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The Term Begins

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It had been some time since his breakthrough to the rank of a Hyper Douluo. If he had developed his cultivation without any interference, he could possibly have cultivated to rank-96 or even rank-97 by now.

However, he had not achieved it. He had suppressed his cultivation base at rank-95. He did not elevate his cultivation base but preferred to build a strong foundation first. At the same time, he was guiding the planar power which he had control over to infuse the remaining four layers of seals so that the seals were more stable.

In a sense, the planar law was very similar to a god power. The seals inside his body were formed with the god power of Tang San back at the beginning. Hence, Tang Wulin was capable of stabilizing the seals to a certain extent after mastering the planar law.

Tang Wulin condensed his elevating soul power intentionally. He then suppressed it with the power of Ice God’s Pearl which was gifted to him by Gu Yuena. The soul power was condensed into his dragon core such that his cultivation base could not be elevated anymore.

His action helped stabilize the Golden Dragon King Seal. At the same time, Tang Wulin need not worry about the danger caused by the Golden Dragon King Seal were he to elevate himself in the future. Also, he would be able to make himself powerful within a short time.

As to the extent of his power, it was difficult for him to gauge now. However, he was comfortable with his method of condensation and the suppression of his cultivation base which suited his needs currently.

The faint seven-colored radiance turned denser gradually and illuminated the entire room with seven bright colors. It was the pure elements drawn in by the planar power to baptise Tang Wulin’s body. As he breathed, these elemental energies turned denser almost akin to a solid substance which spiraled around his body .

It was early morning the next day!

“Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang!” Nine melodious bell chimes were heard echoing inside Shrek Academy. The sounds lingered in the air but soon spread out toward the Sea God Lake in the distance.

The bell chime was the call for a gathering. It was Shrek Academy’s tradition to ring the bell nine times when all the staff, teachers, and students were required to attend an assembly. It signified the announcement of an important matter to the community.

Today was also the beginning of the term for Shrek. The bell chimes indicated the new term’s opening ceremony was about to begin!

A hundred and seventeen students from the outer court had already gathered in the spacious arena guided by the teachers.

When compared to the assembly of all the six grades during Shrek’s prime, the numbers in the present assembly was hardly significant. In fact, the total of over a hundred people appeared insubstantial in the vast arena.

Nonetheless, it signified a new glorious beginning for Shrek!

A wide platform was built in front of the arena. At present, Tang Wulin was standing at the center of the platform while the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters were standing by his side. He was joined by the outer court president Wu Zhangkong and a group of teachers from the outer court as well.

Tang Wulin was satisfied to see the enthusiastic, fiery looks in the eyes of the students. Actually, he was the first user who experienced the illusion created by the Seven Holy Abyss.

He had watched the illusion five consecutive times. Despite being busy, he still managed to watch it five times.

He saw his parents when they were young. He saw his parents when they initially entered Shrek Academy. He even cried in silence when he saw them the first time.

He found that he did not bear the slightest grudge against the seven old demons from that moment onward. His father appeared normal while his mother was beautiful. The experience made a wonderful impact on his mind. It was enough for him. Although he was a greedy person, he was no longer insatiable anymore!

Undoubtedly, these children before him experienced the same memories. They had all witnessed the origin of Shrek Academy. It was precisely Shrek’s inner secrets and traditions, only that it was perfectly presented by the seven old demons.

No matter how wealthy the Spirit Pagoda was, they were still ten thousand years behind Shrek Academy. They were not aware of the sacrifices that the seniors and elders of Shrek Academy went through for the academy.

The first generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters once countered the dark powers back at the beginning. Otherwise, the fate of the continent would be dire had the War God Hall dominate the world.

The founder of the Tang Sect and the first generation of people from Shrek were the true heroes of history. It was not something found in stories. On the other hand, the reality truly affected the people.

These children were at the ages of eleven or twelve. They were at the age where they could be influenced most easily. Every single one of them was as pure as a plain sheet of paper. Shrek was going to draw their illustrations on these blank sheets of paper. Their acceptance into the Seven Holy Abyss was to assess their ideologies and morality. The result was beyond expectation judging by the present situation.

One hundred and seventeen students were divided into four classes. There were three classes with twenty-nine students each and one class with thirty students.

The teachers of all the four classes were close to Tang Wulin. The teacher of Class One was Luo Guixing who once had the moniker of the Shackler.

The teacher of Class Two was precisely Wu Siduo. As for Class Three, the teacher was the Immortal Xu Yucheng, while the teacher of Class Four was the Duskgold Bear Yang Nianxia.

They were all Tang Wulin’s classmates in the past.

Apart from the Jade Snake Zheng Yiran who was doing his research on toxins, the four of them were the appointed teachers of the four outer court classes.

Currently, they were standing in front of their classes as they looked at Tang Wulin on the platform.

Tang Wulin felt like he was in a trance as he looked at the hundred or so people below the platform. A decade ago, he was standing below the platform. He was feeling anxious and enthusiastic at the same time as he observed the young people who were ready to begin their new semester. He yearned to be a new student of Shrek Academy again. Yet, he was now standing on the platform as the helmsman of Shrek Academy.

“Hello, everyone. I’m Wu Zhangkong, the president of Shrek Academy’s outer court.” Wu Zhangkong spoke in a sonorous voice, “From today onward, all of you are members of the academy. Perhaps, you’ve heard that Shrek Academy was once the target of the evil forces and suffered from the great catastrophe. We have yet to recover fully from the sorrows of that great catastrophe even now. In any case, all of you should be well aware of Shrek’s tradition as the number one academy on the continent.”

“The reconstructed Shrek is not that different from its past. Our requirements remain as strict as before. If there comes a day when you find that you can’t keep up with the pace of our academy, then I’m sorry. You’ll have to leave Shrek. Shrek breeds monsters only, not ordinary people. Over here, your only mission is to ensure that you’re a part of the monster lineup.”

Wu Zhangkong’s expression remained cold as ever. As compared to ten years ago, there was utterly no way to spot any difference in his appearance. As he stood by Wu Zhangkong’s side, Tang Wulin suddenly found it rather amusing, because it was his first time hearing Wu Zhangkong giving such a long speech.

The icy-cold Teacher Wu was the overbearing President Wu now. He remained Tang Wulin’s idol with his white robes, blue sword, and an icy-cold demeanor, the same as before. His cold character would never change till eternity.

“Next, we shall invite the Sea God’s Pavilion Master, the helmsman of the academy, His Excellency Dragon Emperor Douluo Tang Wulin for a speech.” Wu Zhangkong introduced Tang Wulin after his opening speech.

Tang Wulin took a step forward while Wu Zhangkong stepped back naturally. Tang Wulin gazed at the young men with excited looks below the stage.

“A martial soul is a marvelous power bestowed by the Douluo Continent. It comes in many forms and it’s everywhere. Even an ordinary person can benefit from a martial soul. If your martial soul is a hoe, then your ability to dig the ground is better than others. If your martial soul is an axe, then you can chop down more trees than the others. On the other hand, every person here including myself are the recipients of heaven’s blessings. This is because we’re not only bestowed with martial souls, but we have associated soul power as well. It makes us become the soul masters we truly are.”

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