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Perfect Cooperation

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The sky once again turned bright. The pleasant sound emitted by the light of enlightenment vanished soundlessly as a stream of enormous yellow light shadows over a thousand meters in height emerged out of thin air. They were in the form of Titan Giant Ape.

The light shadow gradually shrank in the sky before landing beside the brothers Yuanen Tiandang and Yuanen Tianshang. It opened up its thick and strong arms to wrap around their shoulders.

“Both of you have had a tough life.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes had already reddened as he watched from the side. He could clearly feel the agonizing pain that Yuanen Tiandang had experienced. It had been over ten years and he had been oppressed all along. On the other hand, his cultivation base could be recovered only because Yuanen Zhentian had not truly crippled his son back then and had only sealed his cultivation base.

Tang Wulin was happy for them from the bottom of his heart as he stood by the side watching the reunion of Yuanen Clan. He could not help thinking about his adopted parents. How long would it be before he could reunite with them huh!

‘Father and mother, are you doing well? Are you in that faraway Divine Realm right now? I very much want to go over to you!’

Had it not been because of the Golden Dragon King Seals on his body, perhaps he could be accompanying them by their side all this while.

Three days later. At the back hill.

One could see the surrounding hills from behind the hill located on the back. There was a flat yet spacious land present on it.

Unless one was present there or was seeing it from a bird’s eye view, the place was not visible.

On the other hand, this location was also Yuanen Clan’s gymnasium that was catered for the usage of daily actual battle practices of the younger generation.

At present, there were many people gathering in the area surrounding the gymnasium including the clan elder, Yuanen Zhentian who had just successfully ascended to quasigod, the brothers Yuanen Tiandang and Yuanen Tianshang, and around a dozen clansmen.

On the other hand, three people were standing in the center of the gymnasium. Tang Wulin was standing on one side while Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui were standing opposite him.

Ever since that night, Er Ming had been engaging in closed cultivation in his room. Tang Wulin learned from Yuanen Yehui that Er Ming used his blood essence to help Yuanen Zhentian during the breakthrough to help stimulate Yuanen Zhentian’s bloodline so that he could break through the bottleneck.

Despite the fact that Er Ming had only used two drops of blood essence in order to help Yuanen Tiandang complete the breakthrough afterward, he would need time to recover his origin power. Blood essence was different from ordinary blood because it was the real essence of a person’s body. Even though Er Ming had powerful life energy, there were only dozens of drops of blood essence in his body.

Tang Wulin and the rest naturally stayed behind. Yuanen Yehui bonded with her father Yuanen Tiandang while they waited for the end of Er Ming’s closed-door cultivation. Only then could they solve the issue with Yuanen Yehui’s Fallen Angel martial soul.

Three days later, their emotions had finally calmed. Yuanen Zhentian personally guaranteed that he could solve the issue with Yuanen Yehui’s Fallen Angel martial soul before the clansmen had finally approved her presence.

Yuanen Tiandang had been working hard to comprehend and adapt himself to the strength acquired after the breakthrough these days. He was trying to regain the life of an ordinary person.

The radiant and enchanting smile that should be seen on a young girl had finally appeared on Yuanen Yehui’s face. She would be frequently caught in a daze as she watched Xie Xie.

Tang Wulin had not forgotten about their agreement to spar the other day. He proposed to do that today and received Yuanen Zhentian’s approval. He would like to see what was the extent of his granddaughter’s power now.

On the other hand, the person that was most nervous about this spar was none other than Xie Xie. He was going to spar before his future wife’s grandfather, father, uncle, and dozens of people from her clan. He would be embarrassing himself if he was to put on a bad performance. How was he going to propose marriage in the future?

Yuanen Yehui could obviously feel that Xie Xie’s body was very tensed by her side. She could not refrain herself from nudging him. “What are you doing? How are you going to defeat the captain with your current condition? Relax, this is only a spar. Moreover, it doesn’t mean anything even if you were to lose. Just make a display of the standard that you should have.”

Xie Xie inhaled a deep breath. Words escaped his mouth. “My name is Not Nervous.”

