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Surprisingly, She Chose Her

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As she spoke, she waved her right hand once. A stream of seven-colored radiance swept Tang Wulin out of the competition stage as if she was sweeping trash away.

“You…” The six Shrek Monsters leaped up in succession and were about to dash onto the stage. However, figures emitting fierce auras descended from the sky at that exact moment, landing separately around the competition stage. They were of various ages and dressed in the Spirit Pagoda’s uniforms. Every single one of them was emitting a rather powerful aura.

The figure that had silver radiance all over his body landed next to Gu Yuena. Deep dragon’s roars were heard echoing around his body. His hair was white as snow, but his face was youthful. His eyes turned incomparably deep as his gaze swept past the competition stage. He spoke indifferently, “In the Joust For A Spouse Festival, victory and defeat decided everything. Whoever dares to create trouble shall be slain without mercy!”

His voice was not loud, but his words resonated within every single person in the area and even across all of Mingdu City.

Gu Yuena’s gaze shifted to the area below the competition stage. She was not looking at the severely injured Tang Wulin being held up by his companions but Lan Fozi.

“Your Excellency Lan Fozi, I accept your gift. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.”

Upon saying that, the silver wings on Gu Yuena’s back flapped. Her body swayed and she vanished into thin air with a shimmering silver radiance, leaving behind ripples of silver in the sky.

The white-haired man standing at the center of the competition stage suddenly stamped his right foot on the ground. There was a deep booming noise, and all the broadcasting devices at the scene exploded into pieces, instantly cutting off the live feed.

“Since you’re here, show yourselves,” said the old man coldly.

More figures descended from the sky and landed by the competition stage.

“Qiangu Dieting, I didn’t expect an old man like you to still be alive,” came a pleasant voice. Out of the four silhouettes that descended from the sky, the leader had already landed on a spot not far away from the white-haired man whom she addressed as Qiangu Dieting.

“It’s you!” Qiangu Dieting’s expression changed ever so slightly upon seeing her. “I see that you’re still alive too?”

“I didn’t die in the explosion caused by you scoundrels. Of course, I’m still alive.” The owner of that charming voice was an ailing old woman. She held a cane in her hand, but she had a pair of especially bright eyes. She was the pillar of the modern Shrek Academy, the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue.

Meanwhile, the people that appeared together with her included the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi, the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin and also the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali. The four great Limit Douluos from the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were all there.

“Long Yeyue, all of you are here today. Is it because you want to start some trouble? Don’t you forget that this is Mingdu City. None of the people from your Tang Sect and Shrek are allowed to leave even if there’s nothing we can do to the four of you,” said Qiangu Zheting coldly.

“Hah-hah. Then, I would like to see how many people are willing to help the wicked perpetuate evil deeds!”

Meanwhile, waves of booming noises were heard. No one realized, but troops of mechas were flying overhead. There were no yellow mecha in this troop of mechas. None of them were yellow. They were all purple with some black mechas as well. Even more terrifying were the three red mechas with them.

There were also more than fifty powerhouses clad in at least two-word battle armor alongside the mechas. There was even a good number of three-word battle armor masters among them.

Each of them clearly bore a symbol on their battle armors, in the form of a cross-shaped rune of a sword and shield. This was the emblem of the War God Hall.

The powerhouses from the War God Hall were here!

The atmosphere of the entire Mingdu Coliseum became tense at once. Even though the Tang Sect and Shrek had four great Limit Douluos on their side, at the moment, they looked to be rather limited and weak.

“The Tang Sect is still a treasonous organization. Long Yeyue, you and your people from Shrek can leave, but those from the Tang Sect are not allowed to do so. Since you’re here, we might as well capture you all at once today.”

Cao Dezhi smiled calmly. “Qiangu Dieting, it has been years since we’ve last met and you’re still so conceited. Back in those years, someone got a mouthful of teeth knocked out by a sweep from Brother Yun Ming’s spear. I wonder if it’s still painful?”

