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Heaven’s Spear

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It was impossible to dodge because it had already covered the entire competition stage. The seven strikes of the Seven Elements, Great Fission were supposed to be the precursor to the elemental storm that followed which was the true fatal blow. These attacks were linked up perfectly without the slightest flaw.

The six Shrek Monsters, A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi were all dumbstruck upon witnessing the scene as they stood below the stage.

This was especially the case for Sima Jinchi and A Ruheng as they had never been close to Gu Yuena.

In their eyes, Gu Yuena appeared to be a delicate, sweet lady. How did her abilities become so powerful during the outburst?

The elemental storm was so terrifying that they could feel that the protecting shield was shuddering even though they were standing below the stage.

“Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!”

A deep voice came from the stage. In an instant, the strange, grotesque seven-colored world on the competition stage suddenly began to change. It surged toward the center of the stage as if a drainage hole had suddenly opened up.

In the sky, the giant golden dragon’s silhouette could be seen once again. Its right front claw suddenly probed outward and doubled in size. A ghastly vortex surged wildly in its palm and devoured the tempestuous elemental storm completely.

It was the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law, Forbid All Laws, Dragon Emperor Break!

Two figures appeared in midair once again. In the next moment, the golden dragon transformed back into a human form and arrived in front of Gu Yuena in a split second.

This time, Tang Wulin was unarmed. He dropped his pair of dragon claws as he reached for Gu Yuena’s shoulders.

With a sway of her body, Gu Yuena transformed into a water ripple before disappearing just before he could grab her. She reappeared dozens of meters away and pointed the staff in her hand at Tang Wulin. The staff shot out a seven-colored beam of light so swiftly that Tang Wulin could even try to dodge it. Even more terrifying was the sticky texture of the seven-colored light pillar that stuck tightly on his body.

The surrounding space warped ever so slightly for a moment. The light pillar suddenly shrank for a moment, and Tang Wulin shifted his body horizontally in an attempt to evade it.

It was his spiritual domain, Time Backtrack!

However, it was also at this exact moment when an enormous seven-colored orb of light suddenly appeared before Tang Wulin as if it had predicted what his actions would be.

The seven-colored orb was different. It did not explode like the Great Fission, but it landed right on Tang Wulin’s body. He was incapable of launching another attack because he had just used Time Backtrack. Meanwhile, the seven-colored light pillar that he had already dodged earlier came sweeping across and landed right on top of his body.

The ground underneath Tang Wulin’s feet within a radius of twenty meters began to glow in seven colors. A fountain of seven-colored radiance abruptly erupted and pushed Tang Wulin’s entire body into the sky.

The series of linked attacks seemed like more than the eyes could handle. It was a fascinating sight that left them mesmerized.

What sort of fighting capacity was that?! Whether it was her attacking ability or her controlling ability, Gu Yuena had fully unleashed a soul master’s potential in skilfully controlling elements.

Meanwhile, there was a muffled grunt and an intense booming noise exploded out of Tang Wulin’s body. A clap of thunder was heard as thousands of Bluesilver Emperor vines surged out like a swarm of bees. Soon after, a halo spread out from underneath his feet. It was Elemental Stripping!

This was the effect of the Bluesilver Golden Array. When it was launched by Tang Wulin, it immediately unleashed the effect of Elemental Stripping.

The attack could not measure up to the Dragon Emperor Break, of course, but it had successfully managed to counter the pull of the seven elements around his body at least for the moment.

The dragon wings on his back spread out and Tang Wulin took a deep breath. A valiant dragon’s roar burst out from his body at once. It was the Golden Dragon Roar!

The deafening dragon’s roar blasted away the elements around his body followed by the outburst of the Dragon Air. Tang Wulin swayed and soared straight into the sky. Sparkling starlight illuminated his body as he took the lead to unleash his three-word battle armor first.