Yuanen Yehui chuckled. It was as if her exquisite beauty made the beautiful flowers on the hill pale in comparison. Xie Xie was astonished by it.

“You’re a fool!” She lowered her voice and said something in his ears.

Xie Xie’s entire body shook once as he displayed a surprised expression. “Are you telling the truth?”

Yuanen Yehui’s charming face blushed. “Can you speak any louder! Are you worried that the world doesn’t know about this?”

“We will win for sure!” Xie Xie bounced on the same spot. His initial nervousness had vanished into nothingness and in place was a form of unprecedented desire to win. In fact, even his gaze had turned sharper.

Tang Wulin stood on the opposite side. He could not help smiling as he sensed the change in Xie Xie. His only wish was to fight a powerful opponent.

“Are you ready?” Yuanen Zhentian asked in a deep voice. With a person that had just stepped into quasigod-rank like him to act as the referee in this spar, it was enough for both sides to do their best at ease.

“Ready!” Xie Xie took the lead to shout aloud.

Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui simultaneously nodded.


Yuanen Zhentian waved his hand and announced the start of the internal battle of Shrek Seven Monsters.

Xie Xie was the first person to move. He took a step forward in Tang Wulin’s direction as his body turned translucent at once. He did not disappear in the manner of vanishing at once but it was as if he had assumed a state between vanishing and appearing.

Yuanen Yehui did not move but she exhaled a breath and threw a punch in Tang Wulin’s direction.

The air was instantly compressed. It felt as if a massive vortex had appeared on the spot where Yuanen Yehui was standing. It appeared even more terrifying when the vortex suddenly contracted inward before transforming into a ball of golden radiance that shot straight for Tang Wulin.

This was the combination between Cloud Vortex Divine Punch and Titan Divine Punch created by Yuanen Yehui. In her clan, she was the person that received the most guidance from Er Ming because he was her ancestor! No other person could better understand the utilization of Titan Giant Ape’s strength than Er Ming.

As a result, Yuanen Yehui’s recent speed of elevation had increased tremendously.

At present, it was a wonderful and mighty panorama when the punch was thrown. In fact, Tang Wulin could even indistinctly feel that he was being confronted by the three punches thrown by Yuanen Zhentian the other day.

The contracted vortex compressed all the space in its surroundings. It did not feel sticky but it felt almost frozen. It felt as if a straight passage was formed in between them as it suddenly was filled with her Cloud Vortex Divine Punch in the next moment.

On the other hand, Xie Xie’s silhouette had arrived one step ahead of her Cloud Vortex Divine Titan Punch.

Xie Xie’s transparent body alternated between illusion and reality akin to a thin piece of paper that easily cut into the air.

Tang Wulin could only feel as if the space in his surroundings had been cut into two while his body was parted separately into two. There was no painful sensation but he could feel as if he was about to be cut into two indistinct halves.

Xie Xie’s attack came from the side and it was only quicker than Yuanen Yehui’s frontal attack by one moment. Yet it was this precise moment that perfectly linked up both of their attacks in a flawless manner.

Tang Wulin did not panic when confronted with such attacks. Time in the surrounding seemed to have suddenly slowed down. The space that was about to crack open closed up in an instant while the radiance blasted out from the Cloud Vortex Divine Punch seemed to have drawn back by a little.

It was his Time Backtrack Domain.

At the same time, Tang Wulin stretched out his right hand and grabbed toward Xie Xie’s direction without the slightest bit of hesitation as seven-colored radiance surged in his palm.

It was his Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

It was the simplified version of Dragon Emperor Break but it was just perfect to be used at this moment.

All the spatial fluctuation vanished in a split second. The space-time power controlled by Xie Xie surged toward Tang Wulin akin to rivers running into the sea.

Even though Xie Xie had predicted that Tang Wulin would utilize his Time Backtrack Domain and Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law, he did not expect him to use such a big move as soon as they began.

He was afraid that he would have been incapable of reacting to this if it were the past. However, Xie Xie’s comprehension of Time-space Dragon had already become much more profound during this period of time.

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