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Natasha p.o.v

Jason walked into the mansion since he left with Kim. Look at the time. Where are you coming from by this time are you dating Kim now. Now at least you will wait till the contract is over.

Before you go back to Playboy life at least I leave mine because of you. I said sounding jealous. But I don’t care.

Someone is getting jealous he said with a smirk. So annoying. Me getting jealous of you. Tour wish you dreaming wake up from your dreams and face reality I can never get jealous of you I said.

I just felt you should give me that respect as your fake fiance. Even though I knew deep down am jealous. You mean you don’t care he asked with a sad expression.

Ok what if I want us to make this contract real will you agree he said. I was very happy inside I wish what he’s saying is true. This past days I spent with him is lovely. I think I like him.

Am just joking he said. And gave me a package that’s the cloth you will be wearing to the date I promised you since Jane spoilt the other one he said and walked past me to his room.

I wish Jane is still here. What’s wrong with me firstly I got jealous because he went out with Kim. And now am wishing Jane should be around so I can sleep with him in his room. What are you doing to me Jason.

I just then Jayden call cane in what did this guy what from me I need to pick the call and place him in his place.

Jayden p.o.v

Am so happy when Natasha pick my call.

📞 Hello she said.

📞 Hi dear am very sorry for what I did to you at the dinner I don’t know what came over me I really love you I said.

📞 Jayden have forgiven you since. That’s not love Jayden is obsession you are just obsessed with me. And I will appreciate if you just stop pestering me and stop stalking me about.

Please am engaged and I really love him.

📞 What about me you don’t love me. You and I know I never love you I just date you out of pity and because of your money am sorry she said.

📞 But I love you. I said.

📞 I like you too. But not love it has to be love for us to come together. Am sorry we can’t continue to date. And I will be happy if you stop stalking me.

Because you are striving against the wind and it can’t work.

She said and cut the call. Watch your back Natasha if I can’t have you know one will not even Jason you are mine and mine alone.

Natasha p o.v

Am sorry for Jayden I don’t love him and he knows. Cause back to when we are still dating I told him but he keeps pushing things.

I don’t love him and I don’t want to keep receiving him not when am in love with someone else.


We both laughed

wholeheartedly as we walked hand in hand. Actually Jason e busy cracking jokes he is very funny.

Now we are in the restaurant we order our food and ate in silence not until Jason Break the silent. Have someone told you how beautiful you are he said and that make me blush thank God my hair is covering my cheeks cause am sure it will be red now.

Hmm thanks I said feeling nervous. If you don’t mind I have something to show you when we are done he said and o blush more. After we finish eating at the restaurant.

We went to the park. I really enjoy my self thanks to you I said but he just smile. We got into the car and and he said we are going to where the things he wants to show me is.

We got down from the car and he closed my eyes with his palm. He removed his palm from my eyes and I was shocked with the things am seeing this has always been my dreams.

Unknown p o.v

What about the person I said you guys should watch for me I asked two of my boys I assign to watch her. Sir she’s with Mr Jason Williams now and there’s a rumour she’s his fiance he said.

What you guys are incompetent why don’t you inform me as soon as you see her there. I said and bring out my pistol and shot at them I don’t need an incompetent fool like you.

I called the others to pack them up. This will be harder than I thought know one messed with the Williams family and go scout free am doomed. But that doesn’t mean I will give up not now not anytime soon.

I call 3of my boy and assign them. Make sure you inform me anytime you see her leave the mansion alone. Am doing this for my children.

Who’s this unknown and who is he talking about.

What advise did you have for Jayden.

And what did you think Jason surprised Natasha with.

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