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Carved On Bones And Burned Into Memory

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“Brother Chen!” Qiangu Dieting called out in a panic.

Chen Xinjie said in a deep voice, “Let them leave.” As he spoke, he waved his hand at the sky. His subordinates from the War God Hall all retracted their weapons at once and flew higher, away from the scene.

Long Yeyue held her head high, and with all eyes on them, she walked out with the Holy Spirit Douluo, the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo following behind her. Their followers from the Tang Sect and Shrek followed the Douluos closely and left the Mingdu Coliseum in a formidable array.

“Brother Chen, this is Mingdu City and the Tang Sect is a treasonous organization. Aren’t you afraid of the Federation accusing you of treachery for doing this?” asked an infuriated Qiangu Dieting.

Chen Xinjie took a cold glance at him. “More than one-third of our War God Hall are graduates from Shrek Academy. Half of our people are related to Shrek Academy. Do you want to stir up the hornets’ nest?”

Qiangu Dieting was stunned for a moment.

Chen Xinjie spoke coldly, “If Shrek is truly that active, do you think that Shrek is capable of existing for twenty thousand years? Keep your distance from our War God Hall in the future. We are not to be exploited by all of you. Whether this is related to the Holy Spirit Cult, I believe that your heart knows the truth.”

Upon saying that, he leaped into the sky and in a flash, vanished without a trace.

“Bstrd!” Qiangu Dieting shouted in rage. In a split second, the entire competition stage collapsed three meters into the ground. There was nothing he could do despite his quasigod-ranked cultivation base.

Qiangu Dongfeng’s expression was foul beyond comparison. Even though the final scene was not broadcast to the entire Federation, there was still an audience of one hundred thousand that witnessed the whole scene. It was absolutely impossible to stop this information from spreading. How would the Spirit Pagoda maintain its reputation when news of what happened here started to spread?

The Joust For A Spouse Festival had ended. The Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena chose Lan Fozi in the end.

Who would have expected this result?

On the other hand, the Tang Sect and Shrek had openly made a display of their strength during such an important event for the Spirit Pagoda. Moreover, Shrek was standing on the side of the Tang Sect without the slightest reservation. This was breaking news that could affect the entire continent’s political situation!

How terrifying was this?!

When Tang Wulin regained consciousness, he found that he was lying on a bed. He was no longer in the Blacksmith’s Association. It was no longer suitable for him to return to that place after such a huge event that left the entire continent incredulous. Almost everyone was staring at people from the Tang Sect and Shrek now. It was not an easy task for so many to leave even if they were separated into small groups.

“You’re awake?” Xie Xie sensed the change in Tang Wulin’s aura and hastily came to the side of his bed, looking at him with a deeply concerned expression.

“Big Brother, don’t be sad. This matter huh, erm…” He had no idea how he was going to console Tang Wulin.

Before everyone’s eyes, his chest was pierced by his lover’s staff. It was difficult for anyone to accept such a thing.

Tang Wulin sat up and rolled his eyes at Xie Xie. “I don’t need your consolation.”

“Huh?” Xie Xie was stunned for a moment. He raised his hand and touched Tang Wulin’s forehead subconsciously. “Big Brother, are you delirious with fever?”

Tang Wulin spoke in an unpleasant tone, “Can you at least give me more credit than that? How would I lose my mind from a fever?”

Xie Xie widened his eyes from surprise and said, “You’re not feeling even a little bit sad after being treated like this by Gu Yue? Could it be that you’ve shifted your love to another person? Is it Dai Yun’er? Or someone else?”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Stop that. It’s better for you to use your imagination in your cultivation. I’m fine. Where’s everyone? What are they doing?”

Xie Xie replied, “We are still in Mingdu. Elder Long said that we shall leave when you’ve awakened. Big Brother, are you really alright?”

Tang Wulin shook his head and said, “I’m fine. Can you please elaborate on what happened in the end?”

Xie Xie looked at Tang Wulin with uncertainty while he described everything that occurred in simple terms.

“You have no idea how my blood was boiling with enthusiasm at the time because this is our Shrek! That Qiangu Dieting’s expression was so unpleasant and also there was that Qiangu Dingfeng. Hah-hah, I can’t stop myself from feeling mirthful when I think about that.”

