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Ling Zichen!

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“Pavilion Master, someone from the Tang Sect is here to see you,” a youth with a clean-looking face spoke respectfully to Tang Wulin.

As the Sea God’s Pavilion Master, he was assigned an assistant that was specially appointed to help him manage all sorts of affairs. The assistant had been chosen out of the inner court disciples. His individual abilities were rather mediocre within the inner court, but he was extremely intelligent and had a meticulous mind. His name was Li Ning.

“Alright. Please ask him to wait in the reception room. I’ll be there shortly.”

“Pavilion Master, the visitor is a woman. Moreover, she doesn’t seem to be a very pleasant person,” Li Ning told Tang Wulin.

Not a pleasant person? Tang Wulin was taken aback by the thought. He was the Tang Sect’s Sect Master! How could a person sent from the Tang Sect be unpleasant when they come to see him? Could it be that it was that person? However, how could they be a woman?

“Let’s go. We shall take a look.” Li Ning took Tang Wulin to the reception room.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw the woman was standing in front of the window outside with her hands clasped behind her back.

Her appearance was truly a rather odd sight to behold when viewed from behind.

She was dressed in a very ordinary uniform. II consisted of a tight, black, knee-length skirt and a black blazer that made her appear neat and tidy. One could see that she was wearing a formal white shirt under the blazer. Her long, black hair was tied into a bun and fastened with a wooden hair clip.

The unusual thing about her was that the curvature of her figure was different from the vast majority of women.

She had a very slim waist, yet the most glaring part was that her buttocks was so pronounced that it seemed almost disproportionate. It was round, luscious, and it could even be described as fleshy. She had a long pair of legs that complemented her pronounced bottom. There was no doubt that she was the epitome of sexuality.


Furthermore, due to the exaggerated curvature of her buttocks, all eyes would very easily land on that part of her body at first glance.

“Stop staring at my butt!” It was as if the woman heard their footsteps and turned around.

Her facial features were not especially attractive. She was certainly not on the same level as Gu Yuena. However, she had large eyes, a healthy complexion with a wheat-like hue, and a few freckles that adorned her face. Her entire person exuded wildness. On the other hand, she was wearing a pair of black-framed glasses. Wild as she may have seemed, she had a dash of professional feminism in her as well.

Tang Wulin could not help feeling slightly awkward upon listening to her words because he had actually looked at her buttocks. That being said, that would probably be the first thing any ordinary person would look at when meeting her. “Hello, I’m Tang Wulin.”

“So you’re the new Sect Master?” The woman walked over in long strides and sized Tang Wulin up and down without the slightest reservation. Judging from her appearance, she was about twenty-five or twenty-six years old. However, her actual age must have been slightly older, judging by her aura and eyes.

With his cultivation base, Tang Wulin could clearly sense that this woman’s blood essence was very exuberant compared to an average person. However, it was peculiar that there was not even the slightest soul power fluctuation coming from her body. Tang Wulin’s spiritual power was at Thought Concretization level, so it was almost impossible for anyone to conceal his or her soul power cultivation base before him. In other words, this woman could very possibly be an ordinary person.

“I haven’t asked you, what is your name?” Tang Wulin inquired calmly.

The woman spoke indifferently, “My name is Ling Zichen. You can address me as Director Ling. I’m from the Tang Sect’s soul ammunition research center!”

As expected, a wisp of enlightenment flashed past Tang Wulin’s eyes.

“Hello, Director Ling. Welcome to Shrek.” Tang Wulin stretched out his hand to greet her.

Ling Zichen did not extend her hand to shake his, but merely lifted her head and glared at Tang Wulin. Her burning eyes were half a head below his. “I’m expressing my utter dissatisfaction in regards to my being transferred here without any clear explanation or reason provided. Although you are the Tang Sect’s Sect Master, do you know how important my current research is? Stopping my research halfway is equal to stopping my train of thought. It’s going to take God knows how long before I can tidy up my train of thought once again. Our research has been carried out continuously for a total of three consecutive years by over one hundred and ten scientists. As the center’s director and the head scientist, my departure will greatly affect their progress. I hope that the Sect Master will be able to provide me with a reasonable explanation.”

