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Seven Elements, Great Fission

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Meanwhile, Tang Wulin moved. His body flashed once and he was already in midair. He pointed the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand forward and it transformed into thousands of spear tips which were directed at Gu Yuena. The spear tips appeared to be tips of radiances. It exuded the feeling of a man with great skills pretending to be an idiot.

The creation of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law enabled Tang Wulin to acquire two moves of the Dragon Emperor Forbidden Law. At the same time, it allowed the comprehension of all his abilities which brought his achievements to unprecedented heights.

It was his Thousand Accusing Fingers. Tang Wulin felt he was capable of launching this attack just like how Old Tang used to back in the beginning.

Gu Yuena used her staff to draw a circle in front of her. A seven-colored radiance circulated and transformed into seven different-colored fireballs instantly which blasted Tang Wulin’s Thousand Accusing Fingers.

The seven fireballs went after Tang Wulin’s attack akin to meteors chasing after the moon. The wind element collided with the water element and a vortex was formed. The earth element then collided with the vortex and the color turned dark followed by a collision with the fire element which finally exploded as a light ball. The spatial energy surged into the vortex and split the incompatible water and fire elements, while light and darkness intertwined on the outside.

It was the Seven Elements, Great Fission!


At the moment the Thousand Accusing Fingers blasted the seven-colored light orb, the entire sky shook violently. During the explosion, the audience was breathless.

A seven-colored mushroom cloud bloomed out of the explosion. The ground of the competition stage cracked soon after, while the protective shield shook and crumbled. The Thousand Accusing Fingers was devoured by the cloud along with Tang Wulin’s body.

“Oh my god!” Ai Fei forgot that the microphone was still on. The words escaped his mouth subconsciously. “There’s actually someone who is capable of controlling the fusion of seven types of elements. This is simply unbelievable. It’s terrifying.”

Most people were familiar with the Silver Dragon Princess only because of her beauty. Even though she displayed her abilities in the videos, the videos were mainly for promotional purposes. How many people would take it seriously though?

Gu Yuena’s abilities were not weak, of course. She was the Spirit Pagoda’s spiriter after all. Yet, in the eyes of most people, she could never surpass Qiangu Dongfeng, who had become a spiriter way earlier than her and was also the direct successor of the Qiangu Clan, despite her rather powerful abilities.

Hence, many people were of the opinion that she was not as strong as Qiangu Dongfeng. Her act of challenging Tang Wulin, the Tang Sect’s Sect Master who fought and shocked the Star Luo Empire was nothing but an interlude. They thought that she wanted to leave with Tang Wulin, only that she was doing this so she would not embarrass the Spirit Pagoda’s reputation.

Nonetheless, these righteous people now realized that the Silver Dragon Princess’ abilities were indeed terrifying after witnessing the explosion of the Seven Elements, Great Fission.

Those with discerning eyes knew that it was not just anyone who could perform the fusion of the seven elements without the Spirit Domain spiritual power. Actually, it was still difficult for one who had achieved the Spirit Domain realm!

The terrifying great explosion surpassed the level of an ordinary Title Douluo. In other words, the Silver Dragon Princess was a Hyper Douluo powerhouse at the very least.

She was beautiful and had such powerful abilities much to everyone’s surprise. How could anyone refrain himself from being enticed by her?

Qiangu Zhangting stood on the main platform. When he saw Tang Wulin’s body being devoured by the seven-colored mushroom cloud, his facial expression was finally at ease. At least, Gu Yuena did not show any mercy at all.

Actually, even Qiangu Zhangting was not completely certain of Gu Yuena’s abilities. After all, he was fond of her. They rarely sparred against one another, so he only heard it from his grandfather’s relentless praises for Gu Yuena.

Qiangu Dongfeng turned his head to the side and took a glance at Qiangu Zhangting. He spoke indifferently, “You’re not Na Na’s worthy opponent without the Soul-s-----g Medal. Do you understand now?”

Qiangu Zhangting looked at his grandfather with an odd expression. “So, you’ve already known this since earlier? Why haven’t you told me about it?”

