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“What are you planning to do about it?” Er Ming had already recovered from his shock at present. He raised his head and asked Yuanen Zhentian.

Yuanen Zhentian bitterly said, “I was planning on crippling her Fallen Angel martial soul first. After all, the situation with her is different from her mother’s back then. She has a twin martial soul so I hope that the Fallen Angel martial soul has a lesser effect on her. It should be fine if the linked passage to the demonic plane doesn’t appear after one of her martial souls is crippled. Otherwise…”

He paused for a moment at this point and said in a deep voice, “Otherwise, we will have to cripple all of Yuanen Yehui’s martial souls.”

“No.” Words suddenly escaped Xie Xie’s mouth as he subconsciously shielded himself in front of Yuanen Yehui.

After so many years, he had watched Yuanen Yehui cultivate painstakingly every single day. Even though she had already achieved her cultivation base and realm at a young age, yet she had sacrificed a lot in reality. Every single one of the Shrek Seven Monsters worked hard but Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were the two most hardworking ones for sure.

Yuanen Zhentian took a glance at Xie Xie. he did not speak but his gaze was unusually determined.

Er Ming waved his hand. “Cripple it? Why do you have to cripple it? It’s better to keep it than crippling it.”

Yuanen Zhentian was stunned for a moment. He did not care about everybody else’s opinion but this person could very possibly be the first ancestor of the Titan Giant Ape Clan. So he could not disregard this person’s advice, especially after Er Ming had already displayed his abilities that were far more superior compared to Yuanen Zhentian. He had no choice but to listen to Er Ming’s opinion.

Cold radiance shimmered in Er Ming’s eyes. “The demonic plane had the audacity to slaughter my clansmen. How can we just break the plane’s passage and allow them to wander carefreely? Let alone the fact that child Yuanen Yehui will get hurt, they are not the only ones that are allowed to utilize the plane’s passage but we can do so too. What’s there to be afraid of this tiny little demonic plane?”

Yuanen Zhentian was stunned for a moment. “Elder, what do you mean?”

Er Ming scoffed coldly. “Not only are we not going to just cut off the passage but we are also going to help them to open the plane. Your daughter-in-law is dead and so many of your clansmen have died. Could it be that you are not going to seek revenge?”

Yuanen Zhentian was dumbstruck because he had truly never thought of it. “Elder, but that is the force of another plane!”

Er Ming said, “You’re too inexperienced. Firstly, you should understand that there are differences between the two planes. Why are the other planes trying to invade our plane? It is precisely because the Douluo Continent is the main plane, and those planes that are attempting to invade because either they are incapable or they are too weak. They are all trying to seize the advantage here from us. However, there are very few planes that are truly capable of invading our Douluo Continent plane.”

“I’ve heard about this demonic plane before. It is a medium plane and it is about one-tenth the size of our Douluo Continent. However, it is an extremely barren planet. Their characteristic is their penchant for pillaging. They continue to exist by pillaging the life force from other planes. The demonic plane’s overall strength is far weaker than us. It is also incapable of comparing to the abyssal plane which is actually threatening the Douluo Continent. The most powerful creature there is still below the god-rank. It’s not impossible for one clan to unite its strength to fight against an entire plane. However, if you were to say that the clan can’t even fight against a passage, are you still worthy of inheriting the clan’s bloodline? You can certainly create an excruciating loss for the demonic plane with proper planning.”

Even though Yuanen Zhentian was a demigod-ranked powerhouse, he was only over one hundred years old after all. How could his knowledge of planes even compare to Er Ming’s? At present, even though he was a little confused by listening to the explanation, he could still understand some of it.

“Elder, isn’t this too risky for us?”

Er Ming spoke in an unpleasant tone, “Do you think that I will risk the lives of my descendants? We have two quasigods and true divine weapons on our side, what can the demonic plane do?”

“Two quasigods?” Yuanen Zhentian was stunned.

