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The possibility of successfully stealing it from the warehouse was almost zero. Even though a Limit Douluo was considered as a proud son of heaven in today’s world, following the advancement of technology there were quite a number of weapons that were made to target at Limit Douluos. The heavy ion beam that was once used in the Blood God Army was one such example. The weapon was produced to have a direct effect inside one’s body. Unless a person’s physical quality was as good as Tang Wulin such that they could cultivate the inside of their body, the person would be severely injured. Even the one hundred thousand year Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear was injured by it.

If he could not do it directly at the warehouse then there could only be one other possibility. Since Eternal Heaven was meant to terrorize the Dou Spirit Empire and Star Luo Empire, it would certainly be delivered to the federal fleet prior to the start of the second war. On the other hand, this delivery process could be his only chance of making a move.

The most crucial task now was to acquire intelligence related to the defense forces, the time of delivery for Eternal Heaven, and the delivery route. At the very least, he would need a time frame and the area covered. Only then they could possibly concentrate their strength and make a move.

‘I’m going to work in this direction now!’

After he tidied up his train of thought, Tang Wulin immediately departed to Heaven Dou City. It was the location where the two Limit Douluos of Tang Sect were present.

Tang Wulin quietly set out on the journey after disguising himself. He relied on his powerful cultivation to make his way to Heaven Dou City in just an hour. He met Amorous Douluo and Heartless Douluo.

“Stealing the Eternal Heaven? That is not an easy feat, you know.” Cao Dezhi deeply frowned. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and considered the situation. He was once a high-ranking officer in the army and was well aware of the military forces.

“Wulin, you have a great idea. If we are able to get a hold of Eternal Heaven, then all issues will be solved easily. I didn’t expect those people to be so malicious that they will force us to take part in the war.”

“Due to the importance of Eternal Heaven, there will be an army to escort during the delivery process. Do you know what is the significance of this?” Cao Dezhi said.

Tang Wulin considered the thought in his mind. “This signifies that an army will be devoting all sorts of efforts to guard it?”

“That’s right!” Cao Dezhi nodded. “On the other hand, an army will not only supply its fighting force but will also provide all sorts of reinforcements and even reconnoiter forces. The army assigned to protect the Eternal Heaven will certainly be the most skilled troops with the best technology. Their available monitoring equipment including their supervisory control in mobilizing satellites will be armed to the teeth. Any intruder will be discovered. In other words, you’re going to be confronted by the federation’s military powerhouses and the entire federal army’s artillery even before you can get close to the Eternal Heaven.”

Tang Wulin was well aware that the reconnoiter forces included the surveillance of satellites to the ground level and all sorts of reconnaissance radars. If there were spiritual power detection radars reinforced by thermal imaging detection radars in addition to soul power detection radars, then it was definitely not an easy task for him to infiltrate the place no matter how ingenious his disguise skills were.

Zang Xin said, “That is why it is extremely difficult to attempt stealing Eternal Heaven. We have no idea how many difficulties we will face. In fact, we can’t even begin to speculate. Due to our lack of ability to participate in the operation, the possibility of success is very small with only a few of you going.”

Tang Wulin nodded. “Understood. However, I still hope that I can give it a try. Mainly, I will be the one in charge of making a move because I have an escape method. Even if I fail, my identity will not be discovered and our safety will not be compromised.”

Cao Dezhi said, “This is a good direction to proceed in. If we can get a hold of Eternal Heaven, we can instantaneously free ourselves from the oppressor. Even though we won’t be utilizing the ammunition like them, it will be much easier for us to do things that we want with a strategic deterrent. There is no better way now. Don’t worry about Tang Sect, we will be doing it, right? This is a good opportunity so we shall agree to do so. We will take part in the preparation for the war first and make a certain contribution to the war in the name of Tang Sect so we can calm the hearts of those people. Then, we shall acquire more intelligence which will in turn be helpful to you.”

Tang Wulin said, “I will still need the help of Tang Sect’s research squadron because I don’t know the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition very well. In order to bring it back with its safety concerned, I will still need the guidance of related scientists. Do you have someone you can recommend?”

