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The Counterattack

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The air in his surroundings suddenly warped at this crucial moment as Tang Wulin’s Dragon Emperor Break paused for an instant. It was during that precise moment that Xie Xie’s silhouette had already vanished.

It was the Time-space Shuttle!

If this were the complete version of Dragon Emperor Break, Xie Xie would not have been able to do so. However, the simplified version of Dragon Emperor Break was broken in a rush and gave him the opportunity that could be exploited to his advantage. In addition, he was well prepared so he managed to successfully escape into time-space.

On the other hand, the Cloud Vortex Titan Divine Punch had already arrived in front of him during the momentary delay.

Tang Wulin’s eyes instantly turned into a golden color as his left hand was covered in Golden Dragon scales. He threw a punch as well without using any tricks.

One could see that a layer of Dragon Air over one foot in thickness covered the surface of his punching fist. However, it was peculiar that the Dragon Air was actually reducing when he threw the punch.

Yuanen Zhentian’s pupils become constricted for a moment. He could see that the Dragon Air was not reducing but it was being compressed. The thick and heavy Dragon Air was actually being compressed inward in layers when the punch was thrown.


At the very moment when Tang Wulin’s fist collided into the shooting Cloud Vortex Titan Divine Punch, a deep muffled sound was created. It was not the sound of the collision but it came from Tang Wulin’s chest. That was right. It was the sound of Tang Wulin’s heartbeat.

A violent booming noise shocked the entire scene. On the other hand, his bloodline power also burst forth at that very moment.


Terrifying airwaves exploded in a split second. It felt as if a layer of the golden light film had appeared in the area surrounding Tang Wulin for dozens of meters. On the other hand, the blasted Cloud Vortex Titan Divine Punch scattered off as yellow-brown radiance.

Tang Wulin stood on the same spot without moving while Yuanen Yehui had a change of countenance in the distance. She fell three steps back. Her feet had left behind deep footprints on the ground and she appeared to be rather pale.

Tang Wulin had taken a beating from Er Ming and Yuanen Zhentian’s Titan Divine Punch in the past. He drew a lesson from those painful experiences and reacted accordingly by adjusting and controlling his strength. The punch was known as the Golden Dragon Stacked Explosion. Even though it had not achieved the extent of Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law, the force produced from the compressed Dragon Air controlled through Tang Wulin’s spiritual power and complemented by Body Sect’s Innate Secret Technique’s bloodline outburst was exceedingly terrifying. There were also Golden Dragon Claw’s Smash feature that was fused into the attack.

As Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law’s two moves had taken form, his speed in combining all sorts of abilities for refinement had already increased.

On the other hand, at the time when Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui collided, he could only feel a cold sensation at the back of his neck. He did not realize that Xie Xie had already appeared behind his back. Xie Xie’s dagger shimmering with golden radiance swept across the back of his neck.

The timing was controlled with perfection. Most importantly, Xie Xie was still capable of traveling through time-space to arrive behind Tang Wulin’s back during such a terrifying collision. A collision of that level was sufficient to crush space and turn it unstable. How could Xie Xie still shuttle through space so easily?

Thick golden dragon scales appeared at the back of Tang Wulin’s neck with a mirror-like glow. At the same time, Tang Wulin did not even bother to turn around his head but he swung his right hand to the back so he could unleash the simplified version of Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law. Five streams of golden light blades interlaced into a stretch of terrifying blades of death in a small area. It was precisely the Golden Dragon Nirvana Divine Claw.

This was the terrifying attack brought by Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear’s right metacarpal bone and it was incomparably sharp.

Meanwhile, Xie Xie was displaying his true abilities. His entire person completed the alternation of illusion and reality five times in a split second. He shuttled through the incomparably sharp Nirvana Divine Claw that was trying to cut him into two halves at any time. Yet, the Golden Dragon Nirvana Divine Claw did not manage to strike him at all.

Xie Xie shuttled through the light blades and the Light Dragon Dagger still slashed onto the back of Tang Wulin’s neck in the end.

“Screech!” A piercing scraping noise was heard. A ghastly scene appeared. The golden scales at the back of Tang Wulin’s neck suddenly stood up and enlarged in a criss-cross pattern in an attempt to lock down the Light Dragon Dagger by force. At the same time, Tang Wulin leaned back his body and spurted out Dragon Air from his back. It was as if he was trying to use his torso as a gun muzzle to blast out a Dragon Air cannon to the back.

Xie Xie had a calm expression. He raised his left hand while his silhouette turned illusionary once again. A light shadow was dragged across the air as he completed three shuttles at lightning speed.

Even Yuanen Zhentian could not clearly see how Xie Xie did that. It had almost taken only one moment before Xie Xie had moved from Tang Wulin’s back to his side to dodge the aggressive collision. The Light Dragon Dagger and Shadow Dragon Dagger in his hands moved swiftly and interlaced into a layered net to separately chop onto Tang Wulin’s golden dragon scales and resulted in cut marks.

