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I Was Wrong

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“Bstrd, idiot, idiot!” Xiong Xiaoling called out aloud while tears streamed down her face.

Er Ming hid in the distance and watched everything.

The next day, Xiong Xiaoling left early in the morning with a simple bundle.

Er Ming watched her departing silhouette in a daze until he could no longer see her. Then, he began roaring in agony. He had truly fallen in love with her but little did he know that she would just leave as such.

He wildly dashed over and slapped the wooden house into fragments. He wiped away the words while moaning and roaring continuously. Finally, he leaped and went away into the distance for real this time.

The scene had finally completely ended at this point. On the other hand, Er Ming’s silhouette shrank back to its original size as he transformed back into his human form. His eyes had reddened already.

The recollection of memories had more than just happy times, there was deep agony too. Even though it had already been countless years and the Yuanen Clan had been passed down for so long, he could still clearly remember every detail of the incident back then and feel every portion of the sweetness and pain.

Not only had this shocked Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tiandang, even Tang Wulin, Yuanen Yehui, and Xie Xie felt the same.

The atmosphere in the entire courtyard had turned a little gloomy.

“You were wrong,” Yuanen Zhentian said with a bitter smile.

Er Ming was stunned for a moment. “I was wrong?”

Yuanen Zhentian had a bitter smile on his face. “Yes, you were wrong. You haven’t ever returned to that place after you left, right?”

Er Ming said in a raged voice, “What’s the point of going back? To look at the ruins?”

“Please hold on.” Yuanen Zhentian turned around while speaking and walked back to the ancestral hall. He returned with a clan pedigree in a short while.

He turned over a few pages and took a glance at Er Ming. He read in a deep voice, “He truly is an idiot, a bstrd. Can’t the idiot tell that I am already pregnant with his child? There is a saying that goes ‘Where the needle goes, the thread follows’. Why did he not frankly tell me? What an idiot! I can never possibly leave him even if I were to give birth to an ape child for him! So what if he is a soul beast? He is pure, kind, and he takes care of me right down to the most trivial details.

I would have died if not for him. Idiot! Why won’t he tell me right to my face.”

“He said ten days but why do I see a stretch of ruins when I come back after six. I was only going back to my village to take a look. I was back in less than ten days though. Yet, our home is gone. Our house is destroyed and he has never come back again. Did something happen to him? A Tai, come home! I miss you.”

“A Tai, our child is about to be born, do you know that? Come home! It has already been more than ten days. It has already been many many days since, why haven’t you come back to me? A Tai, I miss you.”

“A Tai, my belly hurts. I think I’m about to give birth, what should I do? A Tai, A Tai, I miss you very much…”

“A Tai, I didn’t die. Our child is born, yet you still haven’t returned. I’ll be waiting for you here, always. I am rebuilding our house little by little. It still looks the same as before. Will you come home sooner? Come and see our child.”

“What should I name our child? You’ve only told me that your name is ‘A Tai’ but I don’t know your surname. You said that you come from the primeval great forest and we are all gifted with the most primeval favor given by nature. Before your return, our son shall take the surname of ‘Yuanen’. He is a boy, so I’m going to name him Yuanen Sitai. A Tai, I miss you so much.”

Er Ming moved swiftly and arrived in front of Yuanen Zhentian. He grabbed the clan pedigree in Yuanen Zhentian’s hands. Despite Er Ming’s powerful abilities and strong body, he was uncontrollably shaking at present. His entire body was shuddering while his face was ghastly pale.

He flipped over the pages and read the words written on those pages as if Xiong Xiaoling was reminiscing about her past. His body swayed before he sat onto the ground with a loud thump.

Tears coursed down Yuanen Yehui’s face when she was listening to her grandfather reading the journal, even Tang Wulin and Xie Xie’s eyes had turned red without their notice.

It was a misunderstanding, it was a frightening misunderstanding!

Xiong Xiaoling had only wished to seize the ten days’ time to return to her village so that she could take a look. On the other hand, Er Ming hiding in the dark to observe was under the assumption that she had left in pain and sadness because she was incapable of accepting Er Ming’s identity.

The tragedy happened just like that. It was not supposed to happen.

Yet, who was it to blame here? Should Er Ming be blamed for not trusting her enough? Or should she be blamed for leaving in a rush and did not even leave behind a note?

Misunderstandings frequently occurred under such circumstances. It was a misunderstanding that was not supposed to happen!

“Ahh…” An agonizing howl surged skyward and shook through the entire Uphill City. Tears rained down heavily in front of the ancestral hall.

