and fused into a pink beam that reached Tang Wulin almost instantly.

The intense feeling of danger made Tang Wulin’s hair stand on end. He utilized his spiritual domain almost without hesitation.

The light beam that had arrived before him paused at once. It seemed that it had been returned to the moment before it was fired.

This time, Tang Wulin could see even clearer. The Positive Circulation Source Cores on the two short spears had overlapped and fired a beam that was about the thickness of a soybean. It did not appear to be powerful, but Tang Wulin could sense that this beam was deadly. In fact, it was even more terrifying than the power of the heavy ion beam Long Yuxue had used before.

Her silhouette shimmered as she moved away from her original spot. The pink beam had shot past her body, but it did not vanish as soon as it was fired. On the contrary, it swept horizontally toward Tang Wulin’s body like a blade of light.

Tang Wulin dared not slow down at all and reacted to the situation in a split second. He used the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand to cut out an arc of light that struck the pink beam.

There was a piercing scraping noise and a violent blast.

Tang Wulin felt an intense explosive force lash at his body at once. It was as if a giant hammer had appeared before him and smashed into his body savagely.


What was that? That question had entered his mind as he watched in shock. In the next moment, he had been blasted away by the explosive force.

In midair, he swayed his body to alter his course, instantly breaking away from the beam’s strafing area.

The pink mecha transformed into lightning once again. The pair of short spears shot out countless glowing forms that chased after Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin had no choice but to acknowledge that her divine mecha was truly too swift. Moreover, it was capable of performing many extraordinary maneuvers. After engaging with her a few times, Tang Wulin had already noticed that the units of Positive Source Cores on her body did not just generate energy. Each one was also a thruster. It was these Source Cores that enabled the mecha to perform all kinds of movements under Ling Zichen’s control.

Tang Wulin found it hard to imagine that Ling Zichen’s body was capable of withstanding such intense impacts. The power of this mecha had far exceeded what he had expected. It could definitely be considered divine mecha. In fact, it could even surpass ordinary divine mechas.

However, Tang Wulin’s competitive nature was triggered at this exact moment. Was mankind’s technology truly capable of defeating a soul master’s painstaking cultivation? Perhaps it would be possible in the future, but at the very least, she would not do it just yet!

He pointed the Golden Dragon Spear forward and fired thousands of glowing forms. Tang Wulin’s formidable consciousness fused with his soul power and Dragon Core power. The power was channeled into the Golden Dragon Spear so it could shoot out its brilliant barrage.

The pink radiance was devoured almost instantly. It looked like Ling Zichen’s attack was covered by an enormous cloud of golden radiance. Then, the golden light turned into itself and consumed the pink radiance. It fused into a single form and headed toward her.

It was the Thousand Accusing Fingers!

Tang Wulin had used this move so often that he had become quite familiar with it. It was already instinctive. This was probably the spear technique that he had spent the most time cultivating.

He was once reputed as the Spear God beyond his time. The Spear God Wulin had defeated countless opponents with his Golden Dragon Spear.

No matter how strong a mecha was, its combat skills could never measure up to an experienced soul master.

Ling Zichen felt that her attack had fallen into a trap. It had been compressed in a split second, so fast that a sticky texture had appeared on her mecha. She could not even dodge if she wanted to.

‘Is this the might of an elite soul master?’

Ling Zichen thought about this, but she had no intention of giving up at this moment. Her competitiveness was almost as high as humanly possible. How could she concede defeat when she was confronted by Tang Wulin?

She raised the short spear in her right hand to a horizontal position. Once again, the Positive Circulation Source Core in the center of the spear glowed brightly and fired another stream of pink light.

There was a terrible booming noise, and the Thousand Accusing Fingers attack paused for a moment. The recoil blasted Ling Zichen’s body backward. As she was flung away, she quickly threw the short spear in her left hand.

“It’s equal to a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition!” her voice echoed through the air as all this was happening.

Tang Wulin was greatly startled. He did not doubt this female lunatic’s words at all. The energy bursting out of the Source Core on her short spear earlier was truly terrifying. If the Source Core was detonated, it would be hard to estimate the extent of the explosion.

Tang Wulin immediately braced for it. Yes, he did not withdraw but prepared for the blow. He would never allow this thing to explode inside Shrek Square.

Shrek Square was equipped with strong defenses, but the power of a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition was almost equal to the fully powered strike of a Limit Douluo. He had no idea if the place was capable of withstanding that. Dozens of Shrek’s students were on the second floor! If an accident were to happen, he would be to blame for the damage to Shrek.

Years ago, the Atlas Douluo sacrificed his life to protect them. How could he flinch when he was confronted by such an attack this time? He found that he was already charging toward the short spear almost subconsciously.

The Time Backtrack appeared once again. The short spear was returned to the moment when it had just left Ling Zichen’s right hand. Then, Ling Zichen witnessed something that was an experience of a lifetime.

A deep dragon’s roar echoed through all of Shrek Square and turned everything in the area golden in a split second.

An enormous gold-red array arose from the ground. It felt as if countless giant dragons were boldly roaring. Under the concealment of the golden light, Tang Wulin’s body began to grow and he transformed into a giant golden dragon. His front claw fiercely grabbed the short spear and held it in its grip. He quickly curled his whole body around the entire spear, tightly encasing it. Meanwhile, the gigantic golden dragon turned its body halfway around to fling out its long, slim tail.

In that moment, Ling Zichen felt as if her spirit and will had frozen completely. There was utterly nothing she could do, not even control her divine mecha. Then, she watched as the gigantic golden dragon’s tail swung at her and struck her body savagely.

The pink mecha was sent flying like cannonball and crashed onto the protective shield in the distance. Tang Wulin, in the form of his Golden Dragon King Avatar, closed his wings around the short spear, keeping it firmly against the inside of his body. He was going to use his body to contain the explosive force that could rival a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition.

“Boom!” As Ling Zichen smashed into the wall, red halos spread outward.

The students on the second floor had watched everything.

They could not hear Ling Zichen’s voice, but they could clearly see when Tang Wulin transformed himself into a golden dragon and lashed Ling Zichen away as he was spinning his body.

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