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Enlightenment Light

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Yuanen Zhentian nodded without the slightest hesitation. He had always been at the edge of demigod-rank, one step away from reaching it all this while. Nevertheless, it had been fifty years and he was still incapable of taking that final step.

As he grew older, his blood essence began to weaken. The effect of blood essence had on the pure strength of the Titan Giant Ape martial soul was tremendous. Thus, Yuanen Zhentian had always known that it was highly possible that he would not make that breakthrough in this life. He had only found a wisp of hope after encountering Er Ming and learning from his earlier words.

“I have a way that can help you to take that step, but if you were to do it, it’s possible that you’ll be incapable of continuing your advancement in the future. You’re at a disadvantage because of your age. Perhaps you would have had a better chance if you had encountered me thirty years ago.”

“One more step? What do you mean?” Yuanen Zhentian looked at Er Ming with a shocked expression.

Er Ming spoke in a deep voice, “The Divine Realm truly does exist. I can tell you this with great certainty. I genuinely witnessed Tang San ascend into Godhood with my own eyes so long ago. Moreover, I have followed him all the way to the Divine Realm and watched as he approached the position of Godking step by step. However, something happened to Divine Realm afterward. It was swept away by the space-time turbulence, which took the realm away entirely. The Douluo Continent wouldn’t be deteriorating as fast and life energy would not be depleting so rapidly if it were still under the guardianship of the Divine Realm. Thus, you can say that I was a God in the past.”

“After the disappearance of the Divine Realm, due to the restrictions imposed by the planar law and the loss of Divine Realm’s Godhood projection, my abilities have been held at quasigod-rank, which is the highest level possible on the Douluo Continent. It’s very difficult to advance anymore after cultivating to this extent, but if there comes a day when the Divine Realm returns, I can still go back to it.”

“As a result, I’m saying that I can help you to reach quasigod-rank and increase your lifespan by a few decades. However, you will no longer have a chance of cultivating into Godhood anymore even if the Divine Realm returns in the next few decades. This is because I must trigger the potential in your bloodline completely in order to allow you to take that one step. All of your potential will be used up if you go through with it.”

Yuanen Zhentian replied without any hesitation, “That’s fine. I’m willing to do it. I am well aware that I’m actually lacking in natural endowments. Frankly, our clan is capable of standing tall in the soul masters world because of your lineage, but with the passing of time, our bloodline will be diluted to a certain extent. Our first ancestor and the two generations following were all quasigod-ranked, but no one since has been capable of cultivating to that level. If you can help me elevate to quasigod-rank and extend my lifespan for a few more decades, I’ll already be quite satisfied. I wouldn’t dare to crave for more.”

Er Ming nodded. “I’ll think of a way to solve the issue of the diluted bloodline. Even though I can’t solve it for everyone, I can guarantee that at least one line is capable of inheriting it with adequate concentration.”

“That’s awesome.” Yuanen Zhentian was overjoyed. As the head of the clan, what could be more important to him than passing down the clan’s lineage?

“I’m very fond of the child Yuanen Yehui. She has experienced so many things. Even though she has been through so much pain, it’s precisely because of this that her growth far exceeded her peers. Whether it is her state of mind, her abilities or her attitude in cultivation, no ordinary person can compare to her. After solving these issues, I’ll bestow her with the inheritance of my bloodline.”

“No problem with that.” Yuanen Zhentian agreed fully.

Er Ming said, “We shall let nature take its course then. If it’s fine with you, we will begin now. The act of helping you to take that step is actually not that difficult.”

“Sure.” Yuanen Zhentian was very practical, and he sat on the spot without the slightest hesitation.

Er Ming sat behind him and unleashed a bright yellow radiance from the inside of his body.

Tang Wulin awakened from his meditation. It was already close to dusk. This was his usual waking time after his daily cultivation because it happened to be a good time for him to cultivate Purple Demon Eyes through the purple air in the sky.

After his spiritual cultivation base had achieved Thought Concretization, his Purple Demon Eyes reached the highest realm. Only a few people had ever managed this in the Tang Sect. However, Tang Wulin could still feel that there was some disparity between his spiritual cultivation base and the most powerful state. Gu Yuena had already shown him just how true that was.

