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Mrs Williams p.o.v

A message pop into my phone I check it and saw a message from Jayden. I open the message and saw Natasha picture. Am not surprised to see it cause she already told me and I asked her to delete those pictures from her page.

How did Jayden see this cause I told Natasha to delete it. I put a call across to Jayden.

📞 Hello mum he said

📞 How are you dear.

📞Am fine

📞 I saw the message you sent me thanks I really appreciate but she have told me before. She’s e change person now I will like you to do me a favor dear.

📞 What is the favor ma

📞 Delete those pictures from your phone can you do that for your mother

📞 Alright ma anything for you.

I cut the call and put a call across to Natasha.

📞 Hello mum she said and I smile.

📞 How are you my baby am not happy with you.

📞 What’s my offence ma she said.

📞 I asked you to delete those pictures from your account but you don’t.

📞I deleted it ma. Where did you see it she asked.

📞 Jayden send me how did he get those pictures.

📞 Mum I forget to tell you he’s my ex boyfriend so he have the picture with him.

📞 Oh I see. I want to go my regards to your husband I said and cut the call

Chris p.o.v

This is the fourth time I will be coming to Jane house but are friend said she’s not around. Please just tell me what happen to her have been calling her number but she’s not picking my calls. I don’t know if she’s fine there.

Actually I don’t want to lie to you cause you have been a great person to me. She’s pregnant with your child. Wow am so happy right now. But why didn’t she tell me. Am not in the right place to tell you but am doing it for my friend. She’s busy chasing a man that doesn’t love her.

What did you mean I asked her. She said she doesn’t love you anymore so force the pregnancy on someone else and she’s living with them right now. Can you give me the address of the house she is staying now. Hope no problem she asked.

Nope I want to go and bring her back. I said and she gave me the house address.

Natasha p.o.v

Am ready I said how did I look I asked Jason. You look like a frog he replied you are not even romantic I fake hurt sorry baby am just joking with you. He said and I smile. My smile faded when I saw Jane dressed in the same outfit with mine.

Hope you aren’t planning on going with us I asked. What doesn’t look like you guys what to go out and leave only me inside this house is not possible she said.

Am sure you are joking Jason asked. If you don’t want me to call and report to your mother that you guys treat me like trash you have to take me along she said. Infact am not going again.

I don’t know why. But am not happy with it and I don’t think I can go with them again. I went inside the room back to change my cloth. Jason enter the room and pulled off his clothes also why are you pulling off your cloth you can go with her i said. You are the one I want not her he said and I smile.

I went into the kitchen to get a drink I put the drink inside the cup and heard to the darling. Darling your phone is ringing Jason called. And I went inside to pick my phone.

Jane p.o.v

I watched closely to see if Natasha is out of sight I brought out the poison I bought. I bought it yesterday to use for her. If she’s out of the way. I will have Jason to myself. I empty it inside the drink. The person that gave me said half. But that half won’t be okay that’s why I empty everything inside the drink. I heard footstep and I run to sit down she came back and say on the dinning she wants to put it in her mouth and I smile.

Jayden p.o.v

Since my first plan didn’t work I will have to go for the second one if I can’t have you Natasha no one will. I said and put across to one of my boys. I need you in my house right now I said and cut the call.

Kim p.o.v

JASON called me now that he wants to see me hope there’s nothing wrong with Natasha cause am having a bad feeling like something is not right the worst part is she’s not even picking my calls. I really pray nothing happens to her cause she’s my only family.

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