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Jarvis: I have come as you said

( he closed his eyes )

Voice: now that you have seen me inform of a man before

Jarvis: can I open my eyes

Voice: you can, since you have develop your powers and abilities even becoming one of the strongest metahuman ever also superheroes.

( Jarvis open his eyes only what he could see was light the light was bright indeed in which normal human can’t open his eyes to see, he couldn’t see nothing )

Jarvis: am not seeing you

Voice: actually you can’t, does who have the same level of power as can see my true form, but for you, you can’t.

Jarvis: anyway let go straight to the point, we just lost priest joke now

Voice: I see everything

Jarvis: then why don’t you help us also we can’t handle this anymore since the villain has got the legendary power and for the last, you have to defeat him by yourself

Voice: I have said to you long time that, I want to trained you for future and this is the future we are waiting for.

Jarvis: oh no, it can’t possible

Voice: remember my world, those who laugh last laugh best

Jarvis: I knew that well,but why can’t you handle this by your self

Voice: a time will come that I will not be able to fight for earth, so I will have to bring up a new heroes

Jarvis: I understand this, but you have to help

Voice: if I want to destroy Hoxo within short period of time, I will, all what I need to do is to snap him, and wiped him out of existence with my will power but I will not

( Jarvis was amazed on hearing that )

Jarvis: please help, peoples are losing their lives

Voice: the Sovereign one will restore them back

Jarvis: did you mean that

Voice: yes, but I will encourage you with something

Jarvis: what is that

Voice: listen to my parable

Jarvis: ok I think it will be interesting indeed

( he show more concentration in it )

Voice: I have tell

Jarvis: how is that possible

Voice: what ever you imagine say it

Jarvis: is it an enchantment

Voice: I put it in your mind

Jarvis: I could feel it, you are really awesome

Voice: now I am hearing

Jarvis: ok ok A short time ago their was a dimension filled with wonderful magics,but the darkness came unto power and the great battle begin,an army of the undead led by a powerful warriors,swarmed over the land, setting their site on human realm and beyond all seem hopeless when a region of brave and true warriors came forth against the insurmountable odds.

They battle heroically and drove the evil back from the edge of the human world and the bravest wizard of them all cast a spell that send the army into the underworld and he sealed darkness inside a mysterious giant gate for eternity and the evil disappeared from the surface world.

But a great victory comes great loss, the human world never knew of the great battle or the sacrifices made to save them from destruction,even till this day, they live in peace totally unaware of what is about to awaken.

Voice: that is really nice, you are the one that can stop this you are the one that is going to send them back to where they supposed to be but know this, you have to believe in your self and what you can do, just believe yourself and you will do it,as you can see, many couldn’t realize the sacrifice you are doing now but for you, you did what is right, just wait and see, they will gather together and praise you at the end and they will testify what you have done.

Jarvis: thanks for that

Voice: you don’t need to thanks me but only thank the sovereign one the Trinity and the true God of all omniverses and the entire universe

Jarvis: so you really believe in God

Voice: I did than you humans

Jarvis: I have to go back now to the human world

Voice: you are free but don’t forget your identity as the true Keeper of Razia since Keeper has gone to rest, so you have to be the next keeper

Jarvis: thanks for that, but one more thing

Voice: what is that.

Jarvis: Hoxo is troubling me to team up with him and also he had arrest all my family members except my blood brother, I mean Jason

Voice: I have saw it, I saw them also

Jarvis: really

Voice: yes

Jarvis: then what am I going to do

Voice: I will lead you.

Jarvis: in what way

Voice: I will restrained you

Jarvis: I don’t understand what you are saying

Voice: it has been in the ancient prophecy that you are going to turn evil

Jarvis: how can that be real, I can’t I can’t

Voice: you don’t have the ability to change or rewrite the prophecy.

Jarvis: please let this pass from me, please let it pass

Voice: the prophecy have said it, you can check it in the book of the prophecy

Jarvis: I will not check it, since I know that it is going to be real by all course but you have to help me

Voice: their is nothing I can do if you want to defeat that cruel being and bring him out of existence.

Jarvis: I don’t understand your word, if I team up with him who his going to stop us, probably I won’t have his command, I won’t

( he nodded his head )

Voice: he will cast evil spirit spell on you

( Jarvis was amazed on hearing that )

Jarvis: oh no, but how long will it be and also who his going to team up with Fang, and who is going bring it out of me.

Voice: it will not be long and also your brother was the one that is going to cast it out with words

Jarvis: oh no, Jason doesn’t have super powers and abilities like me and also he was not a metahumanbeing, how can he

Voice: but he asked you a question previously that can he be like you while you answered him that he can become what ever he want to

Jarvis: how do you know

Voice: I am everywhere

Jarvis: he haven’t fight a monster before

Voice: yes he haven’t, I will lead him, I have lead many warriors and have makes them strong indeed even I have makes them kill some strongest beast.

Jarvis: anyway if you say that

Voice: bye for now

( he brings Jarvis back to the human world )

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