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No one should ask me how the hell I got a gun.

That’s my privacy and no one else’s. I don’t even know if it’s right I use it on Stephanie.

I’m forced to the this.

No harms attached. I’ll only use it for threats.

She’ll be so scared if I do this and I swear she won’t dare mention a word to anyone about what she saw last night.

I won’t harm her

I promise not to…I just have to put up some action.

I gotta look tough to her so she wouldn’t think I’m playing games with her when a gun is pointed to her empty skull.

It’ll be Alot more easier for me to do this cause she’s my roommate and the whole shitty stuff will be done right here in this room without the other nuns getting to know about it.

I concluded as I waited patiently for her on the bed with the gun tucked deep into my Casock.

I don’t have to scare the moment she enters the room with the gun boldly on my hand. I don’t intend to ruin plans.

I breathe hard and continously tapped my feet on the floor. Counting slowly to my pace.


After I left Samantha’s room that afternoon, I had expected my mind to come at peace since I’ve finally done it’s bidding.

But it wasn’t.

My heart was still troubled as ever and I didn’t know what to do about it anymore.

Does this feeling imply I should confide in someone else about these two.

I bit hard on my lips on that question. If that’s what the Feeling is all about, who am I gonna confide such in?

No one understands me perfectly an….


The name suddenly surged into my thoughts.

She’s away from the convent and bet I need to tell her. She might be the only one that’ll understand so well.

I have this strange feeling she’s the right person for This.

I blinked back my nervousness and slowly walked my way to the call center service available for the nun.

I’m not that opportuned to own a phone in this convent. Besides to me, it’s more than a distraction and I can’t imagine a toy pulling me apart from my creator.

Luckily, I knew Miriam’s house call line so without wasting Time, I dialed it and it began ringing.


I was inside my room that day when I got a call from my mom downstairs.

“Miriam… There’s someone on the phone” she called out.

“On the phone? Who?” I shouted back from the room.

“She says her name’s Stephanie”

“Stephanie? Oh my God Stephanie?”

I squeaked dashing out of my room.

I never thought she’d call. Does it mean she’s Missing me already.

“I’m here” I notified taking the phone from mom


“Miriam..” I could sense the excitement in her voice.

“I was beginning to think you aren’t missing me” I pouted a little.

“That’s ridiculous” she scoffed.

” I miss you everyday”

“I miss you guys too. Don’t worry just few more days left and I’ll be back to the convent”

Back to the convent….

I sighed out at my very own words. Do I really want to go back?

I’ve made peace with mom and my stay here is going smoothly already.

Do I really have to go back?

“Can’t wait for that Munchkin” she retorted… Taking a long pause.


“Yes Steph” I answered.

“Uhm… There’s something I wanna tell you” she slowly stated out almost in a whisper.

“Why are you whispering?” I arched a brow.

“I don want anyone to hear it aside you. That’s why”

“Oh.. Kay” I shrugged.

.”so what’s it about?” I inquired.

“It’s a secret about Pat and Samantha” she whispered, this Time very low.

Those two? So finally they have a secret.

I really don’t trust those nuns. I knew from the very start that they were hiding something.

Cause right before I travelled down here. I had my suspicion

“Okay, I’m listening”


👒 Minutes after the Call 👒

I finally told Miriam everything.

I feel a little bit okay qnd my conscience now is at rest.

I trust Miriam and I know right now, she’s cooking something up for those two.

.I never made a wrong decision by telling her.

I assured myself as I walked back to my room. I slightly opened the door and closed it immediately I made my way through.


“Good evening Stephanie” I heard a voice which obviously was patley’s..

I almost jumped out from my skin the minute I saw she was in the room

” I received your message”

She drawled out, her hands cloaked into her Casock.

“I wasn’t sure.. so I….”

She paused bringing out her hand and OMG😱😱😱

Is that a….???

“… I came to hear the message directly from the source”

She smirked, blowing air into the tip of the gun as she firmly held it against herself.





TBC ✍️


One word for Stephanie please 😔

© Angel Louis 💞

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