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Yuanen Tiandang

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Out of all the members of the Titan Giant Ape Clan standing on the roof and on the ground surrounding them, Tang Wulin noticed that there were only seven or eight who had a glowing figure at their backs as apparent as Yuanen Yehui’s. In other words, there were seven or eight Title Douluo-ranked powerhouses in the Titan Giant Ape Clan.

In the dark room, the man with messy hair dully gazed out of the window. From there, he had a clear view of the condensed stream of golden radiance.

His body began to tremble uncontrollably, as his eyes filled with tears. Meanwhile, a glowing yellow figure began to slowly emerge behind him. Even though it was a slow process, it continued to gather stably.

“Ow…” He involuntarily let out a grim, sharp howl. A loud booming noise came from inside of him, as if something had exploded. In that instant, the clothes he was wearing and all of his body hair disintegrated. Bright yellow light burst forth from his body, and the dark room was blasted into pieces. A stream of crystal-clear yellow radiance surged skyward.

Though it was not as thick as the enlightenment light in the distance, it was shooting straight up into the sky. It was like a bright yellow pillar, reaching for the clouds.

A gigantic Titan Giant Ape phantom appeared at his back and complemented the magnificence of his burly physique, bulging with muscles. He roared continuously as if he was trying to expel all the pent-up anger inside his body.

The loud noise had also startled everyone in the area, some of them crying out in alarm.

“That’s Yuanen Tiandang!”

Yuanen Yehui’s entire body shook violently as soon as she heard the name. She instinctively looked toward it.

The bright yellow radiance began to turn thicker and thicker until it had completely enshrouded him. It was as if everything was burning fiercely. He exuded a powerful aura, and the yellow radiance turned brighter as his aura became stronger.

“Huh!” There was a soft grunt, and in a flash, a figure rose out from the first stream of yellow radiance. Hanging in midair, it was Er Ming.

He had a surprised look on his face. His right hand drew an encircled rune in the air. A flash of light landed on the second stream of bright yellow radiance. In the center of the rune, there was a ruby-like orb, the color of fresh blood.

“Poof!” The rune vanished after fusing with the yellow radiance. The yellow glow instantly burst out like a geyser, showering the area with a rain of light that illuminated the entire mountain.

Soon after, the radiant rain condensed like rivers running into the sea as it fell back to its starting point. It was completely absorbed into nothingness.

A dense aura erupted through the entire area.

Someone had ascended to Limit Douluo rank!

Tang Wulin had witnessed when his godmother, the Holy Spirit Douluo, became a Limit Douluo. As a result, he had no doubt that the man that appeared had relied on the blood essence bestowed by Er Ming and the influence of the enlightenment light to take the step and breakthrough his limit to become a Limit Douluo. Even though such a recent breakthrough meant he was only a quasidemigod, he had managed to successfully ascend to Limit Douluo rank and reached the pinnacle of soul masters’ world!

The yellow radiance turned into battle armor that concealed his entire body, revealing only his hairless bald head.

His gaze showed that he was still slightly puzzled. He sensed the strength that flowed through his body was countless times more powerful than it had ever been before. There was only confusion in his eyes now and also a wisp of pain.

Meanwhile, a dreary and sharp call cut through the night sky. “Father.”

A figure pounced on him and buried herself into his arms.

Yes, the man that had unexpectedly broken through to Limit Douluo rank was, indeed, Yuanen Yehui’s birth father. In the past, he was the pride of the Titan Giant Ape Clan, the peerless son and successor to the clan elder, Yuanen Tiandang.

Even though nobody knew how this young clan elder, whose cultivation base had been crippled in the past, was capable of Limit Breakthrough in just one step, there was no doubt that this was a great thing!

Er Ming descended from the sky and landed near Tang Wulin. Seeing him up close, Tang Wulin noticed that Er Ming appeared to be rather pale.

“Uncle Er Ming, are you alright?”

Er Ming merely smiled and shook his head. “I’m alright. I’m very fine, in fact, especially my mood. I don’t mind sacrificing a little if I can do something for them. I’m going to take a rest. You must try to experience the change of law in detail. Such opportunities don’t come often.”

Yes, whether it was the enlightenment light or the Limit Douluo breakthrough, it was a rare scene that would not happen often in a soul master’s lifetime!

The changes in law that occurred during this process were only slightly helpful for those people with inadequate cultivation bases, but it was highly beneficial for Tang Wulin as he had already reached a sufficient level.