Cao Dezhi said, “No problems with it. Even though we can’t produce Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition, we still carry out a lot of research in this area. I’m going to assign the director of Dazzling Era Tang Sect’s soul ammunition research center to you. She will be providing you with all the technical support you need. However, she has a rather strange temperament so you’re going to have to be patient with her.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “It’s fine. The capable ones are always slightly different from the rest.” Could anyone be more strange than the seven old demons?

Tang Wulin found that he was not much concerned about it.

“Alright then, you should return to make preparations. Our Tang sect’s intelligence agency will be initiated fully at once to specifically gather data related to Eternal Heaven. We will be delivering intelligence in an endless stream to you.”

After everything was properly arranged, Tang Wulin returned to Shrek once again.

Shrek Academy remained calm as usual with everything operating normally like any other day. In fact, even the continent was calm as before. Yet, the war had already begun to brew in all areas.

Tang Wulin did not receive any more information from Mo Lan. However, he was well aware that everything told by Mo Lan to him earlier had most probably turned into reality. This was because when he dialed Mo Lan’s soul communicator number, it was revealed that Mo Lan had turned it off.

When the federal parliament was engaged in some important decisions, a strict blockade of information would be imposed on the members of the parliament. Not only was there enforcement of gag order, but every member would also be ordered to temporarily surrender all their communicators at the same time. This was done in order to ensure the confidentiality of important matters.

Perhaps the Dove Faction failed at suppressing the Hawk Faction. On the other hand, Hawk Faction was going to seize the opportunity provided by the war this time to maintain its absolute dominance in the parliament as well.

After all, Hawk Faction would have adequate space to maintain its dominance as long as there was support from the people of the Douluo Continent. As long as they could bring back abundant resources from the other two continents, everything that they did would naturally be accepted.

Even though there were pacifists amongst the common people, even more people would not empathize with war as long as it did not take place on their own continent. On the contrary, the acquisition of an adequately massive amount of resources would certainly result in more support for Hawk Faction.

Mankind’s dream to explore the cosmos had already existed for many years. Mankind had always been working hard towards this direction all this time. With the support of sufficient resources, cosmic exploration could be fully initiated.

Tang Sect had begun to receive information related to Eternal Heaven as well. The information was gathered rapidly.

The storage location for Eternal Heaven was considered the top secret of the continent so there was no way they could find out. As a result, the only possibility was for Tang Wulin to steal the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition on the route just as speculated by him.

The two great Limit Douluos of Tang Sect had already received notification. The federation invited Tang Sect’s Sect Master Tang Wulin and also the two Limit Douluos to take part in the meeting. Tang Wulin could naturally not attend the meeting because he needed to remain in Shrek to manage the overall situation. Therefore, Heartless Douluo and Amorous Douluo were heading to Mingdu City.

There was also information saying the Northsea Fleet had begun a new round of drill while the Sea God Army was being mobilized. However, the advancement direction was to Mingdu City so this piece of information was extremely precious to Tang Wulin. This had revealed explicitly that the Sea God Army could very possibly be the force that would deliver the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition.

The Sea God Army had only belonged to Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie’s jurisdiction. Chen Xinjie was the commander in chief for the previous expedition. It seemed like he was no exception this time as well. Whether it was his individual abilities or his control over the military, the Boundless Sea Douluo was genuinely the number one big brother in the military.

In the federal fleet, Blood God Army Corps was the most skillful troop of all. However, the Blood God Army Corps’ duty was to guard the snowy mountains in the west and overpower the abyssal passage there. The army corps could not leave their base. At the same time, Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi was the number one Blood God in Blood God Army Corps in the past. He had a deep-seated influence over the Blood God Army Corps. The federation would not trust the Blood God Army Corps in delivering the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition.

Hence, the delivery authority was given to the Sea God Army as the most reliable choice in the current situation.

The Sea God Army was powerful in its military strength and was equipped with all sorts of high-tech equipment in the federation. There was also Chen Xinjie who was personally overseeing the army making it as sturdy as iron. It was simply as difficult as climbing into the sky for someone to attempt stealing the Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition from them.

Although Tang Wulin had already predicted correctly based on all sorts of information available to him, he had not come up with an idea on how to make a move.

The only thing he could do now was to wait. He was waiting for more information to be delivered to him. He cultivated every day in proper order. He was not only forging but he had also begun to pick up those abilities taught by the seven old demons back then. Moreover, he was also engaging in joint training with the rest of the seven monsters.

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