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Er Ming And The Young Maiden’s Story

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Er Ming stood over there. He seemed to be in deep meditation. Meanwhile, vivid scenes were being displayed.

In a forest, a bright-eyed, vivacious young maiden was trotting along merrily. She was humming a song, “The little maiden is picking mushrooms. She has a large bamboo basket on her back…”

Thought Concretization!

The term appeared in Yuanen Tianshang’s mind at once. It was shocking for him because the Thought Concretization had audio as well. What level was one’s spiritual cultivation base in order to achieve this?

Prior to this, Yuanen Zhentian only thought that Er Ming was terrifying, besides being a Limit Douluo. Currently, he realized that this terrifying person had a cultivation base which surpassed his father’s.

In the scene, the young maiden was picking mushrooms from the bottom of some tree stumps and bushes. She then placed the mushrooms into the bamboo basket which she carried in her arm.

When she made her way to another part of the forest and saw a huge tree, she suddenly gasped. There was a chubby ape lying under the huge tree.

The ape had a dense, pitch-black fur which was smooth and glossy. It appeared rather adorable.

Upon seeing the ape, the image of the statue placed on the ancestral tablet altar immediately came to Tang Wulin’s mind. It looked quite similar.

“Wow, what a cute little ape.” The young maiden had a surprised look on her face but did not show the slightest fear. The ape appeared to be less than half a meter in height.

She squatted to stroke the ape’s fur gently, and she looked a little surprised.

The ape was sleeping soundly. It did not budge at all as if it was enjoying the petting. It turned on its side and slept soundly.

The young maiden giggled. “So cute.” Then, she used her hand to pinch the ape’s nose. “I’m not going to let you breathe. Let’s see if you wake up.”

The ape was uncomfortable as expected. Its body wriggled for a moment, then it slapped the young maiden’s hand away before it opened its eyes.

They gazed into each other’s eyes. A murderous glow shimmered in the ape’s eyes while the young maiden ignored it. She giggled. “You’re adorable.” As she was speaking, she rubbed its head once again.

The ape’s raised hand with its sharp claws paused for a moment. It did not claw the young maiden in the end. On the other hand, the young maiden had no clue that she had just passed through the gates of hell.

The young maiden picked up a mushroom from her little bamboo basket. “This is for you. It tastes scrumptious. It’s a fresh matsutake. I had to look all over for it.”

The ape was stunned for a moment before it took the mushroom subconsciously. It then shoved the mushroom into its mouth and swallowed it after two or three chews.

“Wow, you like the taste of it, huh! Awesome, this is for you.”

The young maiden passed her bamboo basket to the ape. It seemed like the ape was truly famished. It took the bamboo basket and began feasting without any reservations. It took only a short while before it finished all the mushrooms in the young maiden’s bamboo basket.

The young maiden was only too willing and excited to watch the ape gorge down the mushrooms.

“You should go home. I’m going to pluck some more mushrooms. Otherwise, I can’t exchange it for money to buy wine for my father. My name is Xiong Xiaoling. You must remember my name.” The young maiden waved her hand at the ape upon saying that before she turned around and trotted away.

The scene paused and vanished.

Yuanen Zhentian and Yuanen Tianshang were watching in bewilderment. They felt their skins turned numb.

The scene appeared once again. This time, there was a huge fire that seemed to bridge heaven and earth.

It was a village covered in flames completely. The horrible fire spread and devoured everything in the surroundings.

A giant sphere about thirty meters in diameter was seen in the center of the village. It was fiery red all over. There was no doubt that it caused the great catastrophe.

The screams and wails echoed through the entire sky. The young maiden Xiong Xiaoling’s silhouette appeared again. She was screaming and weeping in pain while immersed in the sea of fire.

The place where the sphere-shaped huge rock had landed was precisely her house! Her whole family was crushed underneath.

The huge fire in the surroundings had spread near her but she remained screaming and crying. At present, she was not aware her life was in danger. She only howled in sorrow.

Meanwhile, a silhouette descended from the sky to grab her before bouncing away from the sea of fire. Meanwhile, Xiong Xiaoling had lost consciousness when she was grabbed by the silhouette.

The gigantic silhouette was the Titan Giant Ape. It had been the little ape in the past. It dashed wildly through the mountain forest until he reached the side of a lake and placed her on a rock.

The Titan Giant Ape swayed his body once and transformed into its human form. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Er Ming.

“You treated me to a feast of mushrooms, so I’m saving your life.” Er Ming muttered to himself in the scene.

He scooped up some water with his palm and splashed it on the young maiden’s face.

The young maiden regained consciousness slowly after being splashed with the icy cold lakewater. She appeared to be in a daze, but she soon recalled everything that happened earlier. She began wailing in pain once again.

Er Ming stood by her side. He did not console her but let her cry her heart out.

She lost count how long it had been when she finally stopped crying. She then noticed the tall man standing by her side. She asked in fear, “Where am I?”

Er Ming spoke, “You’re in the forest. Your home has been hit by a meteorite and it has been destroyed. I was the one who saved you.”

Xiong Xiaoling wailed bitterly once again. She was hysterical until she lost consciousness once again.

The sun rose and set three times. In between, Xiong Xiaoling cried until she lost consciousness a few times before she quietened down gradually.

Er Ming picked fruits and caught fish to feed her. The two hardly spoke to each other since Xiong Xiaoling was usually in a trance.

“What’s your name?” She finally asked one day.

“Me? You can call me Tai. You’re getting better. I’m going to send you back to the city,” said Er Ming.

Xiong Xiaoling was stunned. “But, I have nowhere to go.”

Er Ming did not speak.

Xiong Xiaoling suddenly raised her head and looked toward him in slight agitation, “Are you abandoning me?”

Er Ming was stunned for a moment. Without waiting for his response, Xiong Xiaoling pounced onto him.

The scene ended thus far…

When the scene appeared once again, it was early in the morning the next day. She was lying in his arms. After the catastrophe, it was the first time since she smiled. The sunlight shone upon her silky soft hair which reflected with a faint golden lustre.

Er Ming looked at the person in his cradle with a dumbstruck expression. He rubbed his eyes occasionally as if he could not believe everything that happened was real.

It did not take long before Xiong Xiaoling woke up. She smiled toward him shyly. “I don’t want to return to the city. We have everything we need here. Is it alright if we stay here?”

“Sure,” agreed Er Ming.

Then, he began lumbering for wood to build a house. There was no need for him to do so, but he did not want Xiong Xiaoling to have a life exposed to the wilderness.

Day by day, time passed but they were happy together.

However, there was always a gloominess and uncertainty in Er Ming’s eyes.

Finally, a day came when he raised his head and looked up to the sky. A dash of green light flashed past. He pondered for a moment before he glanced at the wooden house where Xiong Xiaoling was sleeping soundly.

He took a deep breath, inscribed a bunch of characters on the ground, and drew a map. Then, he leaped up and transformed into the Titan Giant Ape’s enormous figure in midair before he left.

Xiong Xiaoling woke up and realized he was gone. She called out his name, yet there was no response.

Out of the blue, she stumbled upon the writings and the map.

It was a map which led one to the world outside. The instructions were clearly written which explained how to use the map to leave the great forest.

“I’m the ape which you fed the mushrooms in the past. I’m not a human being. I’m a soul beast, the Titan Giant ape… I have some matters to attend to and I’ll be back in ten days. If you don’t mind my nature as a soul beast, wait for my return. I’ll stay by your side always. If you can’t accept this, then you can return to the human world and leave this place by following the map.”

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