Such swift speed! Not only were Tang Wulin’s naked eyes incapable of catching up, but he also found that he was having difficulty catching up to the speed with his spiritual power’s judgment.

Reality and illusion alternated. In addition to the high-speed movement in a small area, Xie Xie felt more like a ball of storm at present.

The density of his attacks was truly too high. On the other hand, his main goal here was to entangle Tang Wulin such that the latter was rendered incapable of fully expressing his abilities.

Yuanen Yehui had already soundlessly arrived by Tang Wulin’s side in a flash as four pitch-black wings spread out behind her back and made her appear similar to her Fallen Angel avatar.

Purple-black flames arose from her as she cut towards Tang Wulin’s other side with her sword at an incomparably swift speed.

Dragon Air continuously burst forth from Tang Wulin’s body to block Xie Xie’s attacks. In the face of Yuanen Yehui’s surprise attack that struck his other side, Tang Wulin did not panic at all. He stamped his right foot on the ground as eight golden dragons surged skyward. It was precisely the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. It churned the space while simultaneously producing a powerful impact.

More importantly, Tang Wulin’s Mountain Dragon King Torso Bone burst out with Gravitational Control at the same time as he launched Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. The gravity within the area of fifty meters in diameter with his body as the center increased ten folds in a split second.

Both Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie’s movement slowed down by a moment.

Tang Wulin had finally managed to clear his hands. Golden radiance flashed once in his eyes while the resonant dragon’s roar burst out from his mouth.

“Roar…” It was Golden Dragon Roar, a double impact assault of soundwave and spiritual power.

However, a strange scene appeared at this exact moment. Xie Xie was seen brushing his hand against Yuanen Yehui’s right hand, then both of their silhouettes simultaneously turned illusionary. It was as if they had suddenly transcended this world and were completely unaffected by the Golden Dragon Roar.

In the next moment, both of them appeared above Tang Wulin’s head and evaded the assault from Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. The two silhouettes intertwined as Yuanen Yehui alternated her martial soul back to Titan Giant Ape and Xie Xie’s body was spinning at high speed. He shot straight towards Tang Wulin’s head as he descended from the sky like a spin top. Yuanen Yehui’s hands slapped onto his feet to unleash Cloud Vortex Divine Punch.

At that precise moment, Xie Xie’s spinning speed had achieved an unbelievable state. Visually, he looked just like a sharp needle that arrived above Tang Wulin’s head in an instant.

Yuanen Zhentian had witnessed Tang Wulin’s abilities before. Moreover, he had personally sparred against Tang Wulin in the past. In his view originally, Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie’s decision of challenging Tang Wulin was way over their heads.

Yet he had never expected since the beginning of the spar that his granddaughter and her boyfriend could actually have the upper hand. The cooperation between the two of them could only be described as perfect.

There were quite a number of Title Douluo-ranked powerhouses on the scene including Yuanen Tianshang. They were all feeling their scalp become numb from watching the spar.

The cooperation was way too skillful. Moreover, the speed was so swift that it was too much for the eyes to take in.

Yuanen Yehui’s alternate use of Fallen Angel martial soul appeared to be aimed at only one thing, and that was to use the fastest speed to approach Tang Wulin. Then, she displayed seamless coordination with Xie Xie.

The skillfulness of their connection was absolutely impossible without many years of cooperation as a team. They two of them had managed to put Tang Wulin in a difficult position.

Tang Wulin felt tingles on his scalp. There was utterly no need to see with his eyes as he was aware that he was incapable of withstanding the attack with his defenses. Even if he were to instantly unleash his three-word battle armor, he would not be able to withstand this.

An intense threat was felt for the very first time!

The tenser a situation was, the calmer he would become. He formed an idea in a split second.

A stream of radiance shot out from the top of his head. At the very moment when the radiance shot out, a ball of piercing golden light had burst out from Tang Wulin’s feet.

Dragon scales emerged on his entire body. The stream of bursting golden light landed on Xie Xie’s sharp dagger and produced a crisp ‘ding’ sound.

However, the attack that combined both Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui’s strength had only paused for a short moment before it continued to push down the stream of golden light.

However, it was enough to have just this momentary pause.

Time stopped. It was the Time Backtrack Domain again.

Even though Tang Wulin was incapable of stopping for a longer period due to the rush, it was sufficient for him to raise his hand and grab the light that was surging out from the top of his head.

Thousands of golden light rays fused as one. It was the Thousand Accusing Fingers! The spurting radiance was precisely the Golden Dragon Spear!


Tang Wulin’s body shook as he stumbled one step to the side. Yuanen Yehui pushed away Xie Xie earlier and she had already transformed into her Titan Giant Ape avatar in the sky. Her pair of iron fists descended from the sky and heavily punched onto Tang Wulin.

Xie Xie’s body that was blasted away vanished into the illusion after spinning at high speed.

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