The battle between them the other day had not been entirely feigned. There were many real collisions that happened during the process, and he was totally dominated by Gu Yuena. The abilities displayed by Gu Yuena were all of Limit Douluo-rank. Perhaps her cultivation base had yet to achieve that, but her skills were definitely at that level already. Tang Wulin felt like his spiritual power was completely suppressed by her despite his spiritual cultivation base. It was terrifying.

In fact, even the numerous Tang Sect and Shrek Academy Limit Douluos felt that their spiritual power was suppressed by Gu Yuena as well. One could only imagine the extent of her spiritual power.

As such, he dared not slow down even for just a moment. He must continue to work hard at cultivating and elevating himself.

His soul power cultivation base had already achieved rank-93. He was getting closer and closer to becoming a Hyper Douluo. His cultivation speed was even more impressive. What brought him the most satisfaction was that, if he put in enough effort, he would be able to feel his cultivation has elevate.

“Ding!” There was suddenly a sharp sound.

It did not come from outside, but sounded as if it had come from his body. It was as if something inside him had instantly broken.

Then, he heard Er Ming’s familiar voice in his ears, “Use your heart to feel it.”


There was an intense humming noise, and Tang Wulin watched as his surroundings blurred and warped. Even though it had only lasted for one moment, he could immediately hear the calls of the entire world after that moment.

Yes, it was the entire world.

Natural elements of all attributes in his spiritual perception boiled over in a split second and surged in a single direction like a swarm of bees.

He dashed out of the door in a flash, raising his head to the sky to take a look.

A gigantic pillar of light surged Tom and cut through the night sky as if it was trying to link Heaven and Earth. Heaven and earth law transformed. There seemed to be something extraordinary floating in the sky far away. A stream of golden striations descended from the sky and transformed into golden runes that moved toward the golden radiance.

He could hear the sound of deep chanting. There was no melody to it, but it sounded pleasant to the ears. It was just like the resonance of the planar laws.

Laws overlapped one another and transformed. The overlapping layers moved in circles, appearing as if they were drawn to each other but also as if they were repulsing one another. The feeling was so fantastic that it made one feel joyous from the bottom of one’s heart but also a little anxious.

What was that?

He had succeeded.

Tang Wulin immediately realized something.

“This is the enlightenment light. One can leave by stepping on the light path when one has truly ascended to Godhood. The single color of the enlightenment light signifies quasigod while four colors and above signifies a true god. Seven colors signifies rank-2 Godhood while nine colors is for rank-1 Godhood. Bear this in mind.”

It was Er Ming’s voice once again.

The enlightenment light was what allowed passage to the Divine Realm. The bright yellow radiance signified quasigod rank. It had only taken one day for Yuanen Zhentian to be elevated from demigod rank to quasigod.

That was quite an impressive speed! His decades-long pursuit and his dream had come true in a day. Even merely witnessing, Tang Wulin could not help feeling excited. This was a grand event for the Yuanen Clan. It would be very helpful in solving the issue with Yuanen Yehui’s body later on.

The stream of radiance had also startled the entire Titan Giant Ape Clan, and the clansmen came rushing over from the distance. They had a more profound sensation than Tang Wulin because every single one of them could feel as if the bloodline inside their bodies was boiling and echoing to the massive bloodline aura contained in that enlightenment light.

Gradually, ethereal glowing figures emerged behind the members of the clan, taking on the forms of Titan Giant Apes. The clarity of these glowing figures varied according to the cultivation base of each person. Some were clear while some were blurry, but they had all taken shape in such a natural manner. They could clearly feel that their bloodline power was elevating continuously under the silent influence of the process.

It felt amazing. The elevation seemingly happened out of nowhere and for no reason. Moreover, it was the elevation of their origin power, making it extremely beneficial for all of them.

Tang Wulin himself possessed the powerful Golden Dragon King bloodline, so naturally, such a change in blood essence could not escape his perception. He was well aware that this was the act of Er Ming in giving back to the entire Titan Giant Ape Clan. Even though he had no idea how Er Ming did this, he was certain that Er Ming had sacrificed a lot for it.

Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie were standing by Tang Wulin’s side. The Titan Giant Ape’s silhouette that appeared behind Yuanen Yehui’s was especially clear, like it was a solid form. Her cultivation base was only one step away from the rank of Title Douluo. Had it not been for the issue with her Fallen Angel martial soul, perhaps she would have already passed the threshold.

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