After Gu Yuena helped him to clarify laws, he found that he had a deeper understanding of all sorts of elemental laws.

Yuanen Tiandang looked at the young maiden in his arms.

“You…you are Yehui?” His trembling voice sounded hoarse and a little strange because it had already been a very long time since he had spoken.

Yuanen Yehui had recovered her usual appearance after her return. She raised her head and looked at her father with her red hair blowing in the wind. Tears had already filled her eyes.

“Father, father…”

“It’s good that you’re back. It’s good that you’re back. No, but why are you back? You should not have come back.” He suddenly grabbed his daughter’s shoulders and pushed her away from him.

“You should leave. Who gave you permission to come back? Who gave you permission to come back? You should leave quickly.” He pushed his daughter away in a panic. At the same time, he fell back by two steps as if he had just witnessed something terrifying.


Yuanen Yehui was a little stunned because she had not expected that her father would treat her like this.

“Uncle, don’t worry. Yehui is going to be fine. We’re back because we want to help her solve the issue with her Fallen Angel martial soul. We’ve already found a way to fix it.”

At such a critical moment, some distance kept one level-headed. Xie Xie had come forward and held Yuanen Yehui’s hand while he explained to Yuanen Tianshang what they were doing.

Yuanen Tianshang was stunned. “You’ve found a solution? There’s a way to fix it?”

Yuanen Yehui had only come to realize that her father wanted her to leave because he was worried that she would follow her mother’s footsteps and he was even more concerned that she would cause harm to the clansmen! Tears streamed down her face once again as she dashed over and hugged her father tightly again.

“Father, I’m not leaving. I’m going to remain by your side after this and care for you as a filial child. It’s my fault for not knowing better. You’ve been suffering all these years.”

A large number of the Titan Giant Ape Clan’s clansmen had gathered all around them. Those that were slightly older could recognize Yuanen Tiandang. They had also deciphered the identity of the beautiful red-haired maiden by listening to the conversation between father and daughter.

“She is Yuanen Yehui who inherited the demonic power. It’s her and she’s returned. Is she going to bring back the catastrophe?”

“Why is she back? Was she captured by the clan elder to solve the issue?”

The voices of the clansmen came from all directions.

“Quiet, everyone.” A deep voice with an unusual emotional fluctuation was heard.

The group raised their heads to look up and found that it was Yuanen Tianshang that had spoken.

The crowd parted instinctively to allow him to pass. Yuanen Tianshang walked over step by step.

Yuanen Tianshang looked at his elder brother whose brows and hairs were all gone yet eyes remained empty and spiritless. He suddenly felt as if something had melted inside his body.

He walked until he had arrived before Yuanen Tiandang and his daughter. Yuanen Tianshang took a deep breath and said with slight difficulty, “Eldest brother.”

Yuanen Tiandang’s entire body shook. “You…”

Yuanen Tianshang turned around abruptly to face the numerous clansmen. Then, he spoke in a deep voice, “Yehui was invited to return by this grand old man. There is a way to solve the issue with her martial soul now. No one wanted the catastrophe that happened in the past and the dead are already gone. The living were punished even more. We can’t allow another tragedy to strike our clan. Yehui is a part of the clan too, as is my brother. I, Yuanen Tianshang, am willing to let go of everything in the past. I will devote the rest of my life to working hard for the prosperity and strength of our clan.”

“Second brother!” Yuanen Tiandang called out aloud. He could no longer control his emotions, and tears streamed down his face. “Eldest brother is unworthy of you.”

Yuanen Tianshang turned around and looked at Yuanen Tiandang. His face was also covered in tears. “Eldest brother, I’ve always known the truth. I don’t blame you in this matter. I don’t blame anyone but the god of destiny that makes fools of people. It is only that I’ve always been stubborn. It was pain and hatred that blinded me. You never did anything wrong this whole time, but you’ve suffered such torment for decades. Eldest brother, if I can walk away from this then you can too. I no longer blame you and I don’t blame Sister-in-law either. It’s our misfortune that we brothers lost the people we love. Eldest brother, you must be strong. The burden of the clan will still need to be shouldered by you.”

Yuanen Yehui left her father’s arms and knelt before the group with a loud thump. She bowed to Yuanen Tianshang and also in the direction of the clansmen.

Yuanen Tiandang pulled his brother over and the two men held each other tightly, weeping in silence.

Even though it had already been almost twenty years, the pain and anguish from the past had never left their hearts!

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