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The Invitation

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Yuanen Zhentian laughed and said, “A new generation triumphs over the old generation. It’s a good thing. You’re still lacking by far in the comprehension of the laws. Actually, you can inquire and discuss further with the Tang Sect Master. He has made much progress in this area.”

Although Tang Wulin was quite young, his status was no trivial matter. Moreover, the abilities he displayed were enough to gain the respect of everyone.

Yuanen Tiandang looked toward Tang Wulin and spoke smilingly, “If our young friend can be so kind as to teach me later.” Although it had been many years since he had cultivated formally, he had attained a calm state of mind nonetheless. It was not something that young people could lay claims to. For this reason alone, he was capable of ascending to a Limit Douluo successfully with Er Ming’s help.

Tang Wulin pondered for a moment before he said, “Uncle senior, I’ve a request. I wonder if it’s presumptuous of me to ask.”

Yuanen Zhentian spoke with a smile, “You’re one of us now. There’s no need for courtesy. Please speak frankly.”

Tang Wulin looked toward Yuanen Tiandang. “Uncle, I’d like to invite you to join Shrek Academy. Everyone knows that Shrek Academy encountered a great catastrophe and is now in the process of rebuilding. However, we lack excellent teachers. We’ve things that we need to do now. Hence, if it’s alright with you, I’d like to invite uncle and perhaps other seniors from here to join Shrek Academy. Apart from the usual amenities for the employed teachers, you’ll have access to the academy’s library.”

Yuanen Tiandang was stunned for a moment. He was immediately interested since he had just reunited with his daughter and was most unwilling to part with her again! However, he understood that his daughter would certainly return to Shrek Academy when the affairs here were settled. They would certainly part ways again, and he did not wish to be away from her.

Ever since the passing of his wife, his daughter was his only concern.

On the other hand, Yuanen Zhentian was not too happy with the turn of events. His eldest son’s condition had just returned to normal. Moreover, he was now a Limit Douluo, so no one else would be more suitable for the position of clan elder than him. Now was the time for him to build a good relationship with the different sectors of the clan. If he were to leave, it would undoubtedly affect his chances of inheriting the clan elder’s position in the future.

“Father, I’m willing to accept,” said Yuanen Zhentian immediately upon seeing his father’s hesitation.

“This is…” Yuanen Zhentian was unsure. It seemed quite inappropriate for him to reject Tang Wulin, yet neither was he willing to consent to the request.

“Father, how about this? Let me go.” Yuanen Tianshang stood up and walked over. “I’ve always yearned to go to Shrek Academy. I’m also all alone on my own. I’ll be at ease knowing that eldest brother will be by your side. If Shrek is willing to accept me, I’m willing to be an instructor there.”

Yuanen Zhentian smiled. He was about to speak when Tang Wulin was quick to reply, “We welcome senior Tianshang if you’re willing to come.

However, I’ve yet to disclose the terms of employment for our academy. Any person who is willing to accept the offer of employment and be a part of Shrek Academy will be provided with a set of four-word battle armor if the person is a Limit Douluo, or a set of spirit alloy metal three-word battle armor made from no less than three types of metals for a Title Douluo. Additionally, upgrades will be permitted on the original foundation battle armor.”

There was a commotion among the Titan Giant Ape Clan’s clansmen when they heard this.

A set of three-word battle armor would have amounted to astronomical figures. Generally, a soul master would be able to acquire a three-word battle armor in the Soul Douluo realm. A soul master with an especially powerful martial soul might qualify upon achieving the Soul Sage realm. Yet, most of the soul masters would only be able to truly own a three-word battle armor after achieving the Title Douluo realm.

This was not due to their lack of ability but because of inadequate resources to forge one.

Only a Saint Craftsman had the capability to forge the metal needed for a three-word battle armor. Yet, how many Saint Craftsmen were there? There were less than twenty Saint Craftsmen in the entire continent.

In comparison, there were more high-ranking mecha makers. It would be a long wait to get a three-word battle armor besides having to pay a costly fee. To own a set of three-word battle armor signified a qualitative leap for a soul master. Who did not want that?

It was a set of three-word battle armor! Its exorbitant monetary value was utterly immeasurable.

Ten years was considered the shortest time for a Title Douluo to spend designing and making a set of three-word battle armor. Hence, having a Saint Craftsman was considered as the foundation to a clan’s power.