Er Ming said, “Confidence comes from one’s abilities and past experiences. My visit this time is not to stop you from solving the issue on Yuanen Yehui but I’m here to seek revenge for my descendants. You’re my descendant too. Even though I’m not qualified to acknowledge you as my family, I can still bestow you with something. In ten days, if I’m incapable of elevating you to the quasigod-rank, you can disregard everything that I’ve just said as utter bllsht. If I can do it, then you must work with me to fulfill the plan and seek revenge for the dead children as the head of this clan.”

Elevating to quasigod in ten days? Yuanen Zhentian’s eyes instantly brightened as soon as he heard Er Ming’s words.

It had already been decades since he had achieved demigod-rank. It appeared as if he was only one step away from becoming a quasigod, yet he was still incapable of taking that one step! If he could truly be elevated to quasigod-rank, then everything would be different.

He had already believed that the person before himself was indeed his first ancestor, but there was no evidence that could prove his identity. If Er Ming could successfully help him to elevate his cultivation base, then it would prove Er Ming’s identity without a doubt!

Xie Xie’s eyes brightened at once upon hearing those words. He gathered towards them in an attempt to flatter. “Teacher, look…”

“Move aside. Who’s your teacher. Cultivate yourself to a Limit Douluo first. Moreover, your bloodline is different from mine so I can’t help you. Zhentian, look for a meditation room and I shall have a discussion with you in private.”

“Sure.” Yuanen Zhentian agreed without the slightest bit of hesitation. His gaze had already turned more respectful as he looked toward Er Ming.

Yuanen Zhentian left with Er Ming. Yuanen Yehui took a glance at the memorial tablet on the top row and heaved a sigh softly in her heart. A misunderstanding was truly a terrifying thing in the human world huh!

Yuanen Tianshang took three of them to the back courtyard. “All of you can rest in the guestrooms for now.”

“Second uncle, my father…” Yuanen Yehui looked toward Yuanen Tianshang with a pleading look in her eyes.

Yuanen Tianshang hesitated for a moment and said, “Wait for your grandfather’s instruction. Don’t go over for now. It may not necessarily be a good thing for you to pay him a visit.”

After saying that, Yuanen Tianshang walked outside with long strides.

Yuan Clan had an extremely simple and plain style. There were only some simple fixtures and furniture in the guestroom. Everything was made with real wood. There were no overly excessive decorations in the room but the room had a faint woody scent to it. It felt calming and pleasing.

Yuanen Zhentian brought Er Ming to his study room.

He was feeling slightly uneasy as he looked at the person before himself that could very possibly be his ancestor. It was truly quite difficult for him to address this man as his ancestor yet all sorts of signs were pointing to the fact that this person’s identity was true!

Er Ming waved his hand toward Yuanen Zhentian. “There’s no need for you to feel nervous. I’m not planning on doing anything here and only want to take a look to see if all of you are doing well. I hope to do something for all of you to the best of my abilities and I’ll be satisfied. I’m not qualified to acknowledge all of you as my clansmen for I have never carried out any of my responsibilities. I don’t have the right to…”

At this point, he could not help smiling bitterly.

Happiness was once right before him yet he did not appreciate it. In the end, he missed what could possibly be his only chance at being happy in his lifetime due to some stubborn mistakes.

Fortunately, his bloodline was passed down. He could clearly sense the pure Titan Giant Ape’s bloodline that flowed in Yuanen Zhentian, Yuanen Tianshang, and Yuanen Yehui. There was absolutely no mistake that his bloodline had been passed onwards.

The heavens were already treating him well. Now he could only do something for his descendants to the best of his abilities.

“Don’t say that. You can’t be blamed for this matter either. Moreover, it has already been so many years.” Yuanen Zhentian heaved a sigh in his heart. Even though he found that he was incapable of addressing Er Ming as an ancestor, he was already speaking to Er Ming with respect.

Er Ming spoke in a deep voice, “Alright, let’s not talk about it. Let’s talk about your situation now. Judging by your current state, you have already achieved the pinnacle of your current natural endowments. It will be very difficult for you to improve by even one step further just by relying on self-cultivation. You should understand this.”

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