Gu Yue’s abilities were far more powerful than he had imagined, making it too difficult for him to fight against her. Her control over space was so powerful that it was almost impossible to engage in close combat with her. Moreover, Tang Wulin had some deadly tricks too such as the Final Stake. He dared not use such lethal soul skills. If he truly hurt Gu Yuena, what would he do?

As a result, he appeared to be exercising undue caution ever since the start of their battle. The strategy that he had planned was to continue exhausting her.

He possessed not only soul power but also rather formidable blood essence power. On the other hand, Gu Yuena’s act of controlling so many elements would result in the consumption of her soul power and spiritual power. Thus, after careful consideration, Tang Wulin unleashed his battle armor at once so he could rely on the armor’s amplification to endure her attacks even longer. Moreover, it would also help to enhance the connection between him and the plane.

Gu Yuena heaved a sigh in her heart and began to glow with sparkling silver light. Her charming figure grew as she also unleashed her three-word battle armor.

A gigantic glowing silver orb appeared behind her.

Tang Wulin was shocked. The silver orb appeared slightly familiar to him. In the next moment, Gu Yuena made a move. She did not dodge anymore and arrived before him in a split second.

Tang Wulin was clad in his three-word battle armor, Dragon Moon Song, while Gu Yuena was in her Dragon Dance Qilin battle armor.

Both of them were standing very close to one another and gazed into one each other’s eyes for a moment. Gu Yuena placed her right hand on Tang Wulin’s chest as if she was trying to caress him.

Tang Wulin instinctively wanted to dodge, but at that moment, he felt like everything in his surroundings had frozen. It felt as if he had turned into a statue and his whole body was paralyzed from top to bottom. He could not move at all and even his train of thought was halted.

What was that?


In the next moment, he was violently blasted away. The power of this strike was devastating. When Tang Wulin was blasted away by the impact, he was rendered incapable of moving. Seen from the outside, lightning of seven colors suddenly emerged out of nowhere in the sky and struck him from all directions.

It was the Seven Elements, Destruction Lightning.

This was a direct attack that was almost like applying elemental law. In fact, it was even more terrifying than the elemental lightning calamity Tang Wulin endured in the past. The elemental lightning calamity was drawn in through the Heavenly Refinement process, so it was not equipped with intelligence on its own. On the other hand, the elemental lightning controlled by Gu Yuena was filled with terrifying condensed explosive force. It was even equipped with the effect of penetrating law.

Tang Wulin’s Dragon Moon Song was tainted with the seven colors in a split second, as his body shook seven times in the sky. At that point, a gigantic seven-colored spear appeared out of thin air. It transformed into a stream of light that instantly penetrated his chest. It shot him straight down to the ground, pinning him to the floor ferociously.


The six Shrek Monsters, A Ruheng and Sima Jinchi cried out in alarm almost in unison from below the stage.

Everything happened too quickly. When Tang Wulin froze in midair, their vision seemed to have frozen too.

On the other hand, the overlapping attacks that came bombarded him in the next moment had forcefully landed on Tang Wulin’s body.

It was the Seven Elements, Heaven’s Spear!

The Dragon Moon Song battle armor shattered into fragments. Despite its defensive ability, it was incapable of withstanding the terrifying power of this strike. By the time Tang Wulin was pinned onto the ground, the seven-colored radiance had already vanished, and the entire arena had turned deadly silent.

It had happened so rapidly that even the Limit Douluo powerhouses in the crowd could not manage to help out. This was because everything had happened too quickly! Moreover, when Gu Yuena pressed her palm against Tang Wulin’s chest earlier, not only did the space on the competition stage freeze, but also the space in the entire coliseum seemed to have paused for a moment. As a result, no one was capable of keeping any of it from happening.

It was the Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena’s spiritual domain, Spatial Blockade!

Her purple eyes shimmered with crystal clear radiance. She was floating in midair as she looked down at Tang Wulin lying on the ground with blood seeping out from his nose and mouth and his body still shivering. She spoke without any expression on her face, “You’ve lost. You didn’t manage to defeat me. You’re not qualified to take me away.”

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