In this case, Tang Wulin not only offered a three-word battle armor but a four-word battle armor too.

With the steep cost of a three-word battle armor, to own a four-word battle armor could only be described as being within sight but beyond reach.

There was only one Divine Craftsman in the entire continent, or for that matter the entire Douluo Star. He was the Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua. In addition, the rate of success for the Heavenly Refinement was exceedingly low even for a Divine Craftsman! It was almost prohibitive to complete a four-word battle armor.

One should not assume that just because the Limit Douluos of Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, and the Spirit Pagoda possessed four-word battle armors, it was easy for them to acquire the four-word battle armors.

Those were the inner secrets of these organizations for over ten thousand years!

Needless to say, the queue for the Divine Craftsman’s Heavenly Refinement was even longer. With every person in the queue being a Limit Douluo, only those great forces with profound inner secrets were given priority. Nonetheless, the cost was exceedingly high too.

Since there was only one Divine Craftsman, he had absolute control over the price.

For this reason, even the Spirit Pagoda was willing to protect the Divine Craftsman. Who was going to forge the four-word battle armor if not a Divine Craftsman?

The difficulty of the Heavenly Refinement in addition to the aging Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua resulted in the four-word battle armors becoming increasingly scarce.

Even the Underworld King Douluo Ha Luosa had to use a rare method to elevate his three-word battle armor to a four-word battle armor with great effort. Still, it was not a true four-word battle armor for that matter!

Ha Luosa was a quasigod-ranked Limit Douluo whose fame was widespread.

The people of the Titan Giant Ape Clan were not overly enthusiastic at Tang Wulin’s announcement. On the contrary, they seemed to think he was a madman.

How could that be? That was precisely the thought they had in their minds at the moment.

The battle armor was supposed to be tailor-made to one’s requirement. It could not be determined by the academy’s inner secrets!

Yuanen Tianshang could not refrain himself from saying, “Tang Sect Master, this is no joking matter.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Of course, how can I make a joke of this matter? However, there are conditions attached. Upon receiving the battle armor, one must teach in Shrek Academy for twenty years at least. After that, the person is allowed to leave or stay, but he or she will then own the battle armor.”

Twenty years was truly not a short time, but it was nothing compared to owning a set of three-word or even a four-word battle armor.

Only that, the group of people on the scene found it hard to believe his words.

“The captain is telling the truth.” Yuanen Yehui who stood by Tang Wulin’s side was ready to take over the responsibility of convincing her clansmen. Speckles of yellow radiances shimmered. The wings spread out behind her back as she unleashed her three-word battle armor!

With the enhancement of the three-word battle armor, Yuanen Yehui’s aura changed abruptly.

Her battle armor was named the Heaven Double when it was a two-word battle armor. When the battle armor was upgraded to the three-word stage, it was renamed the Heaven Double Transformation. The ‘Heaven’ character was the place where her Fallen Angel martial soul was expelled, whereas the ‘Double’ character was derived from her twin martial soul as well as Xie Xie’s twin martial soul. Lastly, the ‘Transformation’ character referred to the transformation of Xie Xie’s Time-space Dragon and also the alternating transformation of her martial soul.

Thus, she was known as the Heaven Double Transformation Yuanen Yehui.

Xie Xie had similarly unleashed his crystal gray three-word battle armor. His battle armor appeared to be the thinnest of all, but as soon as the battle armor was unleashed, it exuded a feeling as if Xie Xie had completely fused into the shadows. It was extremely peculiar.

The battle armor domain which measured over twenty meters in diameter beneath their feet revealed the magnificence of their three-word battle armors.

Xie Xie’s battle armor was named as the ‘Dragon Night Glory’ with ‘Night’ derived from the character ‘Ye’, and ‘Glory’ from the character ‘Hui’ which formed Yuanen Yehui’s name.

They were the Dragon Night Glory Xie Xie and Heaven Double Transformation Yuanen Yehui.

It was not that they were unwilling to unleash their three-word battle armors during the spar earlier. Had they done so, it would result in a lot of destruction in the gymnasium. So, the three of them did not unleash their battle armors but fought against one another in their ordinary forms.

The Title Douluos from the Titan Giant Ape Clan had their eyes peeled upon seeing the three-word battle armors cladded on their bodies.

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