Tang Wulin nodded ever so slightly. The situation was not that different from what he had expected. The Tang Sect and Shrek each voiced out their respective stances. The only thing that went awry was that he was incapable of taking Gu Yuena.

Was he not feeling sad in his heart? It was impossible for him not to be at least somewhat upset. However, he could still accept the matter overall.

Gu Yuena’s did not exactly choose not to leave with him. It was just that he was incapable of convincing her to do so. As for the injuries on his body, they had already faded to nothing.

They appeared to be horrendous, but in reality, Gu Yuena’s two final attacks were exerted on his battle armor. Only the law power of the energy contained in the seven-colored elements surged into his body and produced a peculiar change by reacting with the elemental lightning calamity that he had endured earlier.

When he had awakened from his deep slumber, he found that his comprehension of elemental law had risen by another rank. In addition, Gu Yuena was dressed in a golden dress at the time. Even though she never said a word about her affection for him throughout the whole ordeal, many things were shown through her actions.

It was clearest when she pressed her palm against Tang Wulin’s chest at the end, and during that instant of Spatial Blockade, only Tang Wulin could see her intentions. In her heart, there was only him.

It was a feeling that was transmitted to Tang Wulin through the process of spiritual communion. Even though it had only lasted for one moment, it had been carved into his bones and burned into his memories.

Tang Wulin was in a peculiar mood. He had already begun to understand the reason that Gu Yuena refused to leave with him. It was not because he was not powerful enough, but because she had her own purposes. Her goal targeted the Spirit Pagoda. In fact, Tang Wulin could already figure out some of it. He was also being confronted by some tough choices at the moment.

He found that what was worrying him most was Gu Yuena’s safety! The Spirit Pagoda had been on the continent for thousands of years and had exceedingly profound inner secrets, like the quasigod-ranked powerhouse that had appeared, Qiangu Dieting. His abilities were no less than the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie’s.

She was all alone and surrounded by numerous powerhouses. She could end up dying for her cause if she was not careful. Moreover, there was also Qiangu Zhangting.

Tang Wulin was in a bad mood as soon as he thought of that love rival of his. Even if Gu Yuena was pretending to be polite, Tang Wulin found that he was reluctant to let Gu Yuena stay by Qiangu Zhangting’s side.

Tang Wulin was also troubled by another matter as well. It was whether Gu Yuena’s enemy was the Spirit Pagoda or was there someone else? After all, she once told him that her enemy was the entire world. If so, how was he going to make a choice like that?

As a result, Tang Wulin was feeling a strange mix of emotions. He was not depressed, but his state of mind was complicated. Gu Yuena was too strong and independent. It was definitely not an easy task to persuade her and take her away. Even though she had revealed her ideas to him, she had also used her actions to declare her determination in carrying them out.

As a result, Tang Wulin found himself very troubled by this matter. He was of two minds as to how to manage this matter.

At the same time, he was feeling shocked by Gu Yuena’s abilities.

Tang Wulin’s abilities had elevated by leaps and bounds, especially in the last two years. After a few rounds of incredible changes, he had a breakthrough in his cultivation base, reached the rank of Title Douluo, fought against the powerhouses of the Star Luo Empire in the Battle of Five Gods, bathed in the baptism of lightning on the sea, achieved Heavenly Refinement and became a Divine Craftsman of his generation.

With every elevation, his overall ability was greatly increasing. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he could already be considered truly deserving of the titles of the Tang Sect’s Sect Master and the Sea God’s Pavilion Master of Shrek Academy.

Even so, Tang Wulin felt an overwhelming suppression when he was battling against Gu Yuena the other day, especially when they were truly engaged in the fight at the beginning. Gu Yuena’s abilities were exceedingly powerful and her control over all sorts of elements had even resulted in Tang Wulin losing the blessing of the plane despite being the chosen one. He was being dominated during the entire battle.

Even though he could claim that that suppression kept him from being able to express himself fully this time, more importantly, it was because Gu Yuena was so powerful, especially during the final two attacks. Gu Yuena’s outburst of energy was terrifying, but her perfectly precise control ability was even more astonishing.

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