Her temperament was truly impulsive! However, Tang Wulin could only reply to such rudeness with a flattering smile. Everything else aside, her numerous titles, especially her role as the head scientist, were enough to tell Tang Wulin that she must be very enticing for men. At the very least, she was the Tang Sect’s leading researcher in the field of fixed soul ammunition. Let alone Tang Wulin, perhaps even the two Limit Douluos would only be able to tolerate her and deal with her presence because of her talent. Whose fault was it that she was a capable woman?

“I’m very sorry, Director Ling. I was genuinely unaware that you were a researcher. It’s just that there’s something very crucial that we have to deal with, so we are now in need of your help. That is why we took the liberty to summon you here.” Tang Wulin was trying to be subtle.

Ling Zichen pouted her lips. “I truly don’t know what those two Excellencies were thinking when they appointed a sect master like you. You don’t have any guts at all. Tell me, what’s the point of being a good-looking man? You’re simply a sissy.”

Tang Wulin was stunned by her words. It was fine that she was not in a good mood, but why would she make personal comments like that? She had a malicious mouth!

“Alright. Tell me quickly. What do you need me for? After this has ended, I’ll still need to return as soon as possible. I’ll give you half a day, no, three hours’ time. I don’t think that you’ll have an issue that requires more than that for me to solve.” Ling Zichen talked fast, her words akin to bullets.

Tang Wulin said, “Director Ling, I’m afraid that this issue can’t be solved in three hours or half a day. Due to secrecy concerns, we didn’t inform you of the exact reason before you came. I’ll be telling you personally now. There’s no need for you to know about our motives, but following this, we’ll be carrying out a secret operation. I’ll need you to cooperate and work with us on this task.”

As he was speaking, Tang Wulin waved his hand. The light in the surrounding area immediately distorted at and enshrouded around them. Even a Limit Douluo could not possibly eavesdrop on their conversation in a spiritual shield of this level. Of course, no other advanced equipment could do that either.

“Go ahead.” Ling Zichen did not appear to be fascinated by the changes around her at all. It was apparent that it was not her first time seeing this.

Tang Wulin said, “We’re going to steal the Eternal Heaven. You’re involved in the research into fixed soul ammunition, so…”

At this point, Ling Zichen suddenly took a big stride and charged at him. She grabbed the front of his shirt and vigorously tried to pull him toward herself. Yet, how could she possibly have the strength to move Tang Wulin? There was a tearing sound as the fabric of Tang Wulin’s top ripped, revealing his impressive musculature underneath.

Ling Zichen seemed to be unaffected by the sight. Her charming eyes widened as she looked at Tang Wulin. “What did you say? Say it again!”

Tang Wulin was startled. She had charged at him so suddenly that he had almost slapped her out of instinct. Fortunately, he reacted to the situation quickly and stopped himself from doing so. Otherwise, perhaps the Director Ling would have been reduced to dust in the wind.

“I was saying that we’re going to steal the Eternal Heaven. It seems like you know it well,” said Tang Wulin.

“I know about it! Of course, I know about it!” Ling Zichen suddenly turned incomparably excited. “That’s awesome. Someone is finally willing to do it. If I’d been capable, I would have already gotten hold of it. You’ve found the right person, because no one knows the Eternal Heaven better than I do.”

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched. “Given that, I don’t think that this matter can be settled in three hours or half a day. Look, Director Ling…”

Ling Zichen spoke without hesitation, “Even if you were to push me away now, I’d never leave.” She raised her finger and poked on Tang Wulin’s pectoral muscle, saying, “I’m beginning to think of you more as a man now!”

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