Qiangu Dongfeng spoke indifferently, “What should I tell you? So I can dampen your enthusiasm? Na Na’s natural endowments are not something within your imagination. Do you think that you’re a worthy match of hers were you not my grandson? Had it not been because I’m trying to draw her over to our side that I’ve organized this Joust For A Spouse Festival? Na Na’s abilities are much more powerful than you imagine. Continue to watch then.”

“Roar…” A valiant dragon’s roar was heard. A stream of golden radiance pierced out from the seven-colored mushroom cloud. It was a giant golden dragon surprisingly.

The golden dragon bared its fangs and brandished its claws. A golden radiance bloomed from its entire body as it dashed out of the seven-colored cloud by force. It opened its mouth and spat out a stream of seven-colored lightning straight at Gu Yuena.

Upon closer inspection, one could find charred marks on the golden dragon’s body.

Gu Yuena’s eyes shimmered with radiance. She raised the silver staff high in her hand and conjured a seven-colored vortex on top of her head silently. Without warning, a silver light door opened before her face. An electric radiance flashed once and shot into the light door before it vanished without a trace.

The double wings on her back flapped to carry her charming figure soaring into the sky. She pointed with the staff in her right hand once again and shot out seven light orbs. The light orbs linked up instantly in the sky and transformed into the Great Fission once again before devouring the giant golden dragon.

The explosive force of the seven elements fusion was too terrifying. The energy consumption in Gu Yuena was obviously not that much, yet the amplified effect produced from the overlapping explosions was so terrifying.

Tang Wulin had unleashed his Golden Dragon King avatar earlier in order to dash out from the seven elements with great effort. Yet, her attacks were in quick succession. Moreover, these attacks were unusually swift such that Tang Wulin did not have time to react to the situation.

Everything happened so quickly that he felt there were too many things to handle. Tang Wulin showed a grave frown. His martial soul avatar flew horizontally across all of a sudden as he launched the Golden Dragon Flies.

With the experience gained earlier, he seized the opportunity to dash his way out by force before the Great Fission had yet to express its full power.

Then, he watched as the third Seven Elements, Great Fission was unleashed. Next, the fourth came.

One after another, the seven-colored light orbs were unleashed rapidly and intensely. Tang Wulin barely managed to avoid the first orb. The next one was already waiting for him.

In the eyes of the audience, Gu Yuena who was floating in midair was akin to a seven-colored battery launching light orbs continuously. Then, the light orbs completed its combination in the air before exploding with the most terrifying power. On the other hand, the golden dragon flying in the air was akin to a disowned dog which was dodging the attacks continuously.

Tang Wulin felt calmer than anyone could imagine. He had fought against formidable enemies far too many times. He kept his mind stable at the moment just so he would not lose his wits.

It seemed he was in an unfavorable position, but he understood the defense of his body well, more than anybody else. He knew that the Great Fission could not truly injure him.

He relied on his Golden Dragon Body, in addition to the Golden Dragon King avatar, and the protection of the Dragon Air to mitigate the explosive force. Moreover, he had been baptised in the elemental lightning calamity during the Heavenly Refinement process. He was also blessed by the plane, so any direct harm caused by the elemental explosion was reduced. Hence, he appeared to be in a difficult position, yet in reality, he was hardly injured.

After the seven consecutive Great Fission’s explosions, the entire competition stage was glowing with a piercing seven-colored radiance. Meanwhile, Gu Yuena appeared to be taking a breather as she had stopped her attacks temporarily.

When Tang Wulin dashed out from the seventh mushroom cloud, his whole body felt lighter. He thought that he could finally catch his breath, but an intense sense of danger arose in his heart abruptly and gave him a shock.

“Elemental storm!” The simple words were uttered by Gu Yuena’s cherry lips. The enunciation of each word seemed to produce a peculiar resonance. Shortly after, Tang Wulin felt the danger burst forth.

At once, the remnant energy in the air from the prior explosion surged. It felt like the storm which Tang Wulin had once experienced back when he was at sea. At present, the surging and tempestuous elemental storm was countless times more powerful. The entire competition stage immediately turned into a bizarre and grotesque world surrounded by a seven-colored radiance.

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