When his old scar was dig at, the expression on Qiangu Dieting’s face became slightly distorted. “Cao Dezhi, Yun Ming is already gone. We have already set a trap here today. I would like to see how all of you are going to leave this place anyway.”

A silhouette shimmered. Qiangu Dongfeng entered the scene and landed next to Qiangu Dieting’s side. He addressed respectfully, “father.”

Qiangu Dieting scoffed coldly. “You’ll still need your old father to come and put a stop to this farce. How are you qualified to be the Pagoda Master?”

There was a total of six great Limit Douluos in the center of the Mingdu Coliseum. It was exceedingly rare for such a spectacular occasion to occur anywhere on the continent.

The Holy Spirit Douluo ignored their confrontation. Her silhouette shimmered and she instantly appeared under the stage at Tang Wulin’s side.

At the moment, Tang Wulin’s eyes were tightly shut and his face was ghastly pale. Even though there was no wound on his chest, his aura was extremely unstable.

Yali pressed her right hand onto his chest. Gentle holy light surged into him, allowing her to sense the changes in his body. A moment later, an astonished look flashed past her eyes as she removed her hand. She gave the six Shrek Monsters instructions, saying, “Take good care of him. Don’t worry about the rest of the issues.” Upon saying that, she returned to Long Yeyue by the competition stage.

Long Yeyue took one step forward. Paying no attention to Qiangu Dieting standing in front of her, she raised her head and looked toward the densely arranged mechas and battle armor masters. She suddenly spoke with a loud voice, “Do all of you still remember Shrek’s motto?”

“Shrek Academy, to breed only monsters, not ordinary people.” The response was unexpected. It was not just one voice but thousands.

In the audience platform, many glowing figures surged skyward. The lights on their bodies transformed into battle armor, covering all of them in a split second.

In the space of a single breath, at least five hundred out of the one hundred thousand audience members had risen into the sky. Every single one of them was at least a two-word battle armor master.

It was even more terrifying that among the powerhouses from the War God Hall and the Federation hovering in midair, some of the mechas and battle armor masters had descended from the sky.

“I’m from Shrek!”

“We are from Shrek!”

“Long live Shrek!”

The cries, some calm and others chaotic, surged. Two of the three red mechas had landed and gathered together with the others shouting `Long live Shrek’.

There were at least a thousand powerhouses on the scene calling out the same words. They were screaming ‘long live Shrek’.

The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue raised her head high. “Shrek will always be here. The glory of Shrek is with all of you. All of you will always be the little monsters chosen by Shrek. Shrek Academy will always be your home.”

“Long live Shrek! Long live Shrek!” The responding voices were awe-inspiring.

Qiangu Zheting’s expression was already beyond unpleasant.

Shrek and its accumulation over twenty thousand years had definitely revealed itself. It was enough to shock every living being.

The one hundred thousand audience members on the scene could not help feeling their blood boil with enthusiasm as they heard the tempestuous, wave-like calling of Shrek’s name.

The Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue swept her eyes over to the Qiangu father and son with a scornful look. She scoffed coldly. “We are going to leave now. Those that belong to Shrek and the Tang Sect are departing. I would like to see who is capable of stopping us!”

The old woman that appeared to be elderly and ailing like a candle in the wind could only be described as domineering beyond comparison at that moment.

“Why do you have to do this?” There was a faint sigh. A silhouette descended from the sky and landed on a spot not far away from Long Yeyue.

He had a tall, majestic figure and his aura was as deep as the abyss. He was the War God Hall’s Hall Master, the Boundless Sea Douluo Chen Xinjie.

“Are you going to stop me?” Long Yeyue asked him proudly.

Chen Xinjie shook his head. “Why do we have to do this at our age?”

“If you’re not going to stop me, then scram!” Long Yeyue did not show the slightest respect for Chen Xinjie’s feelings. Under the close watch of the crowd, the Boundless Sea Douluo, famed for his steadfastness, actually fell back by a step.

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