Inside the ancestral hall, the cute and comical-looking little ape appeared like it was about to cry. Thick Titan Giant Ape’s blood essence fluctuated and enshrouded the entire mountain slope.

At present, a large number of Titan Giant Ape Clan’s clansmen had already made their way over to the ancestral house in a rush. How could such a huge movement not startle the entire clan?

Yuanen Zhentian asked Yuanen Tianshang to tell the clansmen that everything was fine here and stop them from coming here.

Whether it was the cultivation base displayed by Er Ming or the precision of the Thought Concretization to the journal left behind by the first ancestor mother Xiong Xiaoling back then, Yuanen Zhentian realized that this person could very possibly be the first ancestor of this clan. He was the true king of soul beasts, the Titan Giant Ape.

Yuanen Zhentian found that he too was greatly moved by this incident. On the other hand, the mystery of the disappearing first ancestor that had remained unsolved in the history of the clan all along had finally been answered too.

Er Ming came over in full excitement yet the experience had turned into deep regret and sorrow at present. Yes! His self-confidence was too low back then. He did not believe in the relationship enough and he subconsciously thought that Xiong Xiaoling would leave him because of his identity as a soul beast. Yet little did he know that it was just a misunderstanding.

The more he read the content of Xiong Xiaoling’s journal, the more he was suffering from the heart-wrenching pain. Had he waited for a few more days, had he waited until the end of the ten days’ time, had he visited the place at the very least, the tragedy would never have happened. He would have found his lover. On the other hand, the Divine Realm had yet to vanish at the time. He could even possibly take her along to the Divine Realm so that he could stay by her side all the time.

Yet, everything was past now. There was no chance for him to do anything at all. Even if the Divine Realm was still here, he was incapable of turning back everything that had happened. He would not be able to change everything even if he could turn back time and return to the past. This was because that would change the course of history and distort the entire space. In fact, it could even result in his lineage vanishing completely.

As a result, he could only immerse himself in pain and regret that there was nothing he could do to change it.

After a long while, Er Ming heavily heaved a sigh. He stood up once again and pushed back the clan pedigree to Yuanen Zhentian.

Yuanen Zhentian hesitated for a moment. “Elder, you…”

Er Ming walked back to the ancestral hall once again and looked at the memorial tablet placed on the top row. All at once, all sorts of emotions flooded his heart when he saw the words ‘Xiong Xiaoling.”

“First ancestor’s statue was hand-carved by the first ancestor mother, that’s why it looks like that,” said Yuanen Zhentian.

Er Ming smiled bitterly. “So be it then. I have always thought that I never had anyone in my lifetime. I have never owed it to my brother or friends. Yet, little did I know that I would owe it to her. She had passed down my lineage for me yet I abandoned her. She was right, I am an idiot, fool, bstrd. I’m not worthy of being your first ancestor. In fact, she didn’t even know my real name. My name is not A Tai, Xiaoling. My name is Er Ming. I can’t change history and I can’t go back in time to look for you. However, I swear to you that I will never love another person like how I loved you back then no matter how long I live in the future. I’m sorry, Xiaoling. When the major affairs are settled, I will go back to our house to accompany you.”

At this point, he turned his head to the side and looked towards Yuanen Zhentian. “Is our house from back then still there?”

Yuanen Zhengtina nodded. “It’s still there. It’s located near Heaven Dou City and we’ve bought the land. Even though the Great Star Dou Forest has been severely damaged, the small forest is still there. It is supposed to be on the outside of the Great Star Dou Forest. The place is rather remote. We’ve bought the land and someone has always been guarding the wooden house. It’s the land of our legacy after all.”

“Hmm.” Er Ming nodded.

Yuanen Zhentian had complicated emotions due to his granddaughter’s return. Yet he did not expect that not only his granddaughter had returned, but his ancestor had returned too.

All at once, the ancestral hall sank into momentary silence. It was growing awkward.

Tang Wulin walked to Er Ming’s side and gently patted his shoulder. Then, he said to Yuanen Zhentian, “Senior, we have two purposes for our trip this time. One is for Senior Er Ming to acknowledge his clan while the other is to solve the issue regarding Yuanen Yehui.”

He could not address Er Ming as uncle anymore in front of the others. After all, Er Ming was the ancestor of Yuanen Yehui’s lineage. He would be taking advantage of Er Ming if he were to him as uncle.

Yuanen Zhentian hurriedly said, “We welcome you to join us. Yuanen Yehui’s situation permits no delay. We must solve the issue before she makes a breakthrough to the Title Douluo realm. Otherwise, it would result in